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2024 / May / 19
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  International News

In the Netherlands a new government is forming. In the meantime the previous government lead by Mark Rutte, that fell because of misbehavior, has sluiced away 40 billion euros to pet fascist projects. To put it in perspective, that is some 2,500 euros per citizen. Top on the list is the climate agenda that received 23 billion euros. One billion directly went to the coffers of NATO to continue the killing fields in Ukraine. This all happened without the approval, or even the knowledge, of the Parliament.
In the Netherlands ever more voices are heard demanding Tribunals to bring these politicians to justice.

Pillaging by
"Kabinet plunderde ongevraagd de staatskas voor ruim 40 miljard euro" (Government pillaged more than 40 billion euros from state coffers)(NieuwRechts)

Remember Rutte, who laughed at Guideon van Meijeren of the Forum voor Democratie when the latter asked him what's up with your connection with the World Economic Forum. His reply: "Never heard of them! I'd not listen too much to such conspiracy theories".

"Gideon van Meijeren (FvD) betrapt Rutte op een leugen!" (Nijmans Nieuws Netwerk)

Well, now the same Rutte waves it in our faces, when he walks on the streets with his pimp tote bag:

Rutte WEF

Who's the joker now?

Stan Laurel


We live in times of corporate fascism. Because it is the corporations that are in control, just like in Nazi Germany back then.
Do you remember Gamestop? Big investors often borrow stock, dump it on the market to lower the price, then buy it back and give back the shares to the owner. Market speculation and manipulation. Immoral, but hey, free-market capitalism! A small investor, forgot his name, understood the game. And when at a certain time more than 100% of the shares of a small company Gamestop were promised in this way, he organized a group of small investors to buy them all and not sell them at any price. Suddenly the big investors were caught with their pants down. They HAD to buy shares at ANY cost, because they promised to do so. The share prices rose to multi-million dollars each. It was going to bankrupt the big investor hedge funds. Possibly all of them. Wow!
So, now the government protects ... the big investors (!) and calls the activity of the small investors ... "hate speech". No, really!! Cor-po-ra-te fas-cism!!!
Anyway, apparently the exact same thing happened again.

"GameStop just DESTROYED Wall Street.. again, this time it's war" (Redacted)

To show how easy people can be low-level programmed into thinking and behaving, please watch this classic video. Filmed in 1973, with a room for of 50+-year-olds. Do the math!

"Sieg Heil Fail" (s8RRRR)

That is how easy it is. That is also why it is not surprising that we are living it all over again, and EN is not the only one having noted it. Here is a very good text of the Brownstone Institute:

The Machinery of Fascism Revisited
"The Machinery of Fascism Revisited" (Brownstone Institute)


Remember how teh European Union, to combat climate change, mandates that we should all change to electric cars? All for the glory of the energy transition. As such, to save the planet from climate doom, any help, of course is welcome.


The European Union is preparing law to curb Chinese electric car imports. Really! Is it about saving the planet ... or saving teh economy by forcing consumption unto consumers? We suspect the latter:

"EU announces investigation into Chinese electric carmaker subsidies" (DW News)


What seemed to have gone completely unnoticed is the fact that US presidential candidate Jill Stein was arrested. Everybody talking about the Navalnies, etc. But when in the US opponents are arrested, it is remarkably silent:

Jill Stein arrested

An assassination attempt was made on Robert Fico (pronounce: feetsoh) on 15 May 2024.
Likewise, nobody is accusing anybody of the assassination attempt on Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico. They are always very fast to accuse Putin of some evil doing whatever happens in the world. Nobody accuses Ursula - 'Wonder Liar' - Von Der Leyen of hate speech, while her group was whipping a hate frenzy into citizens about teh behavior of democratically elected people like Viktor Orbán and Fico. Not even a finger is pointed at Kiev, although they might sure be first suspects, considering the circumstances.

Robert Fico assassination attempt
"Slovak PM Fico's attacker may not have acted alone, says minister" (Reuters)

Ukraine/Israel/Iran (geopolitics)

To show you we are being governed by psychopathic megalomanic idiots, take this statement from Lindsey Graham, Senator representing of South Carolina.

Lindsey Graham

In the meantime, the rest of teh world is ever more losing patience with the United States and its vassals in Europe. The legacy media have completely lost it and no longer manage to come up with even remotely neutral texts. Here Putin is accused of threatening to do what is good for Russia:

Putin's threat

Putin himself has very reasonably rhetoric. Here is a typical press interview after his visit to China where he spoke with Xi:

"The West sets conditions for Russia! Did they fall from the oak tree or what?! Putin" Russian News)

It seems the west has completely lost it. Killing people in Ukraine without remorse. Even Russian soldiers do not see what the use is of continuing. It is useless meat grinder. Listen to this Russian soldier:

Russian soldier

China is also behaving very responsibly and reasonably. China the only country that demands an investigation into the Nordstream II Pipeline:

China calls for ‘international
                          investigation’ into Nord Stream attack
"China calls for ‘international investigation’ into Nord Stream attack" (RT)


Once again this video. Do you remember how Anthony Fauci, head of teh CDC predicted there would be a an outbreak of a contagious disease during the administration of Trump. Listen to his exact words. It was not a warning that "in the coming years we might ...". No, "During Trump's administration .."
How (the F) did he know that in 2016?!!

"Dr. Fauci Predicted a Pandemic Under Trump in 2017" (NowThis Impact)

Science & Technology

Jupiter's giant red spot (GRS) is actually shrinking rapidly. This is awkward for the climate ideology, since it implies that there are also climate changes on other planets, not likely to be linked with you driving an SUV. So much for emission taxes.


Spectacular meteorite over Portugal in the night from 18 to 19 May 2024:

"Internet in Frenzy as a Mysterious Blue Meteor Lights up the Sky Across Portugal & Spain" (Oneindia)

Sport & Arts

Not much to see here. Well, there was a Eurovision Song Festival, but it is not sure in what category that falls. Probably in international politics (woke-ism). For tradition's sake it is anyway mentioned here. The Dutch entry was sent home, for alleged intimidation. The winner was a Swiss 'thing'. (Pronounces: good/bey). The entire festival best described by this satirical cartoon (author unknown):


(Political) cartoon:

61-billion dollar NATO weapons arrived in Kiev