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2022 / December / 12
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  International News

A funny thing happened in Venezuela. Juan Guaidó, the puppet leader chosen by the United States to replace the democratically elected president in Venezuela, was ousted when he was eating in a local restaurant there. Of course, the question should also be asked: How can he have been allowed to stay out of prison while he is directly responsible for undermining democracy. Not much of a dictatorship there in Venezuela:

"Venezuelan Pretend President Juan Guaidó Attacked In Public" (The Jimmy Dore show)
Remember how Donald Trump was accused of Russian collusion back when he was elected? Well, it proved all to be nonsense. And the reason why Trump rightly called the mainstream media "fake news". He called attention to the existence of teh shadow government. And this proved to be correct, but for which he was heavily criticized.
Now even Joe Rogan starts seeing the light and tells that we from alternative media were right from the start. He also mentions that yes, the laptop of Hunter Biden does exist and is a treasure trove for journalists, it is full of condemning information. The Biden family seems fully involved in corruption:

"Rogan Spits Truth About Hunter Biden, The Deep State & Media Bias" (The Jimmy Dore Show)

That what Trump said is all true now becomes clear from Twitter gate. Since Elon Musk took over Twitter, he revealed how the political establishment meddled in free speech, in order to have the correct candidate (Joe Biden) win the presidential elections:

"Tucker Carlson: What we learned from 'The Twitter Files'" (Fox News)

"SHOCKING! Elon just exposed the truth we all suspected" (Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris)


In Germany a group of activists was accused of planning to attach the parliamentary building, the Reichstag. The similarity with history is striking. In 1933 the nazis grabbed power by staging a Reichstag fire and blaming the political opposition for it. L'histoire se répète.

In a funny twist of things, CBS reports how the German regime imagines a conspiracy where conspiracy thinkers are a threat to the regime:
Reichstag "Germany arrests dozens as QAnon-inspired "Reichsbürger" group accused of plotting to overthrow government" (CBS News).


What does the political elite do when it gets the chance? Removing all the rights and freedoms from the rest. During the CoFlu19 pandemic we have agreed that the government can lock us down whenever they deem it necessary. So, we were already expecting that they were going to abuse this right for other purposes, most specifically the climate agenda. Fast forward 2022. Here we are, climate lockdowns:

Climate Lockdowns


Soon the Stallinga Dot Org Awards will be give. A very very strong contender for the Chutzpah of the Year -- a sure winner? -- is Justin Trudeau. Remember how he destroyed the peaceful trucker protests against his CoFlu19 lockdown measures? Well, recently he spoke out in support of the anti-lockdown protests in China:

Trudeau chutzpha of the year
"Trudeau expresses support for Chinese protesters as Beijing holds firm on strict COVID strategy" (National Post)


To show you absolutely idiotic mainstream media is. Here is Microsoft Network News (msn). "Captured Russian documents reveal plan to subjugate Ukraine in 10 days and kill population". Right! Please, msn, show me the documents. Who wrote them. How did you get them?
Well, the entire story -- that would possibly be a bombshell if true -- is just one phrase: "“Officials planned to register the entire population by going door to door, noting if they should be eliminated or whether they were likely to collaborate,” wrote Verity Bown of the Telegraph."

msn propaganda
"Captured Russian documents reveal plan to subjugate Ukraine in 10 days and kill population" (msn)

This is the journalistic level of mainstream media. Any ridiculous idea can be printed, as long as it helps in indoctrinating the people.
This is similar to the case of Russian collusion of Trump mentioned above. Never a shred of evidence, apart from the 'dossier' of teh Democratic Party. Well, that was considered proof enough.


Ursula 'Wonder Liar' Von Der Leyen was caught ... telling the truth and this had to be purged from the history books. She accidentally said (thinking it would look nice, virtue signalling about the deaths) that 100 thousand Ukrainian soldiers have died:

"Oh SH*T, She is busted lying about Ukraine, not good" (Redacted w Clayton Morris)

She forgot lesson 1 in disinformation theory during war:
  • Our losses are small, their losses are huge!
and thus had to be censored. They simply erased it from all channels.


Now the truth about CoFlu19 is slowly emerging. For instance how the vaccine is really wreaking havoc in the population:
Covid vaccine 8% hospitalization
"Judge FORCES CDC To Release COVID Vaccine Injury Data" (Jimmy Dore Show)


Yes, they lied to us, again, and again, and again, and again. The idea was that CoFlu19 is a very dangerous new disease (while it is a typical flu), nothing would work, except the vaccine that was 100% safe and 100% effective. (It is not safe and it is not effective). And now this: Vitamin D turns out to be a working medicine against CoFlu19 after all.

Follow the science .... !

Nature | Scientific Reports 12 (2022) | doi: 10.1038/s41598-022-24053-4:

Vitamin D

And this one: The vaccines, not the CoFlu19 virus, is related to the current pandemic of heart problems.

Nature | Scientific Reports | (2022) 12:6978 | doi: 10.1038/s41598-022-10928-z

Covid vaccine
                              heart problems

If you're interested in this topic, EN recommends the documentary Died Suddenly:

Died Suddenly
"World Premiere: Died Suddenly" (Stew Peters Network)

Don't forget that now it is proven that
  1. Vaccines do not stop transmission,
  2. Excess deaths are rising (because of vaccines).
As presented here by John Campbell:

"Vaccine debate" (Dr. John Campbell)

Science & Technology

The data-tampering of the climate alarmists continues. So now they had to correct the data they had corrected already before, in order to keep the CO2-cuases-warming narrative:

fudge factor 2022
"NASA/NOAA US Data Tampering" (Tony Heller)

Sport & Arts

Have you never wondered what it means in football that "the ball is out"? Since the ball and the line have finite thickness, it could mean
  • center of ball outside center of line
  • whole ball outside center of line
  • center of ball outside whole of line
  • whole of ball outside whole of line
whole of ball over whole of line

Now we know it is the fourth option. The ball above was not considered out! Still a tiny sliver of ball was on the line. This resulted in a goal for Japan (pictured here) that indirectly eliminated Germany from the World Football tournament in Qatar.

To tell you what has changed in Dutch language. 30 years ago we complained about the "elitist R". In 2022 everybody talks this way:

"De Boksbeugeltjes (Kakkers Voor Kakkers) - Ik Heb Die R Niet (HD 1080p)" (Vulpesvideo)

And some work done by the editor. Inspired by the fact that The British destroyed the Nordstream II Pipeline, as proved by the text message of Liz Truss minutes after the event, "It's done!":

Six Lemons
                        - It's Done!

(Political) cartoon:

mask protects