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2023 / May / 15
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  International News

The head of the CIA actually admitting that it was meddling in the presidential elections of the United States. Somehow this got unnoticed, because we were too busy getting that orange man out of office. Something for which all mainstream media of the entire West was cooperating.

"How CIA Interfered In 2020 Election FOR BIDEN!" (The Jimmy Dore Show)

A remarkable thing happened. As we know, Sudan is suddenly being hit by a civil war. The remarkable thing is that Victoria Nuland, the one who organzied the regime-change putsch in Kiev, was seen weeks before the actual start of hostilities there

Sudan: Victoria Nuland


The freedom of press even further eroded by the sacking of Tucker Carlson from Fox News. Tucker was one of the last journalists that dared to oppose the regime in his fierce critic commentaries. Another one bites the dust.

"The REAL Reason Tucker Carlson Was Fired By Fox News!" (The Jimmy Dore Show)

The journalist landscape has gotten a little paler. "News Is What Somebody Does Not Want You To Print. All the Rest Is Advertising"

Another example is the allegations of Seymour Hersh claiming that he has proof that the United States was behind the sabotage of teh Nordstream II Pipeline that supplied Russian gas to Europe. Whatever you make of it, regular media completely ignore the issue. They do not want to comment at it. As if this terrorist event (with more impact than the 9/11 terrorist attack) is not relevant at all. Yet, some do see it, and show how the media themselves have become merely propaganda channels for the regime:

Hersh Nordstream

That is why Trump will win the elections for a third time. This is what he thinks about Ukraine and why he will win the elections:

"Trump Gets Ukraine Question RIGHT! CNN Melts Down!" (The Jimmy Dore Show)

At the Russian celebration of the victory over the Nazis in Germany, on 9th of May, somebody raised a Soviet-style flag at the Bundestag in Berlin:

Soviet flag Bundestag


The Kiev regime has started a counteroffensive. Long awaited and well prepared, they now are finally on the move. The main attack is not there where it was expected (around Kherson), which must have been a disinformation campaign of the Kiev army. Instead, the main offensive is around Bakhmut. This location seems to be essential for both sides.
Kiev is making some tactical advances on the flanks of the city. The problem is that teh forces needed for these advances were then not available for defending the Bakhmut city center, which seems to be falling rapidly. Some weeks ago the civic center already changed hands, and the city got its original name, Artyomovsk, back. (Yet in the news people keep on referring to it as Bakhmut).

In view of the amount of disinformation and counter-information, it is very difficult to estimate where is the truth in it all. EN does not make a statement about truth, it only shows here an example of information that you will not easily see on western mainstream media. An example is the Military Summary channel on Youtube. An example this video of the latest info:

"Donbass Zugzwang | Fierce Fighting On The Bakhmut Flanks" (Military Summary)

Yet, this video is probably already stale the moment this page is launched. Please check the channel itself for updated info.
Military Summary

In the meantime, American anti-Kiev journalist was arrested by the regime in Kiev.
Gonzalo Lira
"Detaining Gonzalo Lira: Another blow to the freedom of press in Ukraine" (Helsinki Times)

Strangely enough (or not), Joe Biden did not mention anything, while some weeks before, he made a special comment about freedom of the press, and how important it is for a free world. Well, free press, only when it freely says the correct things, so it seems.

A Russian anti-Russia blogger was taken to Donbass and that made her open her eyes. Listen to her:

"I took a LIBERAL, ANTI WAR Protester to see the truth in Donbass, and THIS Happened!" (John Mark Dougan).


This is the society we became because of the CoFlu19 measures of our regime:

"How COVID Turned People Into Fascists – Explained By Psychologist!" (The Jimmy Dore Show)

How much it has cost? Excess deaths are still rising. Here Dr. Campbell reporting on it:

"Excess deaths, new UK data" (Dr. John Campbell)

Excess Deaths
"'Brits are dying in their tens of thousands - and we don't really have any idea why'" (The Mirror)

Science & Technology

The sarcastic post of Glenn Swart, Quantum Climate Change, how everywhere it is heating up faster than elsewhere. Here is post included verbatim (please, also follow his DWAHTS blog [do we already have the solutions]):

        Demonstrating this than comparing those claims against each other to see if they support each other by being factually consistent in the larger context. What I am regularly discovering is that when the claims are actually followed through many of them directly contradict EACH OTHER, casting doubt over whether the data is sourced by unaligned scientists or by clowns that have escaped from the circus.

        The latest is the amazing discovery that everywhere is warming twice as fast as everywhere else!

        Yes, you read correctly.


        It's all warming at double the rate of...

        Well, ...

        ...everywhere else?

For more information, with all the links included, click on the image below:

Quantum Climate Change (DWAHTS)

Sport & Arts

F is champion football in teh Netherlands. No more words will be wasted on this rare event.

(Political) cartoon: