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2021 / September / 30
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  International News

During the presidential elections that resulted in installing Joe Biden at the White House, there was news that his son, Hunter Biden, was involved in corruption in Ukraine and other places, that also involved his father. Mainstream media decided to ignore the story. Social media blocked teh circulation of information about it. By doing this, they sabotaged a fair election, by withholding people very important information. Mainstream media, and social alike, controlled the narrative that resulted in teh election of a fraudulent president, claiming at the time there was no truth in the Hunter-Biden story. That while propagating teh Trump Russian collusion story that has proven no connection with reality whatsoever. We may thus even go so far as concluding that the elections were rigged and Trump the legitimate President of teh United States.

Now it is acknowledged that the computer with the damning e-mails of Hunter Biden is indeed fully true and the corruption of teh Biden family exposed:

Hunter Biden's Laptop Authenticated Despite Media Cover-Up (The Jimmy Dore Show)


We now have had about two years of centrally planned economy. And it already shows the same signs as we remember from Soviet times. Things start failing. Like having millions of pairs of shoes, but no shoelaces. In 2021 it started with a lack of semiconductors. But now the entire system start cracking. Even simple things as container transport:

Dude, where is my stuff
Dude, Where's My Stuff (J.P.Morgan)


Mattias Desmet explains how it can be that still so many people buy into the CoFlu19 narrative, even while it has been clearly debunked:


Desmet: It (mass formation) can happen if these four conditions are met (8m30s)
  • people have no social connections
  • people have no meaning in life
  • people have free-floating anxiety (not connected to identifiable reality)
  • free floating frustration and aggression
Desmet: If under these conditions a narrative is distributed indicating an object of anxiety, with at the same time providing a strategy to deal with it, then there might be huge willingness in society to participate in this narrative. People will fall for it, even if it is absurd and blatantly wrong. It is a ritual

Of course, also many of us 'skeptics' might be falling to this trap, following a narrative that all threats in society are part of a conspiracy. All of us: keep focused! Look out for things that prove your easy-explanation narrative wrong. Always assume you are wrong.

In the meantime, as Desmet explains, people start having a tunnel vision. They can only see the victims of teh virus. No other victims count. Not the deaths caused by delayed medical care of other health problems, nor the casualties of the vaccine. These are ignored. In Portugal the vaccination task force leader is a military kingpin,
Gouveia e Melo, and he resigned, "mission accomplished" with 83.7% of the population vaccinated. Whatever way you look at it, he is the Portuguese person that has killed most innocent citizens, ever!
Estimates are difficult to make because it has been considered immoral by the tunnel-visioned system to report side effects in an effort to fight the pandemic and reduce "vaccination hesitance", but a rough (personal) estimate is that about 5 thousand Portuguese died because of his injections, give or take a factor 2. Maybe in the [distant] future the true numbers will be known. These victims, moreover, are in all age cohorts also young people with a full life ahead of them, that were thus sacrificed to save some weeks of living of old people.
Future history writers will make minced meat of people like Gouveia e Melo. Let me finish by this observation: Another newspaper mentioned that CoFlu19 has caused mental problems in 20%-50% of the population. My own estimate of these mental problems is at 83.7% of the population. After all, a mental illness is if your mental state is a risk for your health. When you are in a mental state that makes you inject a dubious, untested, possibly harmful substance into your body, then we can call it a mental problem!


Do you also often get a warning when you post things on Facebook that your information you share about vaccines is wrong? For instance the Video of Project Veritas that doctors are not reporting the terrible side effects of The Vaccine

PART 1: Federal Govt HHS Whistleblower Goes Public With Secret Recordings "Vaccine is Full of Sh*t" (Project Veritas)

The same thing said by Minnesota nurses:
Minnesota nurses Covid19

Well, Facebook is blocking the circulation of these messages. Why? Are we not allowed to hear what doctors in teh field say? Is that "dangerous". For whom? As a fact, the fact checkers of Facebook when it comes to posts about vaccines are ... Johnson & Johnson, famous for the makers of a CoFlu19 vaccine.

Can We REALLY Trust Vaccine Fact-Checkers??! (Russell Brand)

That puts, how shall I say it ... erm .. put some serious doubt about the independence of the fact checkers. It is what is called in Dutch "de slager keurt zijn eigen vlees" (the butcher certifies his own meat).


Anyway, with now most countries heavily vaccinated, it was expected we would be out of teh CoFlu19 woods. But are we? It doesn't seem to be. An example is Israel. One of the countries with highest vaccination degree has the highest number of cases so far. As The Times of Israel writes


"Health Ministry chief says coronavirus spread reaching record heights"


What scientists had said already a long time ago (see earlier news items on EN), the fact that the CoFlu19 virus is not more deadly than other flu viruses, and CoFlu19 can thus be classified a flu. "It walks like a duck, it talks like a duck, so it is a duck". Now Norwegian government has said it can be compared to the flu. Bravo Norway. Thank you admitting we scientists were always right from teh start:

Norway reclassifies Covid-19: No more
                            dangerous than ordinary flu
Norway reclassifies Covid-19: No more dangerous than ordinary flu (Free West Media)


Another thing we have exposed several times is that governments are engaging in indoctrination to change people's behavior to better be able to fight the CoFlu19 pandemic. Anotehr example of this is how teh American Medical Association wrote a guide for their members how to engage the media. What words to use and what techniques, in order to steer the narrative. Classical indoctrination guide:

Science & Technology

A little publicity about our own scientific work. In research we have found that teh stalling of the economy to fight the CoFlu19 pandemic had no effect whatsoever on teh dynamics of teh atmosphere. Yes, you read right. Economy shrank. Energy spending dropped. Carbon emissions plummeted. Yet, the atmosphere went on business as usual

Covid19 economy no effect on atmosphere

The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and governmental countermeasures are described in this work by putting it in the framework of the Energy Theory of Value. It is found that the downturn in economy is not accompanied by an equal downturn in energy consumption nor of carbon emissions. Moreover, not even the empirical fifth-power law linking the former two is any longer sustained, more so proving the state of virtualization of our economy (disconnecting it from a physical reality). It is also found that the reduction of carbon emissions had no impact on the dynamics of carbon in the atmosphere, which goes on business as usual. All these results undermine the planned policies of the world agenda.

Sport & Arts

Well, some fun. Canadian Justin Trudeau trying to virtue signal as hard as he can, something about LBT ... BT  ... BLG ...
take it away Justin ...

Justin Trudeau Struggles To Say "LGBT"

(Political) cartoon:

Fractional Reserve Banking