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2022 / April / 12
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  International News

Finally the corruption of Joe Biden gets media attention. What was first fully ignored, because of the necessity to oust President Trump, the laptop of his son Hunter Biden starts becoming interesting for a wider public. And, yes, even the i-word (impeachment) is ever more often heard.

"Biden could be impeached for this" (FoxNews)

Remember, Hunter Biden had left his laptop at a computer repair shop in Delaware. He forgot to pick it up and after some months it became legal property of the shop. The shop owner looked what was on the laptop and found incriminating e-mails. He handed the computer over to the FBI, who decided to ignore it, thinking it was part of a political game (NB: This all happened just before the 2020 presidential elections). The New York Post actually ran an article on it:
                    Biden's Laptop NYP "Smoking-gun email reveals how Hunter Biden introduced Ukrainian businessman to VP dad" (New York Post)
All media ignored it. Some of it claiming it is a Russian psy-op. Twitter and some other social media actually ban it from their platform, which is one more case of blatant censuring.

And to show you what kind of person Hunter Biden is (a drug addict):

"The Tragic Tale of Hunter Biden" (Vince Vintage)


We have a new section in EN: Ukraine. It will probably replace teh CoFlu19 section (below), because that story seems to be nearing its end.

Since the last edition of EN, a war has started in Ukraine. To get the facts clear, first of all, why did Russia invade Ukraine?
In a nutshell: In 2014 the United States caused a regime change in Kiev through the staged Orange Revolution. Also the European Union gave support:

Verhofstadt Van Baalen
Guy Verhofstad and Van Baalen inciting Ukrainian revolution on Maidan Square Kiev, 2014

It is proof of (for sure) immoral and (probably) criminal behavior of these politicians, namely meddling in foreign affairs. Take a look again at the photo. Now imagine these were two Russian soviet politicians, telling you in your city (Amsterdam, London, whatever) that you have to stand up against your democratically-elected leaders and implement marxism (which, curiously, is not far from the truth) ...
The above image is a snapshot taken from this video, in case you want to see the whole:

"EU Criminals arrived in Ukraine" (PutinBest)

The words of Victoria Nuland are famous, how she was eavesdropped in a telephone conversation with teh Ambassador of teh US in Ukraine saying "F**k the European Union" and, more shocking, how she discussed what the government in Kiev must be.

"F*** the EU: Alleged audio of US diplomat Victoria Nuland swearing" (On Demand News)

This new regime made it its plan to either expel the Russian population in teh eastern part of the country, or simply exterminate them. This is based on a Nazi philosophy that the Russians are Untermenschen. And Nazism is endemic in Ukrainian society:


While about half the population of Ukraine is of Russian ethnicity, especially the Donbass region (major cities Donetsk and Luhansk) was targeted. Watch this documentary of Anne-Laure Bonnel of 2016:

"Donbass (English subtitles) - 2016. Documentary by Anne-Laure Bonnel" (Donbass Tragedy)

Even Israeli see the problem with these Ukro-nazis:
Israel stunned by Ukrainian neo-Nazis
"The state-organized presence of neo-Nazis within the Ukrainian army is not anecdotal, even if it is not possible to quantify it in a certain way. On the other hand, it is easy to count their victims. In general indifference, they have killed 14,000 Ukrainians in eight years. This situation is one of the causes of the Russian military intervention in Ukraine." (click on image to read more at EuropeReloaded).

An example is the attack on Russian ethnics in Odessa in 2015:

"The Scene of the Crime: Bruce Gagnon at Odessa Trades Hall" (Regis Tremblay)

The West does not care about any ideology. Nazi, schmazi! It simply wants to annex another state to its territory, NATO and teh EU have steadily been expanding eastwar since the fall of teh Berlin Wall. In a move justified for teh same reason -- what the Germans in WW-II called Lebensraum, simply new markets and resources -- possibly as part of teh same scheme of teh road to oil in teh Caucasus, Operation Barbarossa 2.0.

Russia saw its brother being genocided and had to do something. When President Zelenski of Ukraine asked for integration into NATO, something that Russia cannot ever tolerate strategically, it was the straw that broke the camel's back and Putin decided to give a last warning. Here is his television speech of 21 February 2022 (spoken in Dutch), one week before the start of teh special operation, in which he explains his motives.

"Integrale televisietoespraak van Poetin 21-02-2022. In Nederlands voorgelezen door Ab Gietelink" (Odysee)

German Scholtz made a final attempt to dissuade Zelenski from asking integration with NATO, to no avail.

So, in summary, some actually say that it is all the fault of the West for meddling in Ukrainian affairs and trying to ever expand eastward.

"Why is Ukraine the West's Fault? Featuring John Mearsheimer" (The University of Chicago)

Fast-forward to today. Is Russia losing or winning? Here a very good report of Scott Ritter

"Is Russia Losing the War in Ukraine? Ft. Scott Ritter" (Richard Medhurst)


Because the mainstream media are fully occupied with a new narrative, that of Ukraine (see above), the CoFlu19 scare is slowly ebbing out of people's minds. There is no longer a perceived risk. In many countries measures are relaxed, that while the incidence rate is as high as ever.
We expect ever less news from teh CoFlu19 front, even while we are in the middle of corona season (mar-apr):

So, with the 'mass formation' (as Mattias Desmet calls it; see earlier editions of EN) or society psychosis ending, people start thinking clear again and start noticing strange things. Such as an apparent surge is healthy people dropping with heart problems:


Generally speaking, it has become clear how the radical left (Antifa, BLM, The Democrats, etc.) have totally lost their minds:

"How The Left Lost Its Mind Over COVID & Became Authoritarians" (The Jimmy Dore Show)

Did you know that, after all, Ivermectine works?

Next step? Corona (and more) passports implanted into our bodies:
"The microchip implants that let you pay with your hand" (BBC)

Science & Technology

Strange as it may appear, nothing interesting to show here. So, let us use this opportunity to present a colleague, probably the best society journalist that is out there. James Corbett. Just listen to what he has to say:

"James Corbett on ESG and the Big Oil Conspiracy" (The Corbett Report)

Maybe some technology after all:

"Here's A Supercut Of Every Video That Captured The Chelyabinsk Meteor Crashing Into Russia" (Dashcams, dashcams everywhere)

Sport & Arts

Strange as it may appear, nothing interesting to show here. So let us use this opportunity to present a mind sport, bridge. Here is the final session of the 45th World Championship Bridge 2022:

"The 45th World 2021 Bridge Team Championships - Switzerland V Netherlands Final Round 6/6 - THE END!" (john stell)

(Political) cartoon: