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2023 / January / 19
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After Elon Musk bought Twitter and started informing us about how the regime had been using the platform (and probably others as well) to indoctrinate us, he is suddenly persona non grata. Suddenly the floodgates are open with framing his as a bad person. Moreover, he is now in many court cases of alleged fraud. The message is clear. Just like we do not want Julian Assange informing the people, we also do not want Musk to tell is what is going on in the world. The man must be eliminated at all cost. Ironic, since until recently he was the savior of mankind with his electric cars Tesla.

Yet, the things he reveals are very interesting. Take for example the mentioning of this bit of moral corruption in the regime.

Musk exposes


Trump, as an enemy to the system, managed to get impeached twice during his mandate. And even after his mandate finished they wanted to make sure he'd never come back. So they staged a 'storming of the Capitol' (in striking semblance to the Reichstag Fire of the German Nazi regime) and prosecuted him for that. And then they found secret documents in his home and prosecuted him for that, saying it is the worst crime to have classified documents at home. (Never mind that a president could have declassified them any time he wanted, so it must undeniably be a simple mistake).
The irony is that now for the third time such exact classified documents were found at the premises of Joe Biden. And in this case the crime is undeniable, because the documents were from the time he was vice president (of the Obama administration), meaning he had no authority to declassify them, that would be the task of president Obama instead.

                      classified documents
"Biden aides find second batch of classified documents at new location" (NBC News)

Will the media be consistent in reporting? Don't hold your breath!


Yet, not all politicians are immoral. Listen here to the short European Parliament speech of Ryszard Legutko:

"PROF: RYSZARD LEGUTKO: "Two minutes of truth, of bitter truth" in the European Parliament" (Ryszard Legutko)


The 2022 Stallinga Dot Org Awards have been announced. Click on the image below to see who are the winners:
                      dot org awards


ToSupport for stopping the war comes from down under. Here a message of Jefferson Earl to Putin:
                          Earl to Putin

Note, once again, that EN, nor its editor, support Vladimir Putin. In fact, we expect that he is just controlled opposition and this entire war is prearranged. After all, he is in cohorts when it comes to the CoFlu1 rollout. And the climate swindle. And the financial fiat-money scam. And member of the WEF club. So, he is just one more megalomanic usurper of power, nothing more.
Having said that, we see that the role of the West in Ukraine has been always to accelerate to a confrontation. The plan was always war with Russia, at all cost, even sacrifying all Ukrainian citizens if that is what it takes.

That plan was also revealed by Angela Merkel and later confirmed by Nicolas Macron. Both stated that the Minsk agreements with Russia was just a way to buy time, in order to prepare Ukraine for the inevitable conflict. As such, Putin has the moral highground in this conflict.

Merkel Ukraine
"Merkel admits the Minsk agreement was merely to buy time for Ukraine's arms build-up" (WSWS.ORG)

And Zelenski? He is just a useful puppet, a stage actor, dispensable when the time comes. He was installed in Kiev through the coup of 2014. That is what the United States does. They actually managed to change the outcome of the elections in Russia. A fact that they even proudly admitted. Lest we forget:

Yanks to the rescue

They claim to do such interference in the world, to "spread democracy". Maybe politicians really believe that, but reality is that the real people in power couldn't care less about democracy. Here is a former CIA director Philip Agee saying "democracy doesn't mean a hoot. I mean it'd be fine if government was elected and would cooperate with us. But if it didn't, then democracy didn't mean a thing to us. And I don't think it means a thing today":

"War on democracy - "Democracy doesnt mean a hoot"" (steeeeea)

Also in the netherlands anti-democratic forces are active in government. A new law is prepared that can outlaw political parties that undermine democracy. Funny that they do not see themselves the contradiction in the law. Since the law would immediately be applied to those that voted for the law!:


Democracy is just a buzzword to help implement tyranny


To start with, a funny slip of the tongue:
Not enough people willing to
                              be euthanized by the vaccine
"providers are beginning to run out of people who want to be euthanized"

However, it is clear that society is waking up from the mass psychosis of CoFlu19, just as Mattias Desmet predicted a long time ago. Some people will have to live with what they have done during the period. The insults they cast on people that were right all along.
Now here is an example of such a person. Sam Harris who was a regime propagandist during the problematic times. Jimmy Dore making fun of him:

"Sam Harris CAN’T ADMIT He Was Dead Wrong About COVID" (The Jimmy Dore Show)

The idea is that, yes, he was wrong, but if he had been right ("CoVid could have been much much worse") then the deniers would have been wrong and they would have been immorally wrong. So they are immoral S-holes, even if they turned out to be right.
No, Mr. Harris, if Covid had been much worse, we would have understood that, because we, in contrast to you, are smart, and we would actually have helped to inform the people about it, even if our government would have tried to cover up the danger of Covid and shut us up. Luckily Covid was nothing more than the flu (CoFlu19) and we -- knowing this, because we are smart -- tried to inform the people, BUT YOU BLOCKED US. It is you that is immoral. Not us. We are smart and brave. You are immoral, stupid, and a coward!

The vaccine is now shown to be bad for your health:

Dr. Aseem Malhotra
                            EXPOSES the deadly causal mNRA vaccines

Actually, to hide the vaccine deaths, Dutch national statistics bureau removed all dead people from the vaccine statistics database. Believe it or not, but this way, of course, nobody died of the vaccine:

CBS vaccine deaths

Science & Technology

Who has worked in academic environments for sure has noticed that science seems to be in dire straits. Somehow there doesn't seem to be any science anymore, but mainly repeating what is already known -- "the prophet Einstein is right, yet again" -- and implementing the political agenda with technology. So, social studies with the help of technology. Ironically, one of such combinations of sociology study done with technology studied the quality of research publications. It was found that there are indeed no longer any innovations in science. Also life sciences and bio-medicine are dead, after science died in 1996. What remains are social studies and technology. Since technology relies on science, this will also soon die. And sociology needs technology, so that will be the final death.

Below is the summary of the publication in Nature (4 January 2023). In fact we can already see that by now technology and sociology also have already died. What remains is repeating the mantra of the regime. All publications are politically correct.

Science is dead

An example of how ridiculous 'science' has become take this 'pearl of wisdom'

Dark matter

Photons being carriers of light, the researchers suggest dark light!
And this conclusion is needed because the prophet Einstein is right.

Sport & Arts

For all those people that died of the disease named Suddenly after the vaccines, here is Billy Ocean singing for you:

"Billy Ocean - Suddenly (Official HD Video)"

And the editor would like to share with you some of his own 'acoustic sculpture'. This one is called Norman D, with a not-so-hidden hidden message:

Six Lemons -
                      Norman D

(Political) cartoon:

                          would support nazis