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2021 / August / 09
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For anyone that still doubts the (corporate)fascist (pseudo)communist takeover, here is some shocking news. Google requires its employees to be vaccinated or lose their job.
corporate fascist
                      vaccination "Google's Employee Vaccine Mandate Could Influence Other Companies to Do the Same" (Time)
1) So much for teh Human Right of governing your own body.
2) So much for the elected officials to being the lawmakers and the police defending these laws. The fact is that the corporations are in control
This system is called corporate fascism. And that can no longer be denied.


The CoFlu19 pandemic, the Climate Change narrative, The Great Reset, they all come from the same fear mongering factory of globalists that want to turn the planet into their Reservat, with human live stock that has to be managed. One could actually (in a way) argue for it. If you can manage the planet and there is a motive for managing the planet (to not let it out of control), you must manage the planet as if it were yours. Still, let it be clear, it is highly immoral, since it would divide the world into Übermenschen and Untermenschen, with the former ruling over the latter. That while we have made it our idea that we are all equal under the skies.
Well, here is a group of intelligentsia that sees the things. Do you see it too?

Population Reduction via Climate Change and SARS2 Virus - The Great Reset

Yes, the climate change subject was temporarily placed on hold, but now that the CoFlu19 scare is nearly over, expect the climate scare to come back in full swing. You can understand how absurd the narrative is, and the suggested solutions when you realize that in Europe all coal centrals are closed -- too energy starve the population? -- while the rest of the world is rapidly building new ones. Click on the image below to see an interactive map of coal centrals in the world:

New Coal
Mapped: The world’s coal power plants (CarbonBrief)


Don't forget, Julian Assange is still in prison. Now he is joined by Craig Murray. Who is he, I hear you say. Well, let me integrally post the text of Sonja van den Ende:
Craig Murray, a former ambassador to Uzbekistan,  who has no prior convictions, will have to hand himself over to the Scottish police on Sunday morning. He becomes the first person ever to be imprisoned on the obscure and vaguely defined charge of “jigsaw identification”. Murray is also the first person to be jailed in Britain for contempt of court in half a century – a period when such different legal and moral values prevailed that the British establishment had only just ended the prosecution of “homosexuals” and the jailing of women for having abortions. Murray’s jailing has nothing to do with the fact that he embarrassed the British state in the early 2000s by becoming that rarest of things: a whistleblowing diplomat. He exposed the British government’s collusion, along with the US, in Uzbekistan’s torture regime. Murray’s jailing has  to do with the fact that the contempt proceedings against him allowed the Scottish court to deprive him of his passport so that he could not travel to Spain and testify in a related Assange case that is severely embarrassing Britain and the US. The Spanish hearing has been presented with reams of evidence that the US illegally spied on Assange inside the Ecuadorean embassy in London, where he sought political asylum to avoid extradition. Murray was due to testify that his own confidential conversations with Assange were filmed, as were Assange’s privileged meetings with his own lawyers. Such spying should have seen the case against Assange thrown out, had the judge in London actually been applying the law.
craig murray


And still covid19 is absent from society. At least the countries joined in teh Euromomo healthcare monitoring system

corona is

As you can see in the graph, there is no excess mortality since the end of February in these countries. And by looking at the month we can identify the cause of excess death. Green is corona, red is rhino and blue is influenza. As can be seen, corona is gone since May of last year. Why do we still have all the anti CoFlu19 measures? Well, dear readers, you should be well enough informed to understand what is going on here!


In the Netherlands, a FOIA request (locally called a WOB verzoek) revealed that the government had asked its own experts what the result would be of the proposed anti-CoFlu19 measures. The experts said that it would save 100 thousand qalys (1 qaly is 1 full healthy year of life) by preventing CoFlu19 infections, but that that was offset by 620 thousand qalys caused by collateral damage. The government went ahead with the measures anyway, and we can thus safely conclude that the responsible politicians are psychopaths, without any empathy for the people they govern.

“Overheid offert 520.000 levensjaren!” blijkt uit WOB verzoek EZK van oud CBS directeur... (BLCKBX)("State offers 520,000 life years" as shown by FOIA request of ex director ...)


Our own comment, from the Ossónoba Philosophical Society is this Letter to the Editor of Algarve Resident (July 29, 2021):

We have read with interest your article with the front-page headline “Lunatics in Government” (Algarve Resident edition, July 15). We have been analysing the causes and statistics of false-positive testing results. We find the number of deaths from covid-19 in Portugal to be even lower than the 80 per-month figure in your article. That is probably an overestimate due to false-positive tests on patients who would have died anyhow of other underlying health issues.

Moreover, the old-fashioned English word “lunatic” is too kind: it implies mental illness that would deserve all our sympathy. The politicians and their scientific advisors, who are milking this pandemic, are not worthy of the medical diagnostic label “lunatics”; and deserve no such mitigation.

“Where ignorance is bliss, ‘tis folly to be wise” is well-known English adage that rings true in the present context. Politicians who govern us dread ignorance: they yearn power and control. They pay so-called “scientific advisors” to supply information. These charlatans will say whatever politicians want to hear to justify their salaried existence and its continuation. Advisors to government politicians, who cannot co-exist with ignorance, are not bone fide scientists, they are “pseudoscientists” *[see footnote].

Whereas no covid infection statistics (before testing) was ‘bliss’, PCR-testing is ‘folly’, giving rise to bullshit beyond belief *[see footnote]. Misleading test results for coronavirus tell us nothing, yet they are used by government pseudoscientists to justify the restriction of our civil liberties.

According to WHO-‘scientific advisors’, other respiratory viruses disappeared during Covid-19 pandemic because public health measures, helpless against coronavirus, beat all other respiratory viruses. This official explanation is yet more bullshit!

Respiratory viruses, covid-19 and variants included, are transmitted by airborne droplets as they must be hydrated to survive; hence, masks! If surgical masks had stopped flu by stopping all micro-droplets, then they must have also stopped coronavirus. The only plausible explanation is that all coronavirus tests consistently and falsely identify all respiratory viruses as coronavirus, hugely exaggerating covid-19 official case numbers and covid-death estimates, resulting in current ‘false-alarm’ covid apparent outbreaks.

Incomplete genetic information, hitherto attributed to the coronavirus, is largely pseudoscience. Vaccines are, at best, ineffective, as evidenced by ‘outbreak’ developing since beginning of July 2021, also in UK and also Israel, where almost all adults are fully vaccinated. We should: (i) test patients who test positive for coronavirus for other cold and flu viruses, (ii) check coronavirus tests for false positives on volunteers with other respiratory viruses like common colds.

Meanwhile, we should also (iii) stop routine and compulsory PCR testing, i.e., until precise genetic code of covid-19 and its variants is available; for true tests and effective vaccines. Finally (iv) we must return to normality immediately to stop politically-induced covid-19 fallout fatalities, not least our dying Algarve economy!

Igor Khmelinskii, Peter Stallinga
and Leslie Woodcock
Faculty of Science and Technologies, University of Algarve, Faro, Portugal

P.S. Have Resident readers heard about the skydiver who forgot to open his parachute? He died from the coronavirus!

* Pseudoscience consists of statements, beliefs, or practices that claim to be both scientific and factual but are incompatible with the scientific method. Colloquially, pseudoscience = “bullshit”.
** V. Moberger (2020: “Bullshit, Pseudo-science and Pseudo-philosophy”, Theoria, 86(5): 595–611) Bullshit is formally defined in philosophy to describe a type of falsehood whence the liar knows the truth but chooses not to tell it, whereas a person who utters bullshit is not interested in whether what they say is true or false, only in its suitability for purpose.

Disclaimer: This letter expresses the personal opinions of its authors, and not of the University.


Or read the comment of neurologist Jan B Hommel (Dutch), "De neue Untermensch" (The new sub-human):
De Neu
De Neu Untermensch - Jan B Hommel

Or read the comment of OCLA (click image):

A Letter to the
A Letter to the Unvaccinated (OCLA)

Indeed. It is all about the human rights. We will not enter (here) in the discussion about whether the medical treatment works or not. Not even if you can call it a vaccine or not. It is about who is responsible for your body. Who owns your body? Is it you, or are you merely an asset in society, a unit of the herd that has to be managed by them.
Make your choice. The battle is here and now.

It is so friggin obvious, even a random person in the street gets it and can make accurate predictions:

"Chris Sky, one year ago - predicting exactly what was going to happen, which is happening now" (Real America's Voice News)

But also some mainstream media start seeing it. Here is the German magazine Bild that issues an apology on Covid Deception:

                              German Newspaper Issue Apology on Covid


Top lawyer Reiner Fuellmilch further exposing teh scam. What a world we live in, when lawyers are saviors of mankind ;-)

REINER FUELLMICH full speech - Trafalgar Square, London 24/07/21

It gets even worse. In an interview with a witness, Fuellmilch discusses here with Dr. David Martin how all aspects of CoFlu19 -- the virus, the detection method, and the vaccine -- were already patented before 2019! 73 patents in all. Moreover, Merck coined the idea of "the new normal" already in 2004. Daszak advised that we must create a panic, then investors will follow. Are you seeing the light, already? This video is really shocking:

July 11, 2021 (Figure it out yourself)


In the meantime, the vaccine seems to have no effect on the outbreak of pandemics of CoFlu19. People were obediently locking themselves up -- to flatten the curve -- it did not work. Then they all got a vaccine -- to get our lives back -- which now also does not seem to work. Maybe nothing works because we are fighting windmills, Don Quixote style?
Fauci was caught lying in court. He should face trial and a long prison jail time. Alas, we suspect his criminally lying in court will be ignored.

Fauci Accused Of Lying To Congress About Virus Research (The Jimmy Dore Show)

Let's hope things will not be as bad as Brother Bugnolo predicts. EN is actually more optimistic:

Brother Bugnolo

Science & Technology

GA nice summary of sizes of black holes. Indeed, halfway an interesting, pertinent, question is asked: how can it be that some sizes are missing?

The Largest Black Hole in the Universe - Size Comparison (Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell)

These black holes, from where not even light can escape, now have some from where light can escape. It gets weirder all the time:

black holes
                  emiting light
Scientists see light from the other side of a black hole for the first ever time (Independent)

Sport & Arts

A beiard playing the tower bells together with an electric guitarist performing the song Ace of Spades of Motörhead. Probably the weirdest thing you ever heard:

Ace of Spades - Torenfestival Weert (Motörhead Official)

Louis van Gaal will be the next coach of teh Dutch national football team and The Netherlands will thus be champion in 2024!

Louis van Gaal
Louis van Gaal named as Netherlands manager for third time (The Guardian)

(Political) cartoon:

Our fight against

Our fight against plastic