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2024 / June / 17
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  International News

In Italy there was a meeting of the G7 (great seven economical powers) taking place last week. The group photo shows nicely the decay in politics. All those leaders of these countries have no democratic support at home. Take a look at this meme of Hans Mahncke


To which we add here that Joe Biden only had some 30% of the votes in last elections. The conclusion is that democracy has died.
Take for example this video. You cannot claim with a straight face that this man is in control of his country:

"The Most STUNNING Biden Video Ever!" (The Jimmy Dore Show)

We also had elections in Europe. But not many words will be wasted on that here. We remind our readers that these elections do not result in any democracy. The European Parliament does not have any legislative powers. They cannot propose laws or block proposals. They can rubber stamp. They are rather a litmus test of public opinion, like a non-binding referendum. Apparently there was a "huge swing the the right". Well, that is a swing from Potatoes with Spinach to Spinach with Potatoes. Nothing will change.

In the United States later this year presidential elections will take place. They try with all their might to stop Donald Trump from participating, because he'd surely win. He won by 51% in 2016, by 70% in 2020, and his popularity is only rising. They tried everything. Impeachments. Documents. Sexual assault cases. Etc. Etc. Of course, all a travesty of justice. Listen to this interview of his son, Trump Jr. with Tucker Carlson, then you understand what is going on here:

Trump Jr.
                      Tucker Carlson

Yet, EN predicts he will still win. On 11th of July they may even jail him, and it is very well possible, in the realm of possibilities that a civil war will break out in the United States. All parameters are set: Social injustice, economic slump, a war that is lost. The times are rife with problems ...

The leader of the United States commenting on the conviction of Donald Trump? See for yourself:

Satanic Biden
"See question about Trump that stops Biden in his tracks" (@CNN)

Ukraine/Israel/Iran (geopolitics)

About a year ago Putin claimed he had an agreement with the regime in Kiev right in the beginning of the conflict. This was then waved away by the mainstream media as "Putin's follies". Well, it now turns out to be all true. The document has surfaced and now appeared on western news, The New York Times:

Peace deal 2022

Or watch an analysis by Willy OAM:

"Ukraine & Russia's Peace Negotiations LEAKED - Unexpected Agreements | Why Did It Fail?" (Willy OAM)

This once again shows how the western system is full of lies, but that the truth will always prevail.

Yet, it has to be said then that it is also true that Boris Johnson came to Kiev and instructed Zelenski to tear up the agreement and continue fighting. Until the last Ukrainian! The 1 million+ soldiers that have been lost (MIA, WIA, KIA) are then all to blame on Johnson and whoever controls him. We at EN do not estimate that Johnson is in control anywhere.

This information was revealed at the moment there was a meeting of a set of international leaders in Luzern, Switzerland. Probably not a coincidence. Some forces in the collective West are already making contingency plans, because the situation on the battlefield looks grim.

Also at that time, probably as part of the planned propaganda of Russia, Putin launched a piece plan. Well, not much of an agreement. Rather an ultimatum.
"Either you accept it or bear the consequences!"
The peace deal includes the original four points:
1) Demilitarization of Kiev
2) De-nazification of Kiev
3) Protection of Russian ethnicity
4) Ukraine not member of NATO
And comes with a new item. In this version territories will not be given back. Even worse, the parts of Zaporizia and Kherson that are not yet conquered are also on the list.

Putin's peace plan 2.0

Putin saying: suck it up fruitcakes!

Or watch this careful lengthy analysis of Alexander Christoforou:

"Rus Officials Putin Offer Kiev Last Chance Next Demand Total Kiev Surrender; Putin Rus Army Ukr 700K" (Alexander Mercouris)

All this could have been avoided if the West had played its cards a little better. We have fools for diplomats. They escalate at all cost. All for the destruction of the Russia country. While it is a well known secret that this is the final plan, some of the modern politicians do not hesitate to support the plan openly, which is basically a no-no in diplomatic world. It is rather amateurism. Here Mr. Duda of Poland:

Duda: destroy Russia

In an expected turn of events, the BRICS countries support Russia. An example is China, where they know very well that when Russia is destroyed, China is next!

China supports Russia

So, if European politicians want to protect the 'core values' of democracy, I have got some news for them: we are outvoted!


Our political system ever more in panic. They start assassinating political opponents. Or trying to. An example is Robert Fico (feetsoh) from Slovakia. Fortunately he recovered, but in a speech from the hospital he left no doubt that this was a political motivated attempt on his life:

speech Fico
Speech of Fico

They also start censuring journalists. Yes, in the 'free' West! An example is Scott Ritter, somebody who has always warned us of the strength of Russia. We now know he was right all along and he should get a journalism award (anyway is going to be a strong contender for Stallinga Dot Org Journalist of the Year 2024). But he was banned from visiting teh Russian economic summit in St. Petersburg):

Scott Ritter

The deplorable state of the free West. Remember that also still Julian Assange is rotting away in prison. What a disgrace. A travesty of justice.


Still at CoFlu19. The truth will prevail here too. There has been a significant excess mortality in the world. And that mortality did not start during the first year of teh CoFlu19 pandemic. It started right after the start of teh vaccination campaigns.

"Proof of vaccine harm" (Dr. John Campbell)

Of course, now we are distracted

Science & Technology

The maker of the epic Earth-rise photo has died. This photo is more so epic since on two Apollo missions the exact same cloud formation on Earth was visible. What are the chances of that? Astronomical!


Sport & Arts

The Euro 2024 European championship football ('soccer' for if you do not speak well English) has started, kicked off. Netherlands has started with a nice hard-fought victory over Poland. So far things go according to plan. The first round is not very interesting since nearly all countries will make it to the next round (16 out of 24). These are just test matches.

"Resumo: Polónia 1-2 Países Baixos - Euro 2024" (sport tv)

This site is not sponsered by anybody. It is fully free journalism. More like a diary for future reference. Therefore I have to say I did not get anything from Klipsch., but I have 2.1 speakers from them and this Mogwai song sounds perfect on these speakers:

"Mogwai - How to be a Werewolf (Xander Harris Remix)" (rockASS2012)

(Political) cartoon:

G7 I-Ts

Political leaders of teh G7
attending pressing issues at the summit in Italy