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2022 / August / 31
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  International News

What some years ago was considered an absurd conspiracy theory now has become reality. People get chips implanted into their brain to deal with brain issues

brain chip
"Alberts hersenen kunnen op afstand worden bijgewerkt" RTL Nieuws (Dutch).

Now, maybe you still do not see the problem in this, and actually think it is some good news, how Albert can be treated by a chip in his brain that can be controlled at a distance. We would like to remind you, however, that with teh CoFlu19 pandemic, we have forfeited the rights to autonomy over our own bodies, so it will not be Albert to decide if he is going to be chipped. The government can intervene in our bodies if that is deemed necessary for the health of society. Am example of some unhealthy thing is somebody that opposes the agenda of the regime. That is obviously, undeniably, a mental sickness, because it is a mental illness to be against Utopia. Moreover, opposition to the agenda is dangerous, because it slows down the execution of the agenda and this thus warrants the treatment of political opposition -- dissidents -- by forcing such electronic devices in their heads. For their own good and for the health of society. The regime has a moral obligation to do so.

A similar situation existed in the utopian former Soviet Union. Here is what Andrzej Lobaczewski wrote about it in his book Political Ponerology:


Good to see we are back on track of utopian pan-global communism! (Sarcasm)

In fact, this commentator sees 'it', what more and more people are starting to see: we are being taken for a ride. We can no longer assume that the government is benevolent. A beautiful 'rant' by Neil Oliver:

Neil Oliver: we are being taken for a ride
"Being taken for a ride" (GBN Live)

Either this (what EN thinks) or we are on the road to Utopia (what politicians tell us). Well, here somebody who sees the similarity of our path to fascism.
Path to fascism
CoFlu19 = fascism.

"Obedience is freedom. Censorship is truth. Thinking is a crime"

From the above link:
"I do not refer here to the enforcers of biosecurity, either the police or designated ‘COVID marshals’, who as functionaries of the state are above the laws they claim to enforce, and who throughout the ‘pandemic’ have restricted our rights and freedoms far beyond even their newly-made legal powers to do so. Nor do I refer to those responsible for making and justifying those laws, whether Secretaries of State and Cabinet Ministers or the senior members of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies, the National Health Service and the UK Health Security Agency, all of whom, in different measure, are responsible for decisions with such far reaching and catastrophic consequences that no court in the UK could judge them, but which possibly amount, in the absence of a declared war, to crimes against humanity. My concern here, rather, is with those millions of citizens who, acting on their own conscience, willingly complied with, and thereby enabled the otherwise impracticable imposition of, the UK biosecurity state in two long years of cowardice and compliance. Medical professionals who continue to inject the population with experimental ‘vaccines’ that are still in clinical trials whose terrifying data is only now being publicised, and which were only officially approved for temporary authorisation under changes to existing legislation justified by a politically declared state of emergency, will no doubt claim that they were and are following orders and the judgement of their superiors in the MHRA, the NHS and the pharmaceutical industry; but their failure to exercise their judgement, as professionals but above all as moral individuals, will not relieve them from responsibility for the thousands of deaths and injuries to unknown millions that followed the injections they administered."


While the northern hemisphere is in full summer,and we get inundated by heat-news-facts, don't forget that teh Southern Hemisphere is now in winter. And yes, cold records are everywhere. In the middle of August, many cold records for Australia were beaten:

Cold Records Australia


The war in Ukraine does not seem to be coming to an end. The Western world is pumping the country full of weapons. Many wind up on the black markets, which does not seem to worry the West very much. Well, selling of weapons is selling of weapons. Profit is profit. War is profit. A never-ending war is guaranteed continuous never-ending profit. Even losing is winning.

And this is all lead by that person Joe Biden. In what seems to be an increasing state of dementia, Mr. Biden summarizes the United States (megalomaniacally labeled "America") as ... well, just hear for yourself:

"Joe Biden fumbles, describes America in single word as "ASUFUTIMAEHAEHFUTBW"; Video goes viral" (Hindustan Times)

You attention being taken away from this by the fourth impeachment on Trump. The three previous ones resulted in nothing, but this time people believe they really got him! They invaded his Mar-o-Lago residence in serach of illegal papers. (Trump did not bleach his e-mail server, in contrast to Hillary Clinton? Did they find a laptop, like Hunter Biden's, full of incriminating data?).


CoFlu19 is still keeping us busy. Now that society comes out of mass psychosis, more details become publicly available. An example is the fact that vaccinated people have higher chance of being reinfected:

"COVID Reinfection Rate HIGHER For Vaccinated! Says Iceland Study" (Jimmy Dore Show)

Also in the Netherlands, there is a strong correlation between vaccination and excess deaths:

                            vaccinaties en oversterfte
"RIVM: gevaccineerden lopen fors meer kans op de ic te komen". (RIVM, vaccinated people much higher chance of winding up in intensive care). We can no longer ignore these facts. The longer we do, the longer we are collaborating to a scheme of genocide.

Another example is the sudden sharp rise in deaths of unknown cause:

"UNKNOWN Cause of Death? Our Latest Propaganda!" (AwakenWithJP)

'Unknown', as in not-related-to-CoFlu19-vaccin. Nein. Nicht! Verboten! Indeed, it reminds us of the Fawlty Towers episode in which John Cleese (Mr. Fawlty) is not allowed to mention the war to German guests:

"Don't Mention the War! (HD & EXTENDED) | Fawlty Towers" (BBC Comedy Greats)

The always rather neutral Dr. John Campbell now also starts to see it. Why are people dying in droves?!

"Global Death Rates Are Skyrocketing! Why?" (Jimmy Dore Show)


Africa is not taking any CoFlu19 vaccine. Would it be a good choice or a bad choice. (Well, at least bad for the pharmaceutical companies selling vaccines). Future will tell. We suspect, however, that Africa is doing better than the vaccinated world.

Africa’s First Covid-19
                            Vaccine Factory Hasn’t Received a Single

Let us also listen to what pharmaceutical industry giant, Bill Gates, has to say about the CoFlu19 virus:

"CDC “Follows The Science” & Revokes COVID Restrictions" (The Jimmy Dore Show)

Remarkably similar to what we have been saying from the beginning: CoFlu19 is the flu, commercialized as something extremely dangerous, for which you need periodic medicine! In fact, the entire system seems to be waking up and starts telling us what we here at EN have been telling you for years. EN follows science and informed you well from the beginning. That because we do not have any financial or other stake in this matter or any matter whatsoever presented here.

The science is done by scientific giants such as Denis Rancourt. In this video he presents the case how people started dying from exactly the news that everybody would start dying from CoFlu19 (the placebo effect). He analyzed the excess mortality since 2020:

"Analysis and explanations on the extraordinary mortality in the US since 2020" (Dr Jérémie Mercier - Health without BS)

To implement the road to fascism mentioned in the International Section, they have used the CoFlu19 'crisis'. Read here what CJ Hopkins has got to say about it:
                                "Unvaccinated" Question
The similarity with teh Third Reich society is striking. Nearly a one-to-one relationship. Please read. It is too well written to only write here excerpts.


(Pseudo)scientists still clutching at straws. In their steadfast loyalty to our regime they invent all kinds of cock-and-bull stories to explain away the data, avoiding the inevitable conclusion that the vaccine had a serious negative effect on our health. Here an example presented by ABC news:

heart problems caused by weather

Yes, let's avoid the possibility that the heart problems are caused by the CoFlu19 V. And let's use this opportunity to push forward the climate change agenda, once again. Never let a good crisis go to waste!

Science & Technology

Science is now fully established and anybody trying to change the knowledge, by questioning the existing knowledge (i.e., doing science) will now be labeled a Denier. This worked on the Holocaust. Then on the climate. Then on CoFlu19. And now on ... Big Bang theory:

Big Bang Denier

The regime now control all aspects of our lives. Even what we should think. What we should think comes from 'science'. Denying 'science' is a mental illness. Even scientists cannot deny science. A scientists is somebody that agrees and can propagate this unquestionable knowledge to the people.

Good news: The coral reefs in Australia are doing very well. After some years of bleaching, the now thrive like never before.
Annual Summary Report of
                      Coral Reef Condition 2021/22

"In 2022, widespread recovery has led to the highest coral cover recorded by the LTMP in the Northern and Central GBR, largely due to increases in the fast-growing Acropora corals, which are the dominant group of corals on the GBR and have been largely responsible previous changes in hard coral cover."

Publicity for technology research from the editor of EN himself. A full-blown RCL meter was built on basis of a run-of-the-mill Arduino, without any external electronic components whatsoever. Only software uploaded to teh Arduino:

"Ultra-low-cost RCL Meter to measure resistance, capacitance, inductance" (Peter Stallinga)

And while we're at it, here is the Bridge odds calculator:
bridge odds
the PjotrSoft Bridge game odds calculator. Example: If we have 4 spades and 5 hearts in our hand, we want to know: what are the odds our partner has exactly 2 spades and 3 hearts (of the missing 9 spades and 8 hearts)? Answ: 7.93675%.

Sport & Arts

No news here. Djokovic got banned from the US Open tennis tournament, for not fully obeying the regime with regards the CoFlu19 vaccination. Ajax is leading the Dutch football championship. Max Verstappen won the Austrian GP, and the Belgian GP.
In other words, a typical summer ...

Some more music from the editor of EN himself:

"Six Lemons - Rider Number 9" (Peter Stallinga)

(Political) cartoon: