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2023 / August / 29
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  International News

Since Ursula 'Wonder Liar' Von Der Leyen and the European Union has forbidden news coming from Russia, we have to find alternative channels. Here are some very good alternative channels that EN recommends. Warning, this will completely change your perspective about things in the world:

Military Summary Military Summary: A channel about the current situation of the military conflict in Ukraine. Reporting from Belarus (?)

Alex Christoforou Alex Christoforou: Reporting from (mainly Cyprus, Greeece) about international affairs. Also shows local surroundings in 4K (?)

                    Mercouris Alexander Mercouris: Reporting from Greece (?) about international affairs.

Levan Gudadze Levan Gudadze: A Russian reporting from Russia. About the military situation in Ukraine and other Russian inside news.


The biggest news is the coup in Niger. It nicely shows how all international events are linked. One might think that in Niger some weird army colonel one day woke up and got it into his head to seize power. That couldn't be farther from the truth. Niger is an ex French colony where France still gets most of the uranium needed to run its nuclear centrals. With other energy sources cut off (mainly gas and oil from Russia, made impossible by the Europan shoot-in-your-own-foot embargoes), uranium has become quintessential for France. One might even suspect that the previous regime in Niger was installed there by France. Te current sitaution makes it seem so. As an example, only the French ambassador was kicked out:

"Niger KICKS OUT French Ambassador!" (The Dive with Jackson Hinkle)

What is more striking and possibly related is the death of Prighozin. Famous for leading the Wagner private military organization, the troops that liberated Artyomovsk (see below). Then he marched on -- Roman style -- to Moscow, but after a discussion with Belorussian president Lukashenko, called it off. Putin recognizing the usefulness of Prighozin, kept him alive.
Now, immediately the West starting a propaganda campaign accusing Putin of having ordered his death. However, like always happens with teh conspiracy theories of teh West, this does not make much sense. First of all because Putin had no motive (considering the usefulness of Prighozin in the military conflict), and moreover, had he wanted to eliminate Prighozin, he would have done it easily by arresting him, trialing him for treason, and sending him to prison. Well, the conspiracy involves ascribing a mad character to Putin, capable of doing illogical things, exactly because they are illogical; he is an evil dictator, duh!

Yet, what if Prighozin was going to help the new Nigerian government, and thus thwarting the West, cutting it off from the essential energy resources. Would France not have a motive to killing Prighozin? Surely they also got the means to do it. Means, opportunity, motivation ....


In an ironic event, Donald Trump had to present himself at an Arizona prison, because of one more trumped-up accusation of something. Whatever it takes to keep him from becoming president again. Election fraud. Two impeachments. Documents. Whatever it takes.
In an nice turn of events, Trump used it -- once again -- to his advantage and now his mug shot is going viral. Together with his epic text "Never surrender!". We imagine this appearing on t-shirts and mugs for centuries to come. The modern day Che Guevara

Trump - Never

Immediately his ratings went up again. And his third election has become inevitable. In fact, he amassed 7.1 million dollars for his campaign in less than a day.

Trump campaign mugshot
"Trump campaign says it has raised $7.1 million since Atlanta mug shot" (CNN Politics)

What rest for the establishment is only Kennedy-style assassination.
For your information, and because the mainstream only lieks to present out-of-context soundbites to distort his words, here is the full interview of Tucker Carlson with Donald Trump:

"Tucker Carlson Interviews Donald Trump On Debate Night " (TheDC Shorts)


Another remarkable international event was the BRICS meeting in South Africa


BRICS stands for Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Ever more countries are joining (see political cartoon this week), and the GDP o the BRICS+ countries combined is already bigger than that of the G20. The most remarkable new member is Saudi Arabia. Remarkable because Saudi Arabia is one of the largest oil producers in the world. And through shady deals with the United States (see the ties with teh Bush family, including the links of the Bin Ladens with the Bushes). Saudi Arabia was the biggest pillar of the so-called petro-dollar, the international financial system, also known as SWIFT. However, the SWIFT system was ever more used to enforce political agendas onto other countries. Up to the point of which teh United States was accused of being imperialist. The move of Saudi Arabia from the petro-dollar block to the BRICS+ block is a very significant event this week. Probably more than the entire conflict in Ukraine.


After some months of the military offensive of Kiev in Ukraine, they have not much to show for. First of all, we have to point out that the international press calling it a counter-offensive is highly misleading. It suggests that Russia is the aggressor in the conflict and that it started in 2022. Readers from EN by now already know that the conflict started in 2014, something that was also recently affirmed by NATO's head Jens Stoltenberg:

NATO Stoltenberg
"NATO Chief: Ukraine/Russia War “Started in 2014”" (@InContextMedia)

As such, the conflict started in 2014 by an offensive of Kiev into the Donbas region where separatists had started a revolt against the Washington puppet regime in Kiev. That was the first offensive (see also the movie A Snipers War. The counter-offensive was started by Russia with the Special Military Operation (SMO) in 2014. After having tried to intimidate Kiev into surender, which failed, Russia dug in deep and waited for the second Kiev offensive. This started in the beginning of June and was originally called the Spring counter-offensive, but had better labeled Summer Offensive.
Summer is over and the result is that Kiev managed to gain tiny amounts of territories, with some irrelevant dwellings on them. One captured village is literally called Five Huts (Pyatychatky). Kiev was fighting in four fronts. (See the map below).
The military objective was to reach the Sea of Azov, by capturing Meliotopol and/or Mariupol, thereby cutting the territory of Russia in half, debilitating the Russian supply lines. It was expected that at that stage Russia would surrender. The timeline projected some weeks for the conclusion of that operation.

