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2023 / October / 15
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  International News

In reverse chronological order, we start today with the conflict in Israel. As we know, the terrorist/liberation organization Hamas made a heavy attack on Israel, killing and capturing more than 1000 Israeli citizens.
It is of course the result of having treated Palestinians as inferior humans. After the establishment of Israel in 1984, the original inhabitants were kicked out of the region of Palestine and confined to a ghetto. After decades of being treated as animals, now they revolted.
This is ironic in two ways: first because it was the Jews that were kicked out of Egypt by the locals thousands of years ago, so it is ironic that now the Jews kick out locals and send them in the direction of Egypt. Second, in WW-II Jews lived in a ghetto in Warsaw during the Nazi times in Germany who treated them like subhumans (Untermenschen). In 1943 they had an uprising that was brutally put down by the Nazi regime.
                    Ghetto Uprising 1943 "Warsaw Ghetto Uprising" (Wikipedia)
In 2023 the Untermenschen in the ghetto of Gaza had an uprising and the regime in Tel Aviv promises to put it down brutally. It seems the Nazi-handbook was translated from German to Hebrew. The script is the same.
Earthling news condemns all unnecessary violence. Including terrorist acts of Hamas and including excessive -- genocidal -- reactions of Tel Aviv.

To understand the Israeli problem, we have to go back to 1917, with the Balfour Declaration. Imagine, some rich people decided to give land away that did not belong to them. Simply somewhere on the map, and with the stroke of a pen -- well the keys of a typewriter -- the land was handed over to the Jews. What could possibly go wrong?!!

The Balfour Declaration

This was the official birth of Zionism. The idea that a certain ethnic group (in this case Jews) was entitled to its own land. The ideology of Zionism was created in Basel at the end of the 19th century. Imagine, if you do not agree to this political idea of the creation of a country based on Apartheid, you are called antisemitic. This is even stranger, since the people that were given the land now ... are not Semites! Let me once again explain it. And, as you will see, it is a chutzpah, the mother of all chutzpahs:
Semites are the group of tribes that lived in the Arabian Peninsula. They were Christians, Muslims and Jews and some even of oriental persuasion. Khazars, on the other hand, were a tribe that lived in Russia and that adopted the Jewish religion (for convenience's sake) and are not Jews in the biblical (Torah) sense (not being seed of David). Now, most modern Jews are offspring of Khazars that have migrated to Europe and from there created a Zionist movement to occupy the Semite lands in the Levant (close to the Mediterranean Sea) and drive out and murder the local Semites. Criticizing these people is called ... anti-semitism. The mother of all chutzpahs! Note 'chutzpah' (or 'gotspe') is a Yiddish word, which is a mixture of their original Khazar language with Hebrew (which they learned from the scripture/rabbis) and German (where they lived).
So that you know

It is well possible that the project of the Greater Israel will be executed. As according to the ideas of Nietzsche, those who consider themselves morally superior, have the moral obligation to subjugate other morally-inferior tribes.

Greater Israel

Needless to say, in this case, as in all other cases (Ukraine, etc.), EN is of the stance of Natural Law. Also very well paraphrased in the book Atlas Shrugged of Ayn Rand:

Ayn Rand. Use of force


To generally understand what is going on in the world, it is not enough to read the news headlines and imagine the world was created 5 minutes ago. This is the simplistic view of the mainstream media, that is out there to inform you how a Good Human (Gutmensch) must think, namely exactly as our regime prescribes.
It is needed to study history. And even then we have to be careful, because the same agents of mainstream media also control the narrative in history books. (Never wondered how it could be that things do not seem to make sense? Well ....). As in something like this: "Russia did an unprovoked invasion into Ukraine [and Putin is an evil maniac]". Well, many people will immediately absorb this party-line. About 70% to be more precise. You, on the other hand, came here to read different things. EN recommends the extremely informative videos of Corbett Report (who was one of the first people to be banned from Youtube). Take for example this video about World War I:

Corbett Report WWI
"The WWI Conspiracy" Corbett Report, 19/XI/2018)

The only one opposing the long-time agenda was Donald Trump. You can now understand why he had to be removed at all cost. Two impeachments, rape accusations, court cases about documents, fake news (Russian prostitutes pissing on him in Moscow), Russiagate (Clinton and Obama fabricating fake dodgy dossiers to implicate Trump), spying on him, election fraud (see the documentary "2000 Mules"), etc. etc. It is to be expected that when all else fails, Donald Trump will simply be assassinated, Kennedy Style.
And now former candidate Hillary Clinton says that all Trump supporters have to be deprogrammed. We would not have expected anything less form socialists. We remind people that such deprogrammings were taking place in the Soviet Union in sanatoriums, where people who were obviously mentally ill (how else can you label being against the utopian agenda/!). Such sanatoriums are better known as gulags.
Read the news, or watch the video:

                            Clinton says Trump supporters may need to be
"Hillary Clinton says Trump supporters may need to be ‘deprogrammed’" (The Guardian)

"Hillary Clinton calls for ‘formal deprogramming’ of Trump ‘cult members’" (New York Post)

To see how all is linked: Trump managed to stave off the war with Russia for four years. And Trump was the only one supporting the Israelis by moving the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

Talking about Kennedy, Robert F Kennedy wanted to become presidential candidate for the Democratic Party. However, the Democratic Party did not want that to happen (even if democratically) and started sabotaging his candidacy. SO, now Kennedy decided to run as an independent.

"Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says he will run for president as an independent" (WBNS 10TV)


After 5 months of the Kiev spring counteroffensive (that took place mostly in summer of this year), that has resulted in some minor advances of the army of Kiev, especially in the region of Orichev (a.k.a. Bradley Square for the huge amounts of armored vehicles lost), Moscow now started its own offensive. Parts of the lost territory around Orichev was reclaimed in a couple of days, but the fiercest battle is around Avdiivka. This city is the main NATO stronghold. From here the offensive after the Maidan coup in 2014 was planned. It is a real bastion and will be very difficult to capture. It is somewhat similar to Mariupol (and its Azov steel underground structures) and Artyomovsk/Bakhmut (with the underground structures, also at the Soledar salt mines).

The latest video of Military Channel about this battle at 14 October:

"The Fall | The Fighting Doesn't Stop For A Minute. Military Summary And Analysis For 2023.10.14" (Military Summary)

It is to be expected that this battle will take months, probably to the end of the year. Moreover, if the Russian manage to capture it, it is to be expected that that is the end of the conflict, and Kiev will surrender. That is because Kiev has run out of young men to fight this war:

                            Demography 2022-2023
Difference in one year in the demography of Ukraine. Not the able-men cohort that has been removed from the population

Also in teh United States things are taking another turn. The U.S. is basically bankrupt, and the war effort goes very very bad:
No more money
                              for Ukraine
"US Senator slammed calls for indefinite funding for Ukraine" (Top TV Canada)

Or this:
Rand Paul warning to Democrats
"I stand with Rand Paul, a common sense leader. Just say NO to war mongers and corruption. Fix America first!" (The Scoop Politics)

Indeed, (mostly) Republicans refuse to send more aid to Kiev. Sending money to a bottomless pit. The Speaker of the House (McCarthy) a staunch supporter of teh war and the regime in Kiev, was 'impeached' by Matt Gaetz, and this worked:

"Gaetz makes history. Elensky curse hits McCarthy. EU makes offer to Orban. West out of weapons. U/1" (Alex Christoforou)

Biden even gets the Chutzpah-of-the-Month Award at stallinga dot org. The United States is spreading 'democracy' and 'freedom' by helping a regime (Kiev) that jails American journalist. You can not make this shite up:

Biden chutzpah

Also some damning information comes directly out of Ukraine. This image speaks for itself:

Biden corruption

On the other hand, Russia is doing just great:

Russian economy


We did not hear much from CoFlu19. None of these so-called 'experts'. Well, anyway, here is what Ayn Rand had to say about these 'experts' in her book Atlas Shrugged:

Ayn Rand about

Our leaders simply want to forget the entire episode in our history. Never happened. (For instance the 13 million vaccine deaths -- about two Holocausts -- let's just forget it). In the UK parliament refuses to discuss where the excess deaths are coming from. It is absurd. Too sad or words. Too psychopathic for words. Here is a video of John Campbell, who always remained calm and held truth to power:

"Excess deaths debate in parliament" (Dr. John Campbell)

Maybe because of this, suddenly all politicians seem to be abandoning the sinking ship. And even CNN (media propaganda pur sangue) starts throwing their leader under the bus:

Biden liar
"Is Hell Freezing Over? CNN Calls Joe Biden A Liar & Says Donald Trump Was Right" (Dick Van Dijk).

As the Dutch saying goes "Al is de leugen nog zo snel, de waarheid achterhaalt haar wel" (even if the lie is fast, truth will overtake it), or in Portuguese "a mentira tem pernas curtas" (lies have short legs), you can fool some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time. It now has become public knowledge that the CoFlu19 virus indeed came from the Wuhan laboratory

CoFlu19 Wuhan origin

Moreover, the vaccine has killed 43,898 people in Europe according to teh EudraVigilance reporting database (similar to the adverse reactions database VAERS in the US). Knowing that normally about 6% of the cases are reported, this amounts to an estimated total of 730 thousand deaths. Caused by the regime's vaccination program!

EudraVigilance CoFlu19
                              vaccine deaths

Science & Technology

Nothing to note. And the reason that there is nothing to note for some time now is that to be a scientist -- that is
, to be working in 'science' -- it does not matter how smart you are. What matters is what race you are, or what gender. When submitting to a prestigious journal such as Elsevier, you must now specify how you self-identify:

Elsevier woke

Your ideas are correct when you are an non-binary gender diverse afro-american. Sorry for your pretty ideas, Mr. Einstein, but they are a no-no in Elsevier!

Sport & Arts

Nothing worth mentioning. Well, it is war at Ajax. First they threw out Marc Overmars, now they found out a terrible player-trading swindle. Behind this is the Raad van Commissarisen, for instance Eringa (also involved in the CoFl1u9-testing street scandal in the Netherlands where 1 billion euros was spent in an unaudited fashion). With Ajax savior Johann Cruijff dead, maybe Louis Van Gaal can restore order at the club:
Eén man
                      probeerde de komst van Louis van Gaal bij Ajax
                      tegen te houden
"Eén man probeerde de komst van Louis van Gaal bij Ajax tegen te houden (Dutch; One man tried to stop Louis van Gaal coming to Ajax)) (FCUpdate)

(Political) cartoon:

Clinton in the White House