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2024 / March / 13
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  International News

Joe Biden held his yearly State of the Union speech. It had a lot of text about the war in Ukraine. Nothing about the economy. Nothing about something that may make the lives of US citizens better. The only message Joe Biden had for his people is "Krieg muss sein!" (War has to be!)

"Tucker Carlson Responds to Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address" (Tucker Carlson)

In fact, the speech very much resembled the speech of Joseph Goebbels in the Berliner Sportpalast in 1943. Germany was already war weary and looked like they were going to lose. In an all-out last effort, Goebbels asked, "Wollt ihr den totalen Krieg?!!" (Do you want total war?!). The rest is history. Listen and compare yourself. Listen to Biden and the Goebbels. Look at the standing ovations of the members of the audience. Frau Obersturmbannführerin Harris as the first to rise.

"1943: Goebbels fordert den 'Totalen Krieg'" (Zeitzeugen Portal)

We can only conclude, l'histoire se répète. (History repeats).

Maybe that is why his election is impossible. After all, the American constitution prevents against fascism. In the preliminaries (to elect the candidate of the party), his party members actually voted for "uncommitted" rather than Joe Biden. Literally they prefer nobody than Biden.

Biden lost against "uncommited"
"Biden should heed the Gaza protest vote warning in Michigan. It could cost him in November". (USA Today)

How could the Democratic Party think they could possibly win the presidential elections in November?! I do not see any scenario of a fair election in which he beats any candidate the Republicans may shove forward. Not even deep-swamp Nikki Hailey. So, what do they know that we do not know? Are they going to rig the elections again like they did in 2020 (with the mail-voting scam)? That seems unlikely. They managed to get away with it in 2020, during the CoFlu19 pandemic, but they cannot get away with these things without an emergency situation.
Are they going to assassinate him? Are they going to start a war with Russia and cancel the elections altogether? What's the plan? Without a plan, Trump will win with some 75% of the votes (EN estimate).


Another interesting event happened in the United Kingdom. The anti-establishment politician George Galloway, also famous for his show The Mother of All Talkshows (MOAT) was elected in a landslide victory in Rochdale (in the 'mideast'). In itself remarkable enough that he not only won, but had more votes than ll the established parties combined. Of course Prime Minister Sunak condemned the vote. An establishment 'journalist' was sent to frame Galloway. His reply will go down in history as one of the most epic replies to swamp-media:

"George Galloway: 'I despise the prime minister'" (Sky News)

It sounds very much as if the swamp sees its hold on the population fade and does not know what to do. All the tricks in the book seem to have become without effect. The people are awake!


Even the mainstream media now admits that the West was heavily meddling in Ukrainian affairs long before the start of the military operation of Russia in February 2022.

Moreover, video tapes were leaked in which the German officers were planning a (terrorist) attack on the Crimean bridge:

German officers discuss
                            terrorist attacks
"Leaked audio obtained by Russian spies reveals Germany considered giving Ukraine missiles to destroy key Crimean bridge: WSJ" (MSN)

This is rather embarrassing. Framing Germans again as staunch war mongers. An urge to create Lebensraum (living space) in Ukraine. Probably on the way to fossil fuel resources in Operation Barbarossa 2.0. Didn't we shout "das nie wieder?" (That never again). Well, apparently it is that again!
Of course, mainstream media focus on the leak itself -- of the type "what went wrong"?! -- instead of looking at what was leaked -- "How wrong we are and how wrong the world is turning".


Oops. The massive excess deaths that started the year after the pandemic, when people were vaccinated, has become so much an embarrassment tot he regime that they implemented the Orwellian totalitarian solution: fake the numbers! Rewrite the books on statistics.

"Dr Phil’s Covid Truth Bomb STUNS The View Hosts" (Russell Brand)

It had become so much an obvious truth that even swampy famous talk show hosts like Dr. Phil started pointing it out. Something had to be done. The solution? Just erase the excess deaths from the statistics. So, problem solved. Maybe that is all ordered by master puppet Bill Gates. One of his favorite books is How to Lie With Statistics by Darrell Huff. No, really ...

"Bill Gates: How to lie with statistics" (Project Knowledge)

Science & Technology

An excerpt from the upcoming book of the editor, Physics and Philosophy of Economy, in which all aspects of our society are treated. Stay tuned!

What is science? Science is the Scientific Method. It has five points. Here is #5:

What is
                  science. 5: replication

Sport & Arts

Max Verstappen won a Grand Prix Formula 1 somewhere.

(Political) cartoon:

NATO was designed as a defense organization (preemptively some years before the Warsaw Pact was established by the Soviet Union). When and where did it become an offensive institute? (Offensive in all meanings of the word)

NATO should
Cartoon by the editor.