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2023 / July / 21
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  International News

With the introduction of a centralized digital currency, the financial regime can take full control over people. They can basically say where what and when should be produced and who has rights to consumptions of these produced goods. Marx' dream scenario: "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs" (German: Jeder nach seinen Fähigkeiten, jedem nach seinen Bedürfnissen). A full-spectrum dominance control society.
If you think this is farfetched conspiracy thinking, consider this piece of news. Nigel Farrage got all his bank accounts cancelled, because of his political views:

"Farage publishes SECRET Coutts memo." (Nigel Farrage)

These kinds of things will only get worse in the new banking system. The system will have all information of all transactions. (And can stop them anytime they want).
Welcome to the dystopian world!


An epic rant of Lukashenko, president of Belarus. Something like: "You angry I threw out your NGOs? I tell you, the ones I did not throw out, I'll throw out tomorrow":

"Lukash gives it out to the BBC scum." (Jonathan Murray)


Here EN will show only a photo. We'll comment on it after we have found an explanation that does not involve conspiracy thinking. See for yourself:

Greta Thundberg Zelensky

What do Great Thundberg and Voldemort Zelensky have got in common? What were they discussing? How to use electric sustainable tanks on the battlefield? Or did she tell Zelensky "How dare you?!!" Keep posted. We'll let you know when we found out.

Is it not a sign we are living in a clowns world? Just listen to Joe Biden. WHen he says Putin is losing the war in Iraq:
Biden: "Putin loses
                            war in Iraq"
"USA Today omits Biden’s viral ‘losing the war in Iraq’ gaffe from coverage of remarks about Putin" (Fox News)

The same Biden who had an epic reception of the minister of Israel. We'll put the transcript of what he said later. For the moment we had no idea what he was mumbling:

"‘He’s not well’: Joe Biden mumbles through meeting with Israeli president" (Sky News Australia)

This might have been the reason for the reaction of Russian's Foreign Minister Lavrov

Lvarov: Don't pay
                          attention to Biden


Some local news from The Netherlands. It seems the government has fallen over some immigration triviality. Some see it it a way for the government to take full control of society. After all, a demissionary government, in The Netehrlands, is not accountable to anybody! This way they managed to implement the stringent 'dictatorial' CoFlu19 measures, last time the Dutch government was demissionary. Listen to Karel van Wolferen (in Dutch) from the newspaper Gezond Verstand:

"Nederland in permanente dictatuur door demissionair kabinet | Karel van Wolferen (Dutch)" (Gezond Verstand)


When is this clowns world going to end?
Where will the opposition come from? Maybe from Orban? Listen to what he has to say about the corruption in Europe:



A shocking video about a Kiev platoon that refuses to go back to fight. The platoon leader says "OK", walks away, and throws a handgranade in their bunker.



A great double feature documentary by Scott Ritter on Zelensky. Must see!

Scott Ritter: Agent Zelensky 1/2
"Scott Ritter: "Agent Zelensky" (Part 1)"

Scott Ritter: Agent Zelensky 2/2
"Scott Ritter: "Agent Zelensky" (Part 2)"


The United States decided to send cluster munitions to Kiev. Where the entire world is considering these weapons immoral, the US made a turn and considering that "Kiev is running out of ammo, and we are also running low on stock",

"Biden Says Ukraine "Running Out Of That Ammunition," Then Admits "We're Low On It"" (GOP War Room)

while the West is losing the war, something had to be done, and Biden decided it would be cluster bombs.
Well, one more step of escalation of the West. Did they really think that Russia would say "O, OK, if you start like that, we'll surrender!"? Of course not. The answer of Russia was fast and sharp: If they use them, we will use them. And, by the way, ours are, like everything else, much much better!

"Russia's Shoigu warns of using 'similar weapons' if US supplies cluster bombs to Ukraine" (ShanghaiEye魔都眼).


The famous scientists Denis Rancourt testified in a citizens court (since the regime court refuses to do it) and here is what he says:

Denis Rancourt CeNC
"National Citizens Inquiry - Denis Rancourt Virtual Testimony"

  • There is nowhere anywhere a sign in the world that the CoFlu19 virus caused excess deaths
  • There is everywhere signs in the world that the vaccines caused excess deaths
This seems important information, if a distinguished scientists is saying these things.

Science & Technology

Two videos from the editor, about the Scientific Method. It shows exactly how no science was done in the climate research. AS such, when people (like the IPCC) are claiming that they are scientists, they are scientific frauds, since they do not follow the Scientific Method:

"The Scientific Method (in climate research), part 1/2" (Peter Stallinga)

"The Scientific Method (in climate research), part 2/2" (Peter Stallinga)

Sport & Arts

Nothing worth mentioning. It is summer and only second rate sports going on ....
(Meaning No-vax Djo-covid lost the final of Wimbledon to his opponent. Not interesting therefore).

(Political) cartoon:

Psaki taki