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2023 / June / 07
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  International News

For your perusal (or future reference), the famous Hunter Biden laptop e-mails, brought to you by Do We Already Have The Solutions (DWAHTS):

                      Hunter Biden laptop
"All the smut from the Hunter Biden Laptop. Sunday, June 04, 2023" (DWAHTS)

Remember. The Biden family is fully embedded in corruption. Among other things, the Burisma scandal in Ukraine through his crack-addicted son Hunter, Joe received bribes. Daddy Joe actually proud he used a quid-pro-quo to get his son off teh hook from criminal investigation. It remains a riddle (unless you realize that Washington itself is fully corrupt) why Joe was not target of an impeachment for this. Here he actually proudly admits his crimes at the Council for Foreign Relations:

"Joe Biden Discussing Ultimatum made to Ukraine Burisma - Council on Foreign Relations" (Chris Bacon)

Joe actually bragging about how he is a kingpin mafia leader in front of a room of thugs.


Two major events took place last week. First of all the counter-attack of Kiev, the Spring Offensive, seems to have started (in Summer). Massive troops were sent attacking some villages in the South (Vremevka offensive, somewhere midway the entire frontline) to try to make a breach and split the Russian side in two.

It is not clear what the real situation is -- both sides using enormous arsenal of propaganda -- but it can be stated that the attack did not result in anything. This video, of Military Summary, reports the losses on Kiev side: 59 tanks destroyed and 3700 soldiers MIA/KIA.

"Donbass Zugzwang | The Dam That Thwarted All Plans. Military Summary And Analysis For 2023.06.06" (Military Summary)

Vremevka battle
(snapshot from above video)

According to this Austrian source, Kiev has dominance in the cyber-space and information-space (propaganda), Russia has dominance in air and water.

"Bakhmut has fallen" (Österreichs Bundesheer)

Interesting that part on information-space. Meaning you are getting mostly propaganda from Kiev, not from Moscow. meaning your view (if you have access only to regular channels) is fully distorted.


The other important event is the destruction of the Kakhova dam. Accusations fly hither and tither. Yet, the question is: who did it?! The question reduces to: who benefits? (cui bono?). Is it
  • To destroy homes around the river downstream
  • To stop Russians from crossing the river downstream now
  • To stop Ukrainians from crossing the river downstream now
  • To enable (later) Russians to cross upstream
  • To enable (later) Ukrainians to cross upstream
  • To remove water supply to Crimea
  • To remove cooling water supply to nuclear central at Zaphorizia upstream?

According to Scott Ritter, only Ukrainians had a real interest in doing it:

"Scott Ritter: New EXPLOSION Changes Everything In Ukraine Russia War" (Stephen Gardner)

Moreover, Russia had already claimed in October last year at the United Nations Security Council that Kiev was about to do it:

Kakhovska dam


And if you want to know who is Zelensky, watch this video (German with Dutch subtitles):

Who is Zelensky?
"De beerput gaat open!" (Redt Je Bossen)


To give you an idea of the scale of mendacity of our regime, take a look at this video. The United States invaded Syria and has recently built another military base there. Of course, to steal the oil (see after 30 seconds in the video; it's hilarious how Trump tells the truth so nicely):

"U.S. Building ANOTHER Illegal Military Base In Syria" (The Jimmy Dore Show)

We can call all their crying about Russia invading Ukraine simple a chutzpah.

US military bases Syria
(screenshot of above video)


That is strange. All viruses and detection methods and vaccines related to CoFlu19 were already patented long before the outbreak. Here is patent expert lawyer Martin talking at the European Council:

Patents of
"Patentes da fraudemia, patentes de vaxx de mrna já desde 1990.…" (Rui Dinis)

Science & Technology

Probabilities in physics? Here is one for you (from Eddington's "The Philosophy of Physical Science"), showing that probabilities only exist in the heads of mathematicians.
Probabilities Eddington
Imagine you have two types of bags, A and B. A contains two white balls and one red. B contains 2 red balls and 1 white.
Now if I draw a white ball, the probability the bag is of type A vs. type B is 2:1.
Now I tell you the random bag has 2/3 probability to be of type A. Therefore, from reversibility, drawing a ball MUST result in a white one, because otherwise the probabilities are not what I told you they were in the sentence before!
It shows that probabilities of probabilities does not exist. And, therefore probabilities do not exist. (Note that in quantum mechanics we often use this reversibility of probabilities. We measure something with certain probabilities and therefore we conclude which bag type (A or B) our 'particle' must have been).

Sport & Arts

Zlatan 'Ibracadabra' Ibrahimovic ended his career. One of the most remarkable football players ever having set foot on the football pitch. Famous for his brilliance at Ajax, he went on to play in other teams as well, until finally stopping at age 41. Here is a summary of one of his most beautiful goals.

"Zlatan Ibrahimovic - Top 10 Goals Ever" (FootballVideosLM10)

(Political) cartoon:

Conspiracy Theorist