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2023 / November / 29
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  International News

In the Netherlands suddenly PVVV, lead by Geert Wilders, won the elections. It is remarkable because Geert Wilders has been singing the same xenophobic anti-islam tune for decades and now suddenly wins the elections. Something more is obviously going on than meets the eye. Upon second thought, we can recognize why PVV won the elections. Party leader Wilders has had his eductaion in Israel and is a staunch zionist. In fact, the only thing that distinguishes PVV from FvD is that the former is xenophobic and FvD isn't. Yet, FvD got three seats and PVV 37. People in the Netherlands are indoctrinated to be always on the side of Israel. This is caused by substituted guilt. Feeling responsible for the Holocaust the Dutch did not do. Now with the massive slaughtering of Palestinians, wbeing protested by a multitude in The Netherlands, a underbelly reaction counter-protest consists in voting for the strongest zionist person, Geert Wilders. This explains the victory of teh PVV.
Fact is that the PVV started rising in the polls the moment Israel invaded Gaza:

PVV polls

The most remarkable thing is that the previous government resigned because the ruling party VVD decided to not continue with the co-ligation in order to solve the migrant problem, which has gone fully out of hand. After the victory of PVV, a party solely based on an agenda of migration stop, VVD announced it would not cooperate with PVV. Seems VVD continues to insult their voters even when not in power.

In any case, EN predicts that Frans Timmermans will be the new Prime Minister. That because it has been planned from the start. Timmermans is famous for propagating the climate narrative and promises to degrade humanity using this agenda. See also this week's political cartoon (at the end).

In any case, bravery starting getting a foothold in European politics. Euopean MPs speak out against vaccines (see part on CoFlu10) and generally tell the globalists to 'go to hell':

EU P bravery
"Go to Hell !!!" (Dick van Dijk)

With the media attention shifting from Ukraine to Palestine, the editor also made a contribution, revealing things the media do not want to reveal:

"Earthling News: The conflict in Israel" (Earthling News)



Truths are slowly coming out. Head of NATO Jens Stoltenberg recently admitted that the conflict in Ukraine indeed was about NATO expansion (and thus not about "Putin wanting to increase his empire", as was claimed earlier):

" (Video) DEVASTATING Compilation Of Media Lies About Ukraine " (The Jimmy Dore Show)

Another similar thing. It has now been confirmed by the political top figure
in Ukraine that Moscow and Kiev had an agreement to stop the military conflict, in early days. Yet, Boris Johnson visited Zelenski and ordered him to continue. "Let's just fight":

Boris Johnson
                      "Let's just fight"

Boris Johnson himself now working for the military industrial complex (MIC). Did you expect anything else?

Boris Johnson
"Boris Johnson gets job with arms industry-funded pro-NATO lobbyists" (Azerbaycan24)

As the German (Nazis) used to say, "Krieg muss sein!" (war has to be!). Here is Joe Biden, telling how Ukraine and Israel are "special democracies" and thus fighting a war for. Hundreds of billions of dollars for these special democracies. Very little for the 'democracy' at home. I suppose even Biden understands that the United States doe not have a democracy!

Joe Biden MIC
"Ukraine and Israel Are Very Special Democracies" (Ted Rall)

Or the war-monger Hillary 'Killary' Clinton. Speaking out against any cease-fire:

Hillary Clinton against cease fire
" Hillary Clinton says Gaza ceasefire ‘not possible,’ would be gift to Hamas " (ALARABIYA news)

“People who are calling for a ceasefire now do not understand Hamas. That is not possible,” Clinton said. “It would be such a gift to Hamas because they would spend the ceasefire time rebuilding their armaments, creating stronger positions to be able to fend off an eventual assault by the Israelis.”". Well, indeed, fight until they are all dead. That would be the biggest gift? Krieg muss sein!

With the war in Ukraine as-good-as lost, attention shifting towards the conflict in Palestine, more money is slushed to Israel, instead of Ukraine. For this occasion we will have another political cartoon this week:

Biden Obama Zelenski

Indeed, on the battleground of Ukraine, Russia is making slow but steady progress. Some meters per day on the battlefront. Avdiivka is nearly encircled and this is in the opinion of EN the last battle of this conflict. If the NATO-bulwark Avdiivka falls, Kiev/NATO/Washington will have lost. EN recommends Military Channel for up-to-date information of the battlefield in Ukraine. And Levan Gudadze for teh latest news about Russia that is censored by the European Union Soviet.


Oops. The dirt is now coming out. As the saying goes in Dutch, "Even if the lie is fast, the truth will overtake it". Some brave members of European Parliament revealed the truth about the vaccine. This truth is shocking and heads will fall. Or should fall (if our democracy is healthy):

"press conference on the letter from EMA, by Forum for Democracy in the European Parliament" (Potkaars-live)

"In this press conference, Marcel de Graaff (FVD MEP) and Joachim Kuhs (AfD MEP), Willem Engel and Vibeke Manniche (doctor) will discuss shocking revelations arising from the letter from the European Medicines Agency (EMA). This letter came in response to the request from Marcel de Graaff and Joachim Kuhs to immediately suspend the licenses of Covid-19 vaccines."

In 2021, Stallinga et al wrote a phsilosophical-scientific paper explaining how the CoFlu19 epidemic is actually a normal flu epidemic. The pandemic status resulted from what they call a runaway-testing scenario. Lo and behold, in 2023 this is confirmed by the CDC.


It works like this: If 5% of the tests are false positive and all 40 contacts of the positive-tested person have to be tested too, we get a geometric series, 2^N, also known as 'pandemic'.
Science in the
                            times of Covid The scientific publication
RTS The Rumble video

Science & Technology

One of the points at which the entire climate story hinges is the idea of teh so-called Hockey Stick. Namely a constant temperature in the last millennium, with a sudden rise in the last couple of decades. This graph was engineered and presented by Michael Mann and is the basis for the political agenda concerning the climate.
It seems to have erased the Warm Medieval Period (MWP) from the data. So, now the 'consensus' is that this MWP never existed. If it can be shown it did exist, the climate story falls.
Here is an impressive exhaustive study of all literature concerning the MWP. Places where it was warmer than average (red), colder than average (blue), wetter than average (green) and drier than average (yellow). Click on any marker to see the associated scientific publication:

                          Warm Period

"Medieval Warm Period" (author unknown)

And the editor would like to link here his presentation at the C-iasoS conference on Malta on 13 November 2013:

"Energy Transition and Sustainability" (Peter Stallinga)

and some technology. A truly original sundial clock:

"A Digital Sundial?" (Joe Duong)

Sport & Arts

Sports have become so predictable that it starts looking like Wrestlemania. Nothing worth to note here. Max Verstappen won his 19th Grand Prix this weekend. Yawn. Howevver, football club Ajax seems to be in dire straits; the most successful club in Dutch football even reached bottom of the league.

Ajax bottom league

Maybe a little less predictable after all!

(Political) cartoon:

Timmermans problem maker
- "Can you help me witha  problem?"
- Timmermans: "Sure, how big do you want it to be?"