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2022 / June / 23
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There are ever more signs that the planet has entered a cooling phase. The latest remarkable fact is that Greenland has not had a single day of ice loss this year yet. Where the island gains year-on-year ice mass (something that not many people know), but has each summer a short spell of ice loss (normally making it into the headlines), this year, epic amounts of ice were added in the middle of melt season. A whopping 7 gigaton on a single day.
Greenland mid summer ice gain
(Electroverse, June 20 2022)

While not falling into the trap of anecdotal science (the favorite technique of the regular media), EN would like to point out here that some scientists had already come up with prediction of the start of cooling in this decade, mostly the Svensmarks and for instance this astronomer Valentina Zharkova:

"Interview - Valentina Zharkova" (Klimarealisme. dk)

They can now tell us all: I told you so! After having been victims of slander, they must feel very nice, seeing their theories turn into facts.

The world is seeing through the swindle that is taking place. Maybe best described by the famous words of Jeffrey Skilling, former CEO of Enron:

                    We are a green energy company, but the green stands
                    for money

We have a climate crisis ... that lands profit to the energy industrial complex
We have a health crisis ... that lands profit to the pharmaceutical industrial complex
We have a war with Ukraine and other countries ... that lands profit to the military industrial complex
We have an economic crisis ... that lands profit to teh financial industrial complex
Somehow, I fear that they are planning the crises.

They are actually telling us it is a swindle. Here the World Economic Forum:

"Watch This ASAP! (Their Plan Unveiled)" (Neil McCoy-Ward)
In the video:
  • The Green New Deal will cost 130 trillion dollars until 2050.
  • 130,000,000,000,000 dollars. 16 thousand dollars for every inhabitant on this planet. (You reading this are rich and can easily -- easy peasy -- afford it).
  • After 21m35s: "We have a duty to create financial returns for our clients. That's why they hire us"
  • After 22m00s: "Nobody wants to see their long term financial return sacrificed on the altar of some [climate] principles"
  • "And yes there are a lot people in the bank working on this [measures], because there is a massive value creation and destruction happening in the economy"
  • 22m59s: "Every global systemic bank (with the exception of two in China) is part of G-fence"
  • And they still call us conspiracy thinkers, while they completely say it themselves. They have a pan-global bankster-mob swindle racket running, creating the church of climate religion for their profit!

So, what will be the next crisis? Well, they tell us to "follow the science". OK. Let's see what the scientists have come up with this time:

Alien invasion
"Aliens may destroy humanity to protect other civilisations, say scientists" (The Guardian).

So, "scientists say" that we have to cut carbon emissions or else be destroyed by aliens. EN concludes that scientists have gone complete bonkers. And the regular media with it. EN promises to keep you informed and keep track of truth and facts. No alien nonsense in this journal.

To show you how amazingly silly our leaders are, here an example of Ursula Von Der Leyen (a.k.a. Wonder Liar), stating that we have to buy Russian gas, otherwise Russia will sell it more expensive somewhere else. So, to screw Putin, we must buy his products. That'll teach him a lesson!!

Ursula Wonder Liar stupidity

(click on the image to see the video of the Jimmy Dore Show)


The war is Ukraine seems to be about over, and actually won by the Russians. That in spite of all our virtue signalling how much we stand with the Ukrainians. Virtue signalling does not win wars.

Tyler Durden on Ukraine

Even Joe Biden is throwing Elensky under the bus, just as was done with Saddam Hussein when he lost his utility for regime in Washington:

"Biden Starts Throwing Zelensky Under The Bus" (The Jimmy Dore Show)

And the war crimes of the Kiev regime are now being exposed. Here is Scott Ritter with a summary:

"Scott Ritter - what happened in Bucha was the National Gard "Safari Unit' taking out Collaborators!" (Arjan Muyen)

In a last attempt, celebrities now come to the rescue of Elensky. Yet, the image may not have been very helpful to the cause, since the photo-op  of Ben Stiller with Elensky reminds us most of two Gumbies from Monty Python:

Ben 'Gumby' Stiller
Ben 'Gumby' Stiller with Volodymyr Elensky

 Or, as a Gumby himself said sarcastically:

"Basically I believe in peace and bashing two bricks together!" (Monty Python)


In teh Netherlands it was now revealed that an extra 3,400 people died in 2021 that cannot be explained by CoFlu19. These people are simple collateral damage of the CoFlu19 measures of the regime. They have been sent to their death by a non-empathic regime (as we have demonstrated in an earlier edition of EN; about QALYs). The media still trying to be optimistic and saying that it cannot be because of the vaccine (well, how do they know, we wonder), and that "the chances of dying reduced 90% after the vaccine", we is as ridiculous as saying that mass leg amputation was very good, because the chances of running accidents was drastically reduced.

Well, here is an explanation. It is called Sudden Adult Death Syndrome. people are suddenly dropping like flies:

"Eva Vlaardingerbroek discusses the rise in sudden adult death syndrome with Mark Steyn" (GBNews)

And take for example this curious occurrence of a DuckDuckGo search for corona vaccine in Portugal:

Portugal vaccine failure
We must honestly conclude that the vaccine did not do much good for the world. Teh probability that the highest-vaccinated county becomes the country with highest CoFlu19 occurrence is only 1:195. In other words, with 99,5% certainty we can say that the vaccine causes an increase in infections.

Even though, this Dr. Jay Bhattacharya claims that the vaccine does work. Yet, he also concludes that the governmental measures in his country (the USA) were a complete failure.

"Dr. Jay Bhattacharya on Our COVID Response" (ReasonTV)

He also says that 100 million people in the world were driven into hunger by the CoFlu19 measures, and 200 thousand children died of it worldwide. He also says that masks don't work. Overall he labels teh measures "absolutely catastrophic"

Science & Technology

As a nice tit-for-tat, as it made publicity for our channel, we make here some publicity of the high-quality scientific channel, Glenn Swart's DWAHTS (Do We Already Have The Solutions). He analyzes in the skeptical (thus scientific!) stance many subjects, including the climate, the virus, cosmology, and much more. As an example I link here one of our favorites about the consensus of global cooling. But don't hesitate to read other posts on DWAHTS as well. Mr. Swart is always managing to hit the problems spot on:

DWAHTS (Do We Already Have The Solutions)
"Robust consensus for Global Cooling existed in the 60's and 70's, here is the evidence." (DWAHTS)

PS, here is the DWAHTS post where our research was mentioned
DWAHTS stallinga "Bumper collection of "climate change" FAILS. Its all here: lies; fraud; censorship; bogus predictions; failed models & even doomsday cultism."

Sport & Arts

It is what is called in Dutch cucumber season. Not much happening, with all major competitions stopped. No remarkable results. Rafael Nadal won the French Open tennis tournament at Roland Garros (for the 14th time), Max Verstappen won the Canadian Grand Prix Formula 1 in Montreal and a series of football (pseudo)friendly matches were held in the Nations League tournament with some surprises of England being eliminated in an early stage, Netherlands beating Belgium, Switzerland beating Portugal.

We find the times are best described by the classic song of Roger Waters, "The Tide is Turning":

Let's hope it turns for the better.

And some fun coming from JP:

"We’re Here To BRAINWASH You! - News Update" (AwakenWithJP)

(Political) cartoon:

Ukraine war