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2024 / April / 16
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  International News

Most international news is focused on the Ukrainian-Israeli-Iranian conflict. We just give the stage here to ultra-liberalist Javier Milei of Argentina, to have this news truly globe-spanning. The world needs more Mileis. Here his tweet just before the elections:

"Javier Milei illustrates which Ministries will be REMOVED for good when he assumes as PRESIDENT" (Milei in English)

Ukraine/Israel/Iran (geopolitics)

The main event this week was the bombing of Israel by Iran. On the 1st of April Israel attacked the Iranian embassy in Damascus, and this is a red line that nobody should ever cross. In fact, it has never happened in history. The diplomatic outposts are the most sacred points in diplomatic relations all over the world. Even with your most hostile enemy you keep a post, or throw them out if you do not like them. But you never ever attack the diplomatic post. It is the highest sin in international relations, carpet bombing a minor misdemeanor in comparison.

Iran therefore had full moral right to retaliate. And that is what they did. Referring to the rules-based game of international relations, they mentioned Article 51 of the United Nations Charter, and attacked Israel in a meticulously executed strike. So well thought that the targets were all hit, while nobody got killed. These targets were mainly the military bases from which Israel had launched it attack on Iran.

It is remarkable that none of mainstream media picked up on this right of Iran of self defense, there where they were all over the place when Russia started its military operation and immediately (mis)labeled it "full scale invasion" (it was neither full scale, nor an invasion). Somehow they distorted the narrative that Israel is the victim. After having called Iran a rogue state for so many years,


they started believing that all 80 million Iranian people are indeed terrorists and attacking terrorists is fully allowed. So they did, thinking they were the heroes in the situation by abandoning the rules-based-game, while having stated for years how important it is for everybody to stick to the Rules. Yet, rules are for others, not for them. So it seems.

In a concerted effort, Iran launched hundreds of drones, rockets and ballistic missiles. The latter are the fastest (get an initial propulsion, leave the atmosphere and travel at high velocity, at reentry they are supersonic). Launched in such a pattern that they all arrived at the same time at the targets. The defense of Israel, even with the help of the entire West, was overwhelmed. The slow-drones were easily picked off, but the fast ones traveled unhindered and reached the targets.

"Iran Strikes Back At Israel | Hundreds Of Missiles And Drones" (Military Summary)

Immediately the response was "it was just a scratch", reminding us of the Black Knight of Monty Python's Holy Grail. Even claiming that 100% of the missiles were destroyed. Fake news. As Simplicius The Thinker well described

Simplicius "Iran Breaches Anglo-Zionist Defenses in Historic Attack: A Breakdown (Simplicius at Substack)

Of which this image showing what was hit (all the rest was diversion):

Israel attack
                      by Iran

Simplicius also shows how the air defense is fully useless against the missiles. I cannot link it here, but look for the video below the text "watch as Iranian ballistics crash through the AD net totally unopposed at high speed, slamming into the ground"
Here the footage supplied by the Iranian government:

" Iran releases footage of recent missile and drone attack on Israel" (Kanal13)

None of the miracle weapons seems to do anything. Even Iran has overtaken the US in terms of technological advance.

The biggest damage was done in financial terms. The fully-incapable defense of Israel and the west spent 1 billion euros on a failed defense. We must conclude that the defense system of the West is a paper tiger. The Second and Third World has not been sitting still in the last years. Where the west sees the military industry as a profit-raking racket, other countries see it as a way to defend a their country.

Russia finally stood up to bullying and intimidation and stopped the advance of the NATO dead in its tracks at the Ukrainian border. Iran has stopped Israeli aggression in the middle east dead in its track. We are no longer living in a uni-polar world, with the world in fear gyrating around the Israeli-US pole. The world no longer agrees to the US_hegemony. To give a random example, here is a random Indian (?) channel discussing geopolitics:

"Hyperimperialism: US-NATO’s Dangerous and Decadent New Stage, w/ Vijay Prashad" (BreakThrough News)

Joe Biden rapidly blaming everything on Trump. Absurd. To give a resume of the geo-political successes of Biden after three years in power. He
- screwed up Afghanistan
- screwed up in Ukraine
- screwed up in Palestine
and now
- screwed up in the entire Middle East

Yet, still, everything's cool. Alex Christoforou summed it up very nicely:


Yet, we do feel a little strange. What about Ukraine?!!! Our pet actor and CIA-puppet in Kiev is pouting that attention is drawn away from his war racket.He has a point. As Lord Bebo said


Or the man himself:


Let's face it. The entire west was helping to defend Israel against incoming missiles. Not a single NATO plane is helping the regime in Kiev that is pummeled by incoming missiles on a daily basis.


The CoFlu19 pandemic seems to be well forgotten. But some still rememebr and press for ways to prevent from ever again being oppressed by a pharmaceutical fascist cabal. An example is Louisiana, who now puts it in law that no other laws can be made other than those by the politicians of Louisiana:


That is the way forward! Forbid jurisdiction of foreign agencies.

Science & Technology

The editor of EN proudly presents his own work. One of the problems of transient spectroscopy (transient is measuring a parameter over time) is that if transients are not nice exponentials, your analysis is complicated to the point that you can easily make mistakes. The paper explains the source for non-exponential transients and gives a suggestion how to measure them:

"Non-exponential transients and the evaluation of stress in (disordered) organic thin film transistors". P Stallinga, Synthetic Metals 306, 117603 (2024). doi: 10.1016/j.synthmet.2024.117603

And some more wisdom form the editor:


Sport & Arts

It is still possible. In this world of commercialized 'sports' for an outsider to win. Where we have seen some years ago how Leicester managed to snatch the Premier League in England, now we have Bayer Leverkusen champion of the highly competitive German Bundesliga. What makes it even more remarkable is that they did so without losing a single match. All season. In all competitions they participated (so far). They are still in the Pokal (German cup), as well as the Europa League. Well done!

"Bayer Leverkusen win Bundesliga for first time in 119-year history after beating Werder Bremen 5-0" (CBS)

(Political) cartoon:


(Jesse Klaver, shown right, of GroenLinks [GreenLeft] that grew out of the Communist Party [Marus Bakker, shown left] is now complaining about "Russian influence". Is it possible to be more hypocrite?)