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2021 / September / 14
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  International News

This weekend was the commemoration of 9/11. TWENTY years passed, and still no investigation was performed as to what really happened. (Apart from the fake investigations of NIST). I mean, how ridiculous do you want it that they proposed Henry Kissinger, of all people, to lead the .. erm.. 'investigation' team. Kissinger, involved in about all regime changes caused by the US in the last fifty years and who has the nickname 'King Cover-up' in Washington. That for his ability to bury the truth miles deep.
Even the most loyal regime collaborator must admit the entire official 9/11 story stinks. An example is that Bin Laden was a freedom fighter, an agent of the CIA, organizing the Mujaheddin in Afghanistan. A (successful) attempt to draw the Soviet Union into a war that cannot be won and thus causing a collapse of the Soviet Union. It worked. However -- karma -- then the terrorists the United States trained turned on the trainers. No journalists wants to mention this obvious fact, because journalism no longer exists (in mainstream media). But hey, the truth is out there, easy to find even for an amateur like me. A little digging and you get this newspaper from 1995 where Bin Laden was the favorite terrorist of the United States (see image). So, at the end, what was he? Was he a terrorist, or a freedom fighter?
Bin Laden, freedom fighter
By the way, now that I have your attention. Mr. Bin Laden, was undergoing dialysis in Dubai for his failing kidneys at the time of 9/11. Soon after he died and the US was still a decade 'searching' for him. His (created) character came in handy to justify wars in the Middle East. The fact that all hijackers came from Saudi Arabia (including the Bin Laden family) and that Saudi Arabia was the only country that was _not_ attacked in the Middle East, well, let's just ignore that. The sheople lap up the crappy narrative by the spoonfuls anyway. Good luck with the next twenty years of obedient ignorance. "Ignorance is strength. Freedom is slavery. War is peace!" (G. Orwell).

For the DUtch speaking readers: Surely you will like episode #386 of the Jensen Show:

Jensen Show
"9/11 Misleiding" (Jensen). Click on image and search for episode #386

Not a word said wrong. From beginning to end.


Israel prepares for the 4th dose of a CoFlu19 vaccine:

Israel 4th dose Covid19
"Israel's coronavirus czar is calling for preparations for a 4th vaccine dose" (Insider)

After the false narrative of "2 weeks confinement to flatten the curve" and "lockdowns to stop spreading the virus" and "lockdowns until the herd is vaccinated", which are all based on false logics, as discussed here, it is now obvious that the regime is not interested in our health. They are interested in a combination of profit for the pharmaceutical industrial complex, and full-spectrum dominance control over the people.
Let's face it. Would you have accepted a vaccine if they had told you (as we did) that vaccination is not a one-stop solution, but rather a periodic event? We think not. Yet, you are now addicted to vaccination, just like a heroin junkie is addicted and anxiously waiting for the next jab.


The editor of EN has recently submitted a manuscript to a scientific journal. It was rejected, because the referee claimed the CoFlu19 tests were foolproof. Well, maybe the referee should take a look at this interesting news item:
children faking
                                              Covid19 tests to skip
"How children are spoofing Covid-19 tests with soft drinks" (BBC)


Mathematicians always like to use the same chess-board-grain-duplication-tale to explain power series.
"the Emperor asked the man what he would like to receive for this fantastic new game. As the story goes the inventor chose for a grain of rice to be placed on the first square of the board and that amount doubled for the second and in turn that quantity multiplied by two on the third square until all sixty-four squares were paid out in full.
This tale, be it factual or not, is often used by mathematicians to explain the concept of exponential growth. It is difficult to fathom that by using this simple formula the accumulative amount is 18,446,744,073,709,551,615 grains of rice, and that in only 64 steps."
rice power series
Very nice. Then these exact same mathematicians, so it seems, do not understand the concept of PCR testing, which at its core is the same thing. We start with a viral load of a single sporadic CoFlu19 molecul(ar fragment). Then we start duplicating it, over and over and over again. By cycle 20 we have 1 million CoFlu19 parts. By cycle 40 we have one trillion parts. By cycle 300 we have 2x10^90 parts, and not enough atoms in the universe to make them.
That is why PCR should not be done beyond, basically, 25 cycles. With the current 40 cycles used, even a minute sporadic fragment of CoFlu19, not even related to illness, will cause a positive 'test'.
At least mathematicians should understand that.


As if this is not enough. Belgium flu-advisor Van Ranst gives a lecture in England's Chatham House on how to best use propaganda in a pandemic (experience from 2009 Mexican flu), just before the CoFlu19 pandemic. Seriously, guys, they are not even hiding it. It is no conspiracy or anything like that. The entire society has gotten rotten, Marxist style. They all think they work on making the world a better place, while thinking that they themselves have never been susceptible to indoctrination they do (and demand) themselves:

"Communication and public engagement MARC VAN RANST" (Digital Gulag)

Note: Chatham House is the neo-marxist think thank in England, the equivalent of the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) in the US. All part of a ring of globalist fire of political elitists, self-appointed stewards of the planet and shepherds of the humans on it.
Note how van Ranst falsely attacks people of the opposition, that told him from the beginning it was nonsense what he did. "Afterwards it was easy saying it was nonsense" [so he admitted it was nonsense], but it was afterwards that people started LISTENING, not that afterwards opposition started talking, duh! (ex. Wodarg).
Note also the guy sitting in the audience with the booklet "How to join forces in ...". As in "joining forces", i.e., fascism, which is nearly a synonym of marxism.
Once you understand what is going on, you see things clearly. And once you see it, you see it everywhere.


On the other side of teh Atlantic, cancel culture (word of teh year 2020 by stallinga dot org) takes such severe forms that the professor of Ethics, Julie Ponesse, was fired from Huron College, Western University in Ontario Canada, when she concluded that the CoFlu19 vaccination policies of teh university were ... unethical. So, the professor was hired for being an expert in ethics and then when the taught ethics were not according to the ethics of the (non-ethics-expert) university, the university fired her.

Julie Ponesse
"Ethics professor threatened with dismissal for refusing vaccine"(ClausR2020)

Some professors quit themselves. The culture at the universities becomes ever more monolithic cultural-marxist of intolerance.

Collapse of academy
"My University Sacrificed Ideas for Ideology. So Today I Quit." (Peter Boghossian)

Science & Technology

There is also good news on the scientific front. The Anthropogenic Global Warming theories have been debunked (once again).

"Big Trouble in the Tropical Troposphere" (CDN)

This can then undermine the regime's attempt to implement communism through The Great Reset. If the scientific premise can be proven false, the political agenda collapses.

Sport & Arts

Louis van Gaal, not even a month at the helm of the national Dutch football team, already marks his presence:
Louis van Gaal
"‘Helemáál niet Valentijn! Je hebt er helemaal geen verstand van’" ('Not at all, Valentijn. You know jack-sh*t of it') (Voetbalzone)
With such a coach, the Netherlands will be a strong contender for the World Championship in 2022.

(Political) cartoon:

                            regime change of agenda

How 2022 will be