Map Ukraine
Map of Ukraine in 2023 (BBC). Yellow added by EN showing the four Summer Offensive zones of Kiev.

1) Piatychatky ('Five Huts'). This was abandoned after about a month for lack of progress; only Five Huts was captured.
2) Orikhiv also named 'Bradley Square' for the enormous amounts of military vehicles lost by the Kiev forces. Here Kiev managed to gain some four villages, most noteworthy is Robotyne, some 6 km south of the starting point.
3) Velyka Novosilka. Similar to the Orikhiv front, Kiev managed to capture some villages, most noteworthy is Urozhaine.
4) Artyomosvk, liberated by the forces of Prighozin in May of this year. And the name changed back from Bakhmut to Artyomovsk. A strong military nucleus and strategically important. Especially the village south of it (Klishchiivska) was under heavy attack, but Kiev did not make any advance whatsoever.

Later also a crossing was made of the Dniepr river at the main bridge. Considering this fact, we must conclude that it was therefore more likely that the regime in Kiev was responsible for the collapse of teh Kharkovka damm, since it is now shown that it is Kiev that had a motive, namely wiping out a defense zone of the Russian forces and enabling a crossing of the river. In any case, this bridgehead established on the left bank (east) of the Dniepr had not tactical advantage. Stuck below a viaduct, the Kiev troops were daily bombed and had huge number of casualties.
Another attempt was made at a crossing further upstream. This attempt succeeded, but after about a week the troops were all eliminated or they had to retreat, returning full control of the left bank to Russia.

No strategic points were gained. Kiev forces did not even manage to arrive at the first line of defense (of the three or four lines of defense). The retreat of Russian forces was therefore not even a battle victory of Kiev, but simply a tactical manoever; The attack by Kiev has cost a lot of troops and materiel, to such an extent that the territorial gains can be called a defeat. In the meantime Russian troops retreat slowly, with a minimal amount of casualties.

In the meantime, Russia attacked teh northern front (#5), hoping to recapture important cities like Lyman that was relinquished in the beginning of the conflict (in order to have better defensive positions). About the same amount of territory was gained here by Russia as was lost in the South. So we might call it a stalemate. However, during the last months especially Kiev army was depleted, some say up to half a million Kiev soldiers are KIA (killed in action). To such an extent that battles seems to be halted and Zelensky has called for an all-out mobilization, some 200-300 thousands new recruits will be called into military service.

With no other option remaining, Kiev is now mainly resorting to terrorist attacks of civilian targets. Mostly by drone attacks on civilian buildings


There where Russians are playing 'nice' on the battlefield, only attacking military targets (where in some cases rockets that were shot down hit non-intended civilian objects), Kiev is using immoral weapons, such as cluster munitions, and directly target civilian objects, as the map above shows. Most of the drone strikes had civilian targets, which is in any rule book called terrorism. They even admit it that it is used for two purposes, first to demoralize Russians (so that they will overthrow Putin), and, secondly, to boost the moral of Kiev citizens showing them that Moscow can be attacked.

Even the propagandist Washington Post concludes that the Summer offensive has failed:

                              summer offensive
"U.S. intelligence says Ukraine will fail to meet offensive’s key goal" (Washington Post)

In fact, the conflict in Ukraine is going so bad for Kiev that the West has to send ever more advanced weapons. Where Biden last year said that teh United States will not send F16s, because it would mean world war, Joe Biden now organized that F16s are being sent to Kiev.

Rutte Zelensky
Zelensky taking a selfie with Dutch prime minister Rutte, after the latter having promised to hand over all Dutch F16s to Kiev.

The Duth promised to hand over all their F16s. Rumor has it that to enable this, the Dutch Prime minister first had to resign his government, so that his government is 'demissionary', meaning that it no longer has to account to anybody, until the next elections and installation of the next government. EN foresees a very nice promotion for Rutte. Probably a key position in NATO, or WEF, from where he can continue his full control psychopathic agenda.


There are still people denying the fact that the conflict started before 2022 (namely in 2014) or that there are Nazis in Ukraine. Or that war crimes are committed by the regime in Kiev. Here is Eva Bartlett being interviewed by Morris from Redacted revealing some very interesting facts:

Eva Bartlett on
"Journalists have been imprisoned, tortured, or killed by Ukraine" Eva Bartlett" (Redacted)


There seems to be preparations for a new 'wave' of CoFlu19. The question now is if the people will fall for it again. Nobody probably questions the curiosity that after one century of Spanish Flu, we get two nearly-consecutive pandemics. Even while it has become ever clearer that the entire CoFlu19 pandemic was a hoax. The science now tells us that oFLu19 was simply the flu. Nothing more, nothing less.

Fool me once and the shame's on you. Fool me twice and the shame's on me!

We'll keep you posted.

Science & Technology

Nothing to note. It must be summer break. EN therefore makes use of the opportunity to present a video of the editor:

"Science is dead. Long live science!" (Peter Stallinga)

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Nothing worth mentioning.

(Political) cartoon:

(Pierre Potgieter)