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2024 / February / 27
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At lot has happened the last months. The editor apologizes for not having made an edition of EN. That was due to hard work on another project.
  International News

The Russian dissident Navalny died in prison this month. The West claims he is a serious opposition to the leadership of Vladimir Putin, but this claim is very dubious. It looks more like Navalny was the Guaidó of Russia, a CIA puppet to undermine the political stability in the country, in order to provoke a regime-change and go back to the plan of plundering the country in the way it was done during the presidency of Yeltsin.

The best information about Navalny comes from The New Atlas:

"Wikileaks Reveals Alexei Navalny's US Funding as Washington Exploits His Death" (The New Atlas)

In the above video the information comes mainly from Wikileaks, which makes it all even more of a chutzpah. The fact that the West blames the death of Navalny on Putin, while fully ignoring the information given by Wikileaks, the source of Julian Assange ... who is in prison dying, waiting to be extradited to the United States where everybody expects him to be 'suicided', Jeffrey Epstein style.

The latest news is that even the head of the secret services of Kiev, Budanov, stated that Navalny "died of blood clot not murder". That is a second chutzpah, because the West already started a new round of sanctions on Russia for the "murder" by the Kremlin, while he factually died of a blood clot. A blood clot that is the modern world pandemic after vaccination against CoFlu19 started. The rumor goes that Navalny took five of these doses. And he refused the Russian vaccines, so it may well be possible that he died by the hands of the Western industry. Should we now go sanction ourselves?!

Another background poscast on Navalny:

"They’re lying about Alexei Navalny “Putin’s Enemy”" (Redacted).


Valencia fire

Apartment building on fire in Valencia. What strikes here is ... the building did NOT collapse. That means that the only high-rise buildings that ever collapsed because of fire remains at three: WTC-1, WTC-2 and WTC-7 all on the same day, 11 September 2001, two of them having been hit by airplanes.


To understand what is going on in the world. Follow the money: All big companies are owned by a couple of big investment funds like Blackrock and Vanguard. They are also own all the media, so you get misinformed by them about everything and make money on everything. From the war in Ukraine to the CoFlu19 pandemic, they win. And they fool you. Watch this summary how it works:

"Monopoly - Who Owns The World #Docu" (The Freedom Bay)


Of course, the biggest event is the fall of Avdiivka. The NATO bulwark that was built since 2014 has finally fallen.

"Avdiivka HAS FALLEN | Syrsky ADMITS DEFEAT | Complete Withdrawal Announced | Russian Victory " (Weeb Union)

It means the conflict is now over. I do not see where Kiev has defenses. Probably only the natural barrier of the Dniepr river remains.

To give a summary: In Mariupol the Azov Nazis were defeated. In Artyomovsk (f.k.a. Bakhmut) the Kiev army was defeated. In Avdiivka NATO was defeated. Avdiivka was the logistic center of the entire operation since 2014. Now you understand why they tried to distract us from all this by the death of Navalny. That is how war propaganda works. The good news is that the citizens of nearby Donetsk can finally sleep calmly, after ten years of shelling from Avdiivka.


The simplistic narrative of the West is that Russia invaded Ukraine totally unprovoked and only wants to restore the glorious empire of the czars. Everything was peaceful until one day Putin woke up with a Nero-like idea, "well, I have an appetite for conquest. Let me invade Ukraine!"

Reality is that the conflict has a long history. It goes back centuries. One can summarize it as that Ukraine is a divided country. The West is Polish and the East is of Russian ethnicity. At the fall of the Soviet Union, it should have been divided as such. However, white men in white-men political centers decided to keep the borders as in 1991, at the fall of the union. Apart from changing the borders in Czechoslovakia. And Yugoslavia. And Sudan. For teh erst borders are sacred. They are god given and it does not matter who lives inside these border. "Suck it up, fruitcakes; self-determination only when we allow it!" As an example, Crimea is traditionally Russian, and when push came top shove, when the shit hit the fan, they all voted for integration back into Russia (where it belonged, until Ukrainian-born Khrushchev changed gave it to Ukraine).

The latest news is that teh West finally admits that it was all premeditated. The West managed a regime change in 2014, after which they built a dozen intelligence bases from where prepared for war. Russia annexed the Crimea and that was used as an excuse, casus belli, to escalate. An airplane from Malaysia Air (MH17) was downed and the secret services of Kiev helped to frame Russia. Never any proof was given. The most remarkable the absence of the radar images that we were assured to exist, never existed. The also helped to frame Russia on a murder attempt on Navalny, by Novichok.

"However, on the weekend of the second anniversary of the war, the New York Times published a lengthy article revealing that the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022 was instigated by a systematic and widespread campaign of military-intelligence aggression on the part of the United States."
provoked war in Ukraine "New York Times report demolishes the narrative of the “unprovoked war” in Ukraine" (World Socialist Web Site)

Listen also to the podcast of Alex Christoforou:

"Elensky 31K. NYT, Ukraine's secret CIA spy bunkers. Bolsonaro protests. Annalena escapes drone"

Everything is revealed now. For this we have the Dutch saying, "Al is de leugen nog zo snel, de waarheid achterhaalt haar wel". (Even if the lie is very fast, the truth will eventually overtake it). Or in Portuguese, "A mentira tem pernas curtas" (The lie has short legs). The entire conflict is revealed as a battle between empires. Once again the Russians are battling the Anglo-saxon alliance (and note that both Anglons and Saxons were German tribes).

Just before the Navalny event, Tucker Carlson -- the last of Western journalists -- had an epic interview with Russian President Putin. At least we can find out this way how Russians are thinking. Even if you do not agree about what he says, this is the best way to find out how to beat him! Know thy enemy!
Sun Tzu. Know thy enemy

So, if you want to win the war, watch the interview:

"Exclusive: Tucker Carlson Interviews Vladimir Putin" (Tucker Carlson)

From the same brilliant Carlson comes this interview with Mike Benz, who explains how the government uses mass censorship to manipulate the narrative, which is also relevant for the conflict in Ukraine:

" Everything You Need to Know about the Government’s Mass Censorship Campaign" (Tucker Carlson)


Oops. The dirt is now coming out. For example the MASSIVE excess deaths. Here an undertaker telling about the strange rubbery blood he finds in deceased people:

"New disease" (Dr. John Campbell)

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(Political) cartoon:

Annalena Baerbock fleeing from Mykolaiv, being chased by a drone while she tried a photo-op in her best clothes. (I love those pink pumps; very adequate for a war zone!!). This photo is symbolic. The decadence of the Western elite, living in a bubble, being woken up to reality by harsh facts. Did she think those destroyed buildings around her were Hollywood fakery?!

Baerbock in Mikolaiv

Cartoon by the editor.