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2023 / March / 10
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  International News

It became clear that German government has been directly paying journalists during the CoFlu19 pandemic. That is what a totalitarian state is doing, journalists merely frontrunners of a propaganda channel:

"Geheim-Liste: Regierung bezahlte 116 Journalisten von ARD & ZDF / ZDF-Reporter drehte Impf-Werbung" (Secret list: government pays 116 journalists of ARD & ZDF / ZDF reporters were running a vaccination ad) (Achtung, Reichelt!)


The story of the Storming of the Capitol (6 January 2021) ever more starts looking like a false flag 'Reichstagbrand', orchestrated to get rid of political opponents (Trump) once and for all. New evidence came in, when the tapes from the day were made public. In the video below the main instigator of the storming is seen. As you can see, it does not look like some criminal rebellious activity was going on. Seems like he is a friend of the regime and getting a guided tour.
"Taken as a whole the video record does not support the claim that January 6th was an insurrection. In fact, it demolishes that claim. And that is exactly why the Democratic Party and its allies in the media prevented you from seeing it. By controlling the images you were allowed to view from January 6th they controlled the way the public understood that day. They could lie about what happened and we would never know the difference. Those lies had a purpose: pretext for a federal crackdown on the Uni-party in Washington":

"Tucker: This video tells a different story of Jan 6" (Fox News)


The United States now came with a story that it was Ukrainian Rebels ("not linked with the regime in Kiev"; so Kiev not held accountable, conveniently) that blew up the Nordstream II pipeline. It is of the opinion of EN that this scenario is less likely. For the simple reason that it does not fit well the MOM analysis. Means Oppotunity, Motivation. Yes, Ukraine had the motivation. But no, they do not have the means, nor did they have the opportunity. It remains therefore more likely it was the United States government (CIA) that organized the destruction. 1) They have the means. 2) They had the opportunity (were seen at the scene of the crime), and 3) They had the motivation (even announced by Joe Biden).


It seems that Bakhmut is about to fall in the hands of Russia. By some claimed to be strategically irrelevant, by others of high importance.


Yet, it is very important for the war itself. That is because it does not matter on what terrain the battles are fought, it is important that they are won. The terrain itself is irrelevant.
The regime of Zelensky has decided that the battle might as well be in Bakhmut. So he stands his ground, even while Russia is winning this battle. So, to sum it up:
1) The battle of Bakhmut represents the entire war
2) Russia is winning the battle of Bakhmut
1+2=3) Russia is winning the war.
It is by some called a meat grinder. To the battle are shoved in from both sides an enormous sausage of weapons and troops. At the interface they destroy eachother. Nothing seems to happen for a long time, until suddenly one is left out of sausage. Then the enemy will just walk over and capture the entire territory, including all the relevant areas.

Ukraine will
"Ukraine is going to lose" (Asia Times)

Even NATO head Jens Stoltenberg said that Kiev is burning weapons many times faster than NATO countries can supply them:

NATO Stoltenberg: no more ammo
"NATO Secretary General pre-ministerial press conference, 13 FEB 2023"

If ammo runs out, the only option is surrender!


What is also important in this conflict is that finally China made a choice and made a statement that it is fully on the side of Russia, against American imperialism:
China Ukraine
"'There Surely Will Be Conflict,' China’s Foreign Minister Warns, Unless U.S. Changes Course"

This is probably a game-changer, since now 1.5 billion people -- a true democratic force of numerical significance -- are directly opposing the 'democracy'-bringing troops of the United States.


But how can people possibly be supporting Russia? I hear you think. Are they mad? Are they listening to Russian propaganda?!! Maybe. Maybe this one:
"THE NEWEST HISTORY OF UKRAINIAN NAZISM" (Natasha More is with Natasha Morin)

Or watch the video A Snipers War (filmed in 2018, before the Invasion of Ukraine by Russia). It tells a story about a civil war that was going on since the political coup in 2014 in Kiev:

"A Snipers War 2018" (H. WOLFF)


The excess deaths rates continue to be extraordinary high, as explained here by John Campbell:

"International concern, excess deaths" Dr. John Campbell

While the excess mortality is not extremely high, the fact that it consistently is above zero makes the integral (total deaths) very relevant and much bigger than deaths caused by the CoFlu19 virus. An example is Netherlands. Blue is the CoFlu19 epidemic. Many people died in a short time. Another peak (red) was observed in the next year, and it can be assigned to Rhino (on basis of the time of year). However, the integral of excess deaths in other times is large, because of the consistency (yellow).

Excess Death NL

The cause of death is difficult to determine. The primary suspect, however, is the vaccine. We should try to eliminate this hypothesis first, if that at all is possible.

In the meantime Evidence keeps pouring in that CoFlu19 came from the Wuhan lab
CoFlu19 Wuhan lab leak
"FBI chief Wray confirms Covid-19 originated from lab incident in Wuhan" (Business Standard)

and that people like Fauci were actively covering up their crimes (of doing forbidden gain-of-function research). Here is the testimony of the former CDC director. Now, of course the question is, after having established that the virus likely came from the Wuhan lab, was the release accidental or on purpose? I would like to bring in the statement of Fauci that said in the beginning of the mandate of Trump that "a major flu outbreak is going to happen during the mandate of Trump", which I found a remarkable statement at that time.
"Former CDC Director Just Exposed Fauci" (Trending Politics)

To give you an idea of the criminality of some people. Canadian scientist Denis Rancourt has found out that some 13 million people worldwide died of the vaccine (which is more than died of the virus):
                        vaccine deaths
Taken from: "Age-stratified COVID-19 vaccine-dose fatality rate for Israel and Australia" Published February 9, 2023

Science & Technology

The editor of EN has published an important article in Entropy. It is shown that the adjustment time of CO2 in the atmosphere is less than 5 years. And because that is the case, our emitted CO2 will do very little harm to the climate, since it has already disappeared from the atmosphere. In the figure below, the yellow part is what has remained of it:

Residence Time of CO2 in the

Taken from: "Residence Time vs. Adjustment Time of Carbon Dioxide in the Atmosphere". Peter Stallinga. Entropy 2023, 25(2), 384;

Yet, it will be ignored. Carl Sagan: "A society based on science and technology in which nobody knows anything about science and technology". "[If we cannot be skeptical to authority] then we are up for grabs for the next charlatan, political or religious, who comes ambling along"
People, that charlatan came ambling along!

Carl Sagan
"The last interview of his life (1996), astronomer Carl Sagan." (News Nancy)

Sport & Arts

For the 'music' lovers among us. Here is an Ode To Nole (Novak Djokovic), winning the Australian Open:

Six Lemons -
                      Ode To Nole

A great documentary Dopesick. About the OxyContin (painkiller) addiction in the US in the beginning of the 21st century. (Purdue Pharma's OxyContin is similar to, but more powerful than, heroin). In the series it is clear that the makers of medicine don't give a sh*** about the health of people. They care about one thing: profit! Now fast-forward this to the CoFlu19 p(l)andemic. The exact same situation. They do not care if their vaccine kills people. What matters is one thing: profit!!
I expect a new series soon. mRNA-sick, about AstraZeneca, Johnson&Johnson, Moderna, etc. etc.


And here a funny joke:

Old Habits
                          Die Hard
"Old habits die hard" (beanbag1)

(Political) cartoon:


"Clearly a Ukrainian passport!"