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2021 / January / 25
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So, the regime finally got rid of Trump. And they are so afraid of him that they even are going to impeach him while he is already out of office, just to make sure he can never come back again. Now the reason for impeachment are silly. He allegedly incited people to violence. First of all he did not do that other than "ha, you see, people can interpret that as a call to violence, so it should be considered as inciting violence". Nice. Well, we all remember how the regime called everybody to violence in teh Black Lives Matter riots.

Anyway, Biden was impeached on the first day in office.
Biden impeached "Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene files articles of impeachment against Biden"
Two can play this game!

And Biden did not waste time to reinstall the regime. On the first day in office, he signed 17 declarations. They included going back to the climate swindle of teh Paris Agreement but he also ramped up the violence of war in the world. (Trump had warred very little, not even starting a single new war).

BIDEN Ramps Up Troops Into SYRIA On First Day As President -  The Jimmy Dore Show

In the meantime, President Trump's farewell speech was peaceful, but yet showing he does not give up the fight.


Never mind. They will censor him. And not only him. In fact, everybody that has the nerve to think along the lines of Trump. This according to CEO Dorsey of Twitter himself:
Twitter censorship increased "Project Veritas Strikes Again, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Says This Is Just The Beginning" (Lifezette).
We are in the middle of 'woke purge' a Kremlin style cleaning up of politics and society.

Unaccountable Silicon Valley billionaires ‘switched President Donald Trump off’ - Sky News Australia

Is this really what those 'woke' people want? To EN it looks these people are fully dormant.

Everybody in the world has to Build Back Better. From the US to Canada to Bill Gates, to Clinton, Boris Johnson. Nobody escapes. They all say the exact same words of building back better. It shows there is a agenda behind all this:

Build Back Better Video Goes VIRAL! / Hugo Talks #lockdown


The annual Fake News Awards have been attributed by James Corbett:

The 4th Annual Fake News Awards! - Corbett Report


And finally, we would like to show how you can think differently about things. Here is a libertarian think tank trying to explain what is going on in the world.

How To Think About Humanity In A Time Of Crisis - The LaRouche Organization


In his special style, Tony Heller points out that the CoFlu19 virus has already peaked before the inauguration of Biden. A full ten weeks ago. That means that the plan of attributing the disappearance of teh virus to Mr. Biden does not make sens, although that is the plan, to show how the reinstalled regime finally managed to get the virus under control.

The Clown Show Begins - Tony Heller

From the scientific front we hear that, after all vitamin-D is doing very well in the fight against the virus. What critics of the regime had already said before, now proven by top science in Nature:
vitamin-D against covid19 "Autumn COVID-19 surge dates in Europe correlated to latitudes, not to temperature-humidity, pointing to vitamin D as contributing factor" (Nature)

Also listen to the above video of Corbett Report (Fake News Awards), after 18m22s about how the inventor of the PCR technique Kary Mullis, says they do not work for testing!
Kary Mullis: PCR tests do not work "The 4th Annual Fake News Awards!" (Corbett Report).

Yet, people do start protesting against the regime and its CoFlu19 measures. People start waking up to the truth that they have been lied to:
Covid protests in The Netherlands
""We haven't seen so much violence in 40 years," union board member Koen Simmers said on television program Nieuwsuur." Of course they call protests against the regime "riots". Because opposition to the Utopian agenda can only be called stupid vandalism.
Read more here:
Covid protests in The Netherlands "Dutch PM condemns COVID-19 lockdown riots as 'criminal violence'"

Science & Technology

The expansion of teh universe and the occurrence of Big bang (as a result of simply extrapolating back in time) is based on the cosmic background radiation temperature done by Penzias and Wilson. This is all classic textbook material. The temperature was determined to be 3.5 K with 2.7 K coming from the Big Bang. However, what if the temperature was not measured correctly but simply an artifact of the way it was measured? It would undermine modern cosmology. It would undermine Big bang theory. One could say it undermines our entire existence. Here Mr. Robitaille in one of his entertaining Sky Scholar videos saying that the telescope of Herouni actually measured the temperature to be ... zero kelvin. There is no background radiation and thus there was no Big Bang.

The Herouni Antenna - The Death of the Big Bang!

Sport & Arts

Nothing to mention.

(Political) cartoon:

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