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2022 / February / 01
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  International News

Boris Johnson is under ever more fire because of his immoral behavior during the pandemic. While he ordered the rest of the country to be locked up at home, he himself organized parties at Downing Street 10. This is considered highly immoral, and weak apologies on the part of Mr. Johnson seem to be ineffective.
What nobody is observing, however, is the fact that Mr. Johnson did not apologize for having put his staff at high risk by permitting these parties. It seems as if everybody in and around Downing Street 10 know the entire pandemic is a farce. That's how it looks to a neutral external observer.

Boris Johnson let them eat cake


In Groningen (the Netherlands), a professor teaching Critical Thinking was put on standby for having talked about conspiracy theories. Well, that is exactly what critical thinking is about. If you want Dogmatic Thinking, all the other disciplines are available to you
Critical Thinking "'Complotdocent' universiteit Groningen geschorst in afwachting van onderzoek" (Conspiracy teacher of University of Groningen suspended awaiting investigation).


In Canada a massive anti-CoFlu19 truckers protest was started. An estimated 50 thousand truckers hit the road on teh way to Ottawa. Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, waved it off with "a small fringe minority" and fled to an unknown location:

Trudeau calls massive Canada Trucker convoy..."small fringe" - Alex Christoforou


The cancel culture goes on. More and more artists canceled their cooperation with Spotify because the latter allows conspiracy theorists and denier Joe Rogan a podium on their platform. Of course, the system is in panic, because Joe Rogan has become the number one news source for people, believe it or not. Once the popular Trump bashing disappeared in 2021, CNN lost most of its audience and is now overtaken by alt-media channels such as the one of Rogan.
Well, look for yourself. These are not 30-second soundbites, but hour-long interviews. These channels also have a method of inviting eachother. Here is Tim Dillon interviewing Rogan:

Joe Rogan | The Tim Dillon Show


As a quick sidemark. Did you know there was Whooping Cough epidemic caused by testing runaway scenario?
Faith in Quick Test Leads to Epidemic That
                        Wasn’t "Faith in Quick Test Leads to Epidemic That Wasn’t" (NY Times)
"Experts say tests that led to a false alarm at a New Hampshire hospital are coming into increasing use." That was in 2007. Notice anything familiar?
"Before long, Dr. Kathryn Kirkland, an infectious disease specialist at Dartmouth, had a chilling thought: Could she be seeing the start of a whooping cough epidemic? By late April, other health care workers at the hospital were coughing, and severe, intractable coughing is a whooping cough hallmark. And if it was whooping cough, the epidemic had to be contained immediately because the disease could be deadly to babies in the hospital and could lead to pneumonia in the frail and vulnerable adult patients there."

Then, about eight months later, health care workers were dumbfounded to receive an e-mail message from the hospital administration informing them that the whole thing was a false alarm."

"“I thought I might have caused the epidemic,” [
Dr. Herndon] said."


There is not much to mention on teh CoFlu19 front. Spain starts recognizing CoFlu19 as the flu, something we have been doing here at EN form the beginning. Hence the name CoFLU).
Spain: Covid is flu "Spanje beschouwt corona voortaan als griep" (Spain from now on considers corona as a flu. Algemeen Dagblad)


Records keep on being broken, showing how the governments managed to convert a seasonal flu epidemic into a multi-seasonal mismanagement pandemic. There seems no end in sight
Ourworldindata Covid
The European Union, managing to convert a small problem into a big problem in a matter of just two years.

The system, fearing the people see through the scam at this moment, starts backpedaling on statements.
As an example, the World Health Organization now stated that countries should not require proof of vaccination as international travel requirement

"WHO: Countries should NOT require proof of vaccination as international travel requirement" (Dr. Suneel Dhand - MedStoic Lifestyle Medicine)

Likewise, the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) by mouth of Dr. Rochelle Walensky stated that "these tests are not authorized for the purpose of evaluating contagiousness":

"The Narrative is Crumbling - 16 Reasons Why"(AwakenWithJP)

Excuse me?! So why did the WHO state in the beginning: "Our message is: Test, test, test!"

WHO: test
                            test test

Backpedaling! It is criminal incompetence, to say the least.

I also recommend you the video interview of Denis Rancourt:
interview with Denis Rancourt

As Romeo F. Quijano (M.D.) stated. (Read it and shiver:)
a "
Vaccination: Most deceptive tool of imperialism"
"The vaccine producing companies belong to the largest interlocking corporations controlled directly or indirectly by a few highly secretive business and power elite who effectively rule the world and impose imperialist policies"

It would be of utter naivety thinking that companies, who thrive in a surrounding of survival of the fittest and not survival of the most moral, would be out there for your well being.
It is more likely that they are all out there for profit
4 trillion profit
Why would those in control of the means of production use these means of production to inform you how to get a better life and a larger share of the production?!
O yes, they would signal they care, but that merely ensures that they get more profit, not that you factually get a bigger share.

Stop being poor
Virtue signalling galore!

To give you an idea, the European Union made a 800-billion-euro corona-relief package

Arno Wellens: De afbraak van het sociale contract & QR pas wordt EU paspoort | GoudKoorts Gasten #19

Of this 800 billion covid-19 fighting fund, zero euros go to healthcare. No extra doctors. No extra nurses. No extra hospitals. 200 billion go to digitization of society (Qr code containing everything: bank account, health status, properties like houses and cars, fiscal status, and probably social behavior status and carbon credits). Already planned before the crisis. Also interestingly, 5 billion euros go to Italy for educating Italians about gender equality.
Seems the EU is abusing a crises to implement their agenda of pan-global communism. They do not even care about the fact that giving agricultural terrains back to nature will cause a whopping 26 million Europeans to become hungry.

Notice that even absurd things that conspiracy thinkers claimed, such as implanted chips for control, are becoming reality:
Swedish startup develops 'rice-sized'
                          implants to store vaccine passport under skin "Swedish startup develops 'rice-sized' implants to store vaccine passport under skin"
A lot of conspiracy thinkers in the world now say "I told you so!"

Science & Technology

"Jaw dropping images form the solar probe":

"A Timelapse Shot from Within the Sun" (PetaPixel)

And more technology. Here is a nice amateur camera:

"Zooming in on JUPITER and SATURN in daylight! Nikon P1000. Planets visible during the day!" (Mr SuperMole)

Sport & Arts

Rafael Nadal showed himself to be teh second-best tennis player in his performance at the Australian Open.

(Political) cartoon:

Assange Blair