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2024 / April / 27
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Maybe this video should have been at the next section, of Ukraine, but we at EN are very positive nature. We see that Mariupol is no longer part of Ukraine and will hopefully never again see any war activity. It was liberated from Azov-nazi troops in the beginning of teh military operation and immediately Russia started rebuilding it, that while the battle was quite close. Mariupol is rapidly becoming the pearl of teh Black Sea:

"MARIUPOL: PHOENIX, RISING FROM THE ASHES | Documentary" (Videos from Mariupol)

Ukraine/Israel/Iran (geopolitics)

The narrative about the conflict in Ukraine is that in February 2022 "Russia  started an unprovoked full scale invasion". Well, first of all, it is not a full scale invasion. War has not been declared. It is a special military operation (SMO) where Russia is restoring order in a country in civil unrest. It is rather a police action using military equipment and techniques.

Moreover, the informed people already know, it was not an unprovoked act of Russia. It was the result of decades of meddling of the United States in the region. It resulted in a regime-change in 2014 that was backed by the West. Remember how members of the European Union were at Maidan Square in Kiev, speaking to the local population to start a revolution:

EU meddling in Ukrainian Politics
Van Baalen and Guy Verhofstadt speaking to protesters in Maidan Square, Kiev (Feb 22014)

"Guy Verhofstadt speaking to protesters in Maidan Square, Kiev" (Renew Europe)

How would you like it if Lavrov, Medvedev and Zakharova were to speak at a central square in London, Brussels or Paris telling the population to start a revolution against the democratically elected government? Wouldn't you be pissed off?

As we have shown also here, the regime change was orchestrated by Victoria Nuland and the US ambassador in Kiev, Pyatt. For completeness sake it is repeated here:

"F*** the EU: Alleged audio of US diplomat Victoria Nuland swearing" (On Demand News)

Immediately the civil war was upped, Russia still trying to settle some kin dof peace by Minsk accords. Accords that Hollande and Merkel later admitted were a way to gain time to arm Kiev for the inevitable conflict with Russia.

It all smelled of a geopolitical agenda of teh United States. The agenda designed by the Council of Foreign Relations and teh Trilateral Committee (the 'axis of evil' composed of the United States, the British Commonwealth, and Japan), well described by the plan of Zbigniew Brezinksy in his book The Grand Chessboard. A version of this plan was already successfully used in Afghanistan where the Soviet Union was dragged into an unwinnable battle, thus wrecking the Soviet empire. This, of course is a mega-conspiracy. Were we to be called a conspiracy thinker. However, it is not a conspiracy theory if the conspiracy is factually true. Here is G. Edward Griffin explaining it to us

"The Quigley Formula - G. Edward Griffin lecture" (StandUpForLiberty)

We can conclude that it all smells of the Trilateral Commission. Founded by Rockefeller with an intention to increase the empire. Blackstone Intelligence explains:

"The Trilateral Commission 💀 Globalist Network of Financial Terror" (Blackstone Intelligence)

And now we finally got confirmation of our intuitive ideas. The RAND Corporation, a US governmental geo-strategic think tank, had in 2019 written a report how to drag Russia into a war in Ukraine:

"2019 RAND Paper Warned US of Failure During Ukraine Conflict" (The New Atlas)

We can conclude that it is case closed. "No further questions, your honor. We rest our case". The United States planned this entire conflict. The only problem is ... it doesn't work. Quite to the contrary, it seems to have the exact same effect the war in Afghanistan had on Russia, now on the United States. A quagmire. A financial/economical ruin of the West. The adversary coming out on top.

We can ask ourselves the question how that can be? That we already answered sufficiently in earlier editions of
EN. We suffer from what is called demoralization, cultural marxism, just as Soviet deflector Yuri Bezmenov already warned us for:

"FULL INTERVIEW with Yuri Bezmenov: The Four Stages of Ideological Subversion (1984)" (Nicholas Marshall)

You cannot win a war if nobody is willing or capable to fight it. If you have made incompetence a virtue. If you have made having talents a sin. If you made equality your goal, everybody will be equally incompetent and unproductive. If you talk about rights and signalling your virtue all day. As if you expect that you will win a war because you deserve to win the war, because you are virtuous.

Ain't gonna work!

Reality is that Russia is meticulously defeating the army of Kiev. And with it the army of teh NATO and the entire collective West. The West is without weapons, without money, without knowledge and without morality. It fell prey to the agenda described by Mr. Bezmenov above. With all due respect, it is not that the Soviet Union had any hand in it. It is a natural tendency for any empire to ever become more complacent, retarded and corrupted. It is merely a natural cycle. From the ashes of the dying empire a new empire will be rise.

reality is this. A typical video of Military Summary. By the time you read this, reality is probably already much different. Things are going so fast that it is probably better to give a link to the channel. But, OK, let's see how the things were on 27 April of 2024:

"Kyslivka Has Fallen | Another Power Plant Was Destroyed. Military Summary And Analysis For 2024.4.27" (Military Summary)

Even 'pro-Ukraine' vloggers now see dark clouds looming:

"Multiple Defensive Positions Fall - Tank Tactics FAIL - Ukraine War Map Analysis & News Update" (Willy OAM)

Or let's listen to the slowest speaker in vlog-world, Alexander Mercouris:

"Ukr Catastrophe: Berdychi Troops Trapped, Surrender Talks, Rus Missile Strike; Blinken Angers China" (Alexander Mercouris)

The only one still unwaveringly optimistic (for Kiev) is Mr. Denys Davidov.

"Update from Ukraine | USA will stop Ruzzia | 6B$ Military support approved | Putin urges to attack" (Denys Davydov)

Hoping for more aid from the United States and the collective West (The Trilateral Commission). In fact, a week ago the United States approved a $95B package, and this neatly show the utter incompetence of leaders of the West:

- $10B goes to Taiwan to fight against China. Blinken says he will now go to Xi to convince him not to (further) help Russia. The idiot must think Xi is an idiot.

- $50B goes to the regime in Kiev to buy weapons. Zelensky thanks the support and says "thousands and thousands of lives will be saved". The idiot must think that these are weapons not meant to kill (that would be a first).

- $200M goes to securing the border between Russia and Ukraine. The idiots did not think that their own border also needs ... erm ... some protection. A true full-scale invasion is taking place at the southern border, as we speak. 0 money for that border.

To finance this, they said they are going to confiscate Russian assets. They must think the entire world is full of idiots, idiots that will continue to invest in the West, although apparently their assets may be confiscated any time it so pleases the regime.

The war in Ukraine costs about $1B and 1k lives per day. It means the inevitable defeat -- inevitable, because their entire military apparatus is full of corrupt idiots -- is delayed by some 2 months, sacrificing some 60 thousand Ukrainian lives, kaboom, into the meat grinder, who cares?! 2 months may be just enough to make it beyond the presidential elections in November. It may prevent a sure election of Trump. And if he wins anyway, the defeat can be blamed on him. It is a win-win situation. Well, actually a lose-win-win situation ...

Meanwhile the Russian advance goes steadily on. Not only is Kiev demilitarized, but now also the entire collective West. We don't have energy anymore (cut off by the Pentagon) and we do not have weapons anymore. We are lame sitting ducks! Thinking we will win by signalling our virtue; we *deserve* to win. Idiots!


To show once again how we are being lead by a cabal of either idiots, or psychopaths, consider the fact that Anthony Fauci got awarded the Stearne Medal, with a text "your commitment to evidence-based decision making and speaking truth to power had an impact far beyond the U.S. It helped to shape public health policy around the globe and save countless lives"

Stearne Medal for Fauci

This is a chutzpah if I ever did see one. First of all Fauci does not "speak to power", he is power. To show you this. Here is young Andy on his way to becoming part of the international cabal of leaders (power) in a photo-op with Theresa:

Fauci Theresa

Soon to be incorporated into the cabal of power:

Fauci & cabal

Immediately wreaking havoc on humanity, as we know him from CoFlu19:

Fauci early days

And speaking untruths to the world, for an evil agenda of teh cabal. Here forbidding good working medicine and forcing a medicine that has no proven effectiveness (as we have reported here, the scientific work of Denis Rancourt estimated 13 million deaths world wide from the 'medicine'):

Fauci & medicine

Well, karma is a bitch. Look at the cover of Time, that elected Fauci the most influential person on the planet:

Fauci devil

Yes, let's give him a medal. For being part of power that executes an evil agenda. A very strong contender for the Stallinga Dot Org Chutzpah of the Year Award 2024!

Science & Technology

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Sport & Arts

Not much to see here. So the editor uses the opportunity to reveal the new logo for the Ossónoba Philosophical Society. It incorporates the flamingo, the bird of the region (The Algarve) where OPS is located:

Ossónoba Philosophical Society

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