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2021 / December / 17
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  International News

The world is held by marketing campaigns. This could have been this edition's political cartoon but serves as the opening statement:


Do you still remember when Al Gore came with his prophecies of an ice-free North Pole? Let me remind you, he did that in 2007, but most famously done at teh Copenhagen climate summit, here is teh video:

"Al Gore Warns Polar Ice May Be Gone in Five Years" (

Well, now we are well beyond the predicted ice-free year, so we can take a look and compare the prophetic prophecies with reality:

Al Gore's
                    failed prediction
Al Gore's prediction failed miserably!

This, of course, will be filtered out by the 'fact checking' engines at social media. Yet, the fact checking algorithm, according to the words of Facebook itself is merely left-wing opinion:

                      admits the truth: ‘Fact checks’ are really just
                      (lefty) opinion
"Facebook admits the truth: ‘Fact checks’ are really just (lefty) opinion" (New York Post)

Also libertarian news channel host Tucker Carlson finely summarizes teh problem in modern society. One more of Tucker's classic rants:

Even the Vatican joins in the fight against international fascism. It is no longer a conspiracy thinking of the few crack-put t(h)in-foil hatters. It has reached the Vatican. Here Archbishop Viganò talking:

"Physicians must join the anti-globalist alliance"


All the Covid19 measures have failed miserably. They did not prevent outbreaks or cases or deaths. They only caused widespread misery, abject poverty by wrecking the economy and people's livelihood. Now the Biden administration admits it.
Biden admits
"Biden administration fears a Omicron explosion is IMMINENT" (Newsmond Blog)

It now all turns out to be a 'plandemic'. Normally an epidemic lasts one year, (for instance the famous Spanish Flu
Spanish flu "How Long Did the Flu Pandemic of 1918 Last?"). With teh help of the WHO, it will take longer. They (who? WHO!) warned (planned?) for it to take five years,
5-year pandemic "WHO warns it could take up to 5 years before the coronavirus pandemic is under control"
Earlier [i.e. before the declaration of a pandemic] an agreement was signed by US government with vaccine makers. Yes, you read that right, this proves a plandemic!
                        agreement before covid19 pandemic "NIH-Moderna Confidential Agreements"

The picture by connecting the dots becomes very clear. Take also teh very very dubious role of Anthony Fauci. He has been for decades part of what is called The Swamp, or the Hidden Government. Those non-elected bureaucrats (apparatchiks) that rule over us and for whom it does not matter who is officially in power. With complete impunity they treat us like cattle:

Anthony Fauci cabal

A video on this subject by of teh editor of EN will be given in teh scientific part of this edition.


Senator Ron Johnson gives a very impressive speech in which he exposes Anthony Fauci as a dangerous fraud:

Ron Johnson ends Fauci's entire
                          career with an epic speech

Erik Boomsma makes an analysis of teh Covid-19 vaccination side effects. In his estimation about half a million people died in Europe because of teh various vaccines
Boomsma Covid19
                              vaccine deaths
"Erik Boomsma: Steeds meer slachtoffers" (Dutch; Ever more casualties).

They also constantly repeat we "have to listen to science". OK, fair enough, let's listen to Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA vaccine technology. Let's hear him. Here he says that the omicron variant does not seem to be a natural mutation. Interesting. When asked why he is doing this [protesting against the regime]. "I find this deeply offensive". "It is about the integrity of the whole society":

"EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Robert Malone, Inventor Of The mRNA Vaccine On Scientific and Government Lies" (Dana Loesch)

Meanwhile, vaccine manufacturers admit their vaccine is not safe. They refuse to vaccinate refugees, because they are not covered by the liability waiver signed by government:

                                  makers refuse to vaccinate refugees
"Refugees lack COVID shots because drugmakers fear lawsuits, documents show" (Reuters)

Science & Technology

As we all know, Cosmology seems to be in a dead end, with ever more ad-hoc parameters (fudge factors) added to make the observations inline with the theory. From black matter to black energy, from black holes to "fluffy balls of darkinos". Yet, there are alternative explanations. The electric universe seems a very interesting train of thought. Take a look how it addresses the curious phenomenon of 'lightbulb' emission at the centers of galaxies:

"Does Gravity Make Light Bulbs Glow? | Space News" (ThunderboltsProject)

More down-to-Earth (literally), the discovery of cave paintings deep in the Amazon rain forest:

Amazon cave paintings

The editor of EN made a video about the analysis of teh degradation of teh Human Rights in the world. They are degraded to be able to address the climate doom hanging over us. However, as shown, there is no climate doom hanging over us and thus no need to take away the rights of people:

"Human rights, the economy, the environment and the Covid-19 governmental actions" (Peter Stallinga)

Sport & Arts

Max Verstappen crowned world champion Formula 1 in an epic last race of the season. The last overtaking maneuver in teh last lap goes into the history books of one of the most momentous moments of teh sport. In case you missed it, here is an 8-minute video:

"Race Highlights | 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix" (Formula 1)

(Political) cartoon: