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2024 / July / 07
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  International News

Julian Assange is free!!! The greatest journalist of our times finally was released and went back to his home country Australia. It of course became a big embarrassment to the regime. To talk about "freedom and democracy" while journalist are put in prison. EN has always defended Julian Assange and is now very very happy with his release, his imprisonment we consider illegal and immoral.
EN thanks Julian Assange for all he has done for the world.

Julian Assange free

To give you an example. Everybody knows his Wikileaks files, where he exposed the crimes of the regime. When asked why he never published any dirt on Trump, he answered, "because we do not have any"

Assange Trump

But the nicest summary of the situation is, once again, given by Tucker Carlson in his interview in Australia, where he also exposed some (pseudo) journalists. Well done, Tucker. This world needs more Tucker Carlsons and Julian Assanges:

"Tucker Carlson Responds to Julian Assange's Release During Australia Speech" (Tucker Carlson)

* * *

The biggest news from the USA is the debate of Donald Trump with Joe Biden. This time they organized the presidential election debates before the candidates of the two biggest parties were formally announced. This way they could test if Biden actually still has some energy left. The result was a complete disaster -- Joe Biden showing clear signs of dementia -- and the system is in panic. Serious calls for his resignation are heard. Biden's own reply was even worse

                    Biden mind

Well, look and listen the debate yourself. It was more or less Trump mentioning the border at every opportunity and Biden mumbling things.

"Full Debate: Biden and Trump in the First 2024 Presidential Debate" (The Wall Street Journal)

Tulsi Gabbard on Joe Biden

They are in panic because they do not see any way how to rig the elections this time. In 2020 the pandemic came in very handy to allow mail voting, and to not require any ID (which they called "racist"). This way the regular win of president Trump was annulled. This time it will not work, also because the difference in votes will be too big for any rigging, and it looks like Trump will easily win.
Trump will not do things much differently, but he is from another faction. We should see this as ordinary maffia-gang wars, with Trump belonging to another gang. He might even be controlled opposition. remember that he did not do any significant changes.

But to show what the system at this moment wants to do, consider the tweets of Joe Biden of the last years:
The world according to
                    Joe Biden
That should tell you something. The voters of the USA are not on his mind (or what's left of it).

* * *

A must-see video about international affairs is this video about the discussion of the book of Larken Rose, The Most Dangerous Superstition.

"The Myth of Authority: The Most Dangerous Superstition | Larken Rose (+ Deutsche Untertitel)" (der AUSSTEIGER)

Ukraine (geopolitics)

Ukraine is business as usual. Russia is making steady advances. The good news is that at least there seems to be some doors opening for negotiations. Last week Viktor Orbán flew to Kiev and Moscow. The puppets in the UEropean Union immediately disowned Orbán, but it is good news for all that want to have peace.

Orbán and Putin
"Hungary’s Orbán meets Putin for talks in Moscow in a rare visit by a European leader" (AP)

Don't forget, the war in Ukraine is a simple result of geopolitics. Nothing more, nothing less. To give you an idea, here Jimmy Dore points out how many military bases the United States has around teh world. Of course to ... erm ... bring democracy.

Jimmy Dore, empire
"Dit zijn alle militaire bases die de Verenigde Staten over de hele wereld hebben" (Ferry Ten Brink)

An institute like NATO, is not a defense alliance, but rather an empire builder's tool. And the new leader will be Mark Rutte. To give an idea of his qualities, here he talks:

"Putin 'made mistake' not attending Ukraine peace summit: Rutte" (ABS-CBN News)

This was a response to a question asked at a 'peace' summit somewhere in teh Alp mountains. This reminds us very much of the peace summit organzied by Adolf Hitler in the Alp mountains before he started his war. Lest we forget:

"Eagle's Nest - Hitler's Mountaintop Headquarters Today" (Mark Felton Productions)

Not much seems to have changed.


The truth will prevail:


Science & Technology

The Grievance Study Affair was a meta-study of the 'scientific' publishing system. A team of researchers invented silly scientific theories in social sciences and tried to publish them. They managed to get them published. Teh most egregious case one in which the used passages of the book Mein Kampf, rewrite them to frame them in some kind of woke formalism and get it accepted.

"The Grievance Studies Affair - REVEALED" (Michael Nayna)

This reminds us of the paper that once got accepted how the male dick was responsible for climate change. That is teh state of 'science'. And sure, there is some kind of consensus on this. Paying enough, you can get any crappy theory published in scientific journals.

That is how fake science can propagate in society. But, as the saying goes, "Al is de leugen nog zo snel, de waarheid achterhaalt haar wel" (Dutch; even if the lie is very fast the truth will overtake it". The entire climate change idea is debunked. For instance this week the idea that coral reefs are dying because of global warming has been debunked by facts:

Coral Reefs

Another debunking was done by Gregory Wrightstone

" Global Warming Myths Debunked by IPCC Expert Gregory Wrightstone " (blckbx)

Sport & Arts

The Euro 2024 is taking place. At this moment we are at the semifinals. If you want to remember what 1/X-finals means: after it there are X teams left. For instance, after the quarter-finals four teams are left. Good to remember. In any case, the quarter of the Euro 2024 finals were
Spain - Germany
France - Portugal
England - Switzerland
Netherlands - Turkey
Next round will be mid-week.

(Political) cartoon: