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2023 / June / 27
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  International News

From Glenn Swart:
Anthony Blinken was lucky the Chinese even agreed to see him, it took weeks of repeated requests to secure high level meetings. He endured something unheard of for any US Secretary of State in the last 50 years, including a 7 hour long meeting mostly consisting of a dressing down from the Chinese Foreign Minister. He made a public declaration that the US does not and would not support support any claims of independence  from Taiwan and that it recognized it was part of China.  The words appeared visibly painful to to enunciate. After all was said and done (bear in mind that this is a US diplomatic visit, this is a much tougher ask than if it were any other nation, it would have been akin to asking a 1930's German delegation of Goering, Himmler and Göbels that was off on a diplomatic visit to Stalin to publicly state that the NAZI brownshirt thugs would no longer be rounding up the communists in Berlin to use as stuffing for the punching bags and they recognize their right to run for office in Germany!)
So anyway, within 24 hours or this ordeal, what does uncle Joe do? At the first opportunity he has to make a public declaration where he is able to locate the podium and maneuver himself up to it successfully, he brings up the balloon incident and calls Xi a dictator!?
More from Glenn's DWAHTS page (Do We Already Have The Solutions) where he mentioned it already in 2016:

DWAHTS: Clown's
"The U.S. Department Of Clowns" (DWAHTS)


The evidence of corruption of the Biden family keeps piling up:

"OVERWHELMING Evidence Of Bidens’ Bribery From Ukraine!" (Jimmy Dore Show)

There is corruption everywhere. The 10 million in bribes taken from Ukraine, for instance. The quid-pro-quo, demanding the general prosecutor of Ukraine who was investigating the corruption of Hunter Biden being fired (of which fathe Joe Biden brags heavily in front of the Council On Foreign Relations; a video we have shown here on EN). All on the Hunter Biden laptops. The information of the laptop was meticulously shielded from the media by the shadow government, but estimates were made that it would change the outcome of the elections by a whopping 16%. The interference of the shadow government thus mounting to heavy election fraud:

Hunter Biden Laptop 16% voter swing

Of course, what does a (wannabe) dictator do? Try to jail his opponent.
Biden: Hold my beer
They insist on prosecuting President Trump for having had presidential documents at home. (And not prosecute [then] non-President Biden to having had presidential documents at home). One employee -- the one at the chyron desk -- managed to post this remarkable sarcastic text live on Fox News:

Biden Wannabe Dictator

Needless to say, this employee was sacked on the spot
Fox News Chyron "Fox News explains away ‘wannabe dictator’ chyron during Trump speech" (The Guardian)


Talking about clowns, Boris Johnson was removed from British Parliament for having lied. Well well, if that is reason to be banned from Parliament, Parliament would be empty. Only pathological liars can become politicians.
Or, as Plato said, "Lying is the prerogative of politicians, just as administering medicine is of the physician".

Boris Johnson

But, Johnson should not have been canceled because of him lying to Parliament about the parties he had during CoFlu19 lockdowns. Nor for having had parties during CoFlu19 lockdowns. But for having lied to us about the CoFlu19 virus which they lied to us was very dangerous. And for having denied everybody in the country to party during the plandemic.
We all know that you know that you lied, Mr. Johnson, because you partied. Something you would not have done had you thought the virus dangerous for your life.
The partying itself is a small misdemeanor, the lying about it ... that is part and parcel of your profession. But the incarceration of the entire population by your psychopathic hands, *that* should have you canceled forever.


The biggest Ukraine-related event of the past week was the 'revolt' of Prigozhin and his march to Moscow. Within one day the 'rebellion' of the Wagner Group was solved. Now, people, that is how you do conflict management. On German TV they all day asked this question, "Why the Russian army did not attack the group on the way from Rostov to Moscow?!". Well, when you have a hammer as a tool, (when as the West you only have weapons as a tool), all problems are nails, (all problems are targets).
And the same West, that has weapons and propaganda, immediately took the other opportunity telling us, "You see how weak the regime in the Kremlin is!!!" Is not how I see it, but is how the Western propaganda sees it:


Prigozhin was an unguided missile. A useful tool in the liberation of Ukraine. A ruffian, but a brilliant military man. An overly aggressive person, unpredictable, fanatic. Just what a war needs. (Compare: in the West people are promoted for being LGTB, not for being good soldiers. For what they are and not for what they [can] do).
So then he did not get paid, or was threatened to lose his job, after a job well done. Injustice and a threat to the survival of his company. 'Rebellion' (effectively a strike!). Opposing the regime in Moscow is a no-no. It had all the semblance of a Roman general. He crossed the Rubicon and marched on to Rome.
With brilliant conflict management of the other capable leader in the region, Belorussian Lukashenko, a bloodshed was averted. The Russian army had remained its calm, "We are not going to shoot our own citizens!! A human life is precious, especially those of our brothers!" (Especially this part the West does not understand).
At the end, the Kremlin came out much stronger. The people seeing with their own eyes how stable and capable the Russian management is. Problem solved with very little damage and within 24 hours. This is how you do conflict management. People in Brussels/Washington: Eat your heart out! Would you not want to have such capable leaders, solving problems in a timely manner in the West?!


Somehow $6.2 billion was recovered from an 'accounting error'. How happy for the military industrial complex:

                            B dollar for Ukraine
"Pentagon accounting error provides extra $6.2 billion for Ukraine military aid" (abc News)

Funny how these .... erm ... 'accounting errors' never happen for education, or health care, or infrastructures ....


Remember when Russian troops were at the gate of Kiev and then suddenly turned around? The West presenting it as a heroic victory? And then 'revealing' the Bucha massacre?
Well, as it now turns out, the Kiev regime had signed a peace agreement (guaranteeing non-integration into NATO, among other things). As a sign of goodwill, Putin ordered the troops to turn around. Upon which Kiev started attacking the troops, wiping their asses with the agreement, and orchestrated a Bucha event to mobilize the West into accepting a continuing war.

"African leaders talk peace with Putin" (CityNews)

Let us never forget who is the aggressor in this conflict!


To show you how important people think the war in Ukraine is. Here is Thierry Baudet, leader of the Dutch opposition in a 'debate' in Dutch Parliament. Nobody wants to listen to his arguments -- he speaks to an empty room --- because, as we all know KRIEG MUSS SEIN! (war has to be!)

Baudet Ukraine
"Baudet (FVD) over Oekraïne: "Voert Washington hier een buitengewoon cynische agenda uit?"" (Dutch. Forum voor Democratie)


The war itself is going very bad for the regime in Kiev, as a front office for the NATO and Washington. They finally started the long-awaited Spring Offensive, but it turned out to be a massacre. There is no need to give precise details since we leave that to the very good channel of Military Summary. See for yourself:


Military Summary Youtube channel

Here (in our oped) we summarize it with a picture taken from what the Russians call "Bradley Square" (for the huge amounts of American Bradley armored vehicles that meet their end):

Bradley Square

The Kiev offensive goes very very slow (if advancing at all), there where a blitzkrieg five-days-to-Azov-Sea was planned. Russians are patiently mowing down everything that comes at them, -- as Napoleon famously said, "Don't interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake" -- and when the Kiev army is depleted, they'll mount a counter-offensive. Probably the first target will be Kupiansk, north of Artyomovsk.
EN feels sorry for the Kiev soldiers that against the choice are thrown in this battle and used as cannon fodder by the regime in Kiev. Like pitiful Vlasek here:

Cannon fodder
"Vasha, the war is over for you"


The 'University' of Coimbra (oldest in Portugal) attributed a PhD 'honoris causa' to the leader of the WHO. To remind you, Tedros is the one who killed more people as a head of a 'health' organization. His vaccination campaign responsible for 13 million deaths worldwide. (Compared to 6 million deaths of CoFlu19 in 3 years, which is the exact rate for the flu, by the way).

                            University of Coimbra Honoris Causa

This world is an Orwellian joke!

Science & Technology

A bucket with some rich idiots sank close to the Titanic. More people wanting to see the Titanic?

                          on ...

Just to remind you, according to the scientific models, we are going into the last solar cycle with some activity, before the lull starts and we'll be heading into a new small ice age. Enjoy the heat while it's here; before you know it you'll be freezing ...

Solar Cycle

Sport & Arts

Novak Djokovic, the GOAT (greatest of all time), won the French Open -- Roland Garros -- and with it the 24th Grand Slam title in his career, thereby isolating himself at the top of the all-time-greatest list:

Roland Garros 2023.
"Grand Slam King Djokovic wins 23rd crown by conquering Ruud at French Open" (Reuters)

(Political) cartoon:

Ukraine Taiwan