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2021 / January / 09
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Earthling News wishes everybody a happy (government free) 2021!

  International News

Donald Trump finally throwing the towel in the ring. He tried everything to get the fraud exposed, but he did not manage. The Swamp is too big. Too many people have their job and career depending on the continuation of teh syndicate. Jet, this is not the end of Trump, nor of trumpism.
In spite of what the (regular) news is telling you, trumpism has many supporters, even in the heart of Washington. Here Senator Ted Cruz that stands up and calls the fraud. He actually gets a standing ovation:


In the meantime, a friendly protest was going on outside the Capitol. People realized this is the last opportunity to stave off fascism and go back to "Building [the swamp] back better". Agent provocateurs then turned it into some violence, that made it to all the headlines in the world. Showing how "terrible that lunatic in the White House is, even inciting violence". Well, nothing could be further of the truth. Trump, seeing how no further legal actions for him to remain, promised to hand over power peacefully.

We, from EN, would like to thank President Trump for his effort to help us get rid of the regime. Don't worry, they may have won a battle, they did not win the war! Trump will be back in 2024. If not, at least trumpism is here to stay! You can eliminate a person (Kennedy-style), but you cannot eliminate an ideology.

Even if they are going to try. Censoring people, including the President of the United States:
censoring the President of the United
                        States "Social Media Giants Block Trump Video" (MSN)

It seems they are really doing a power grab. No more beating around the bush. Consent Factory Inc. actually called this Year Zero of the new times:
"2020 was GloboCap Year Zero. The year when the global capitalist ruling classes did away with the illusion of democracy and reminded everyone who is actually in charge, and exactly what happens when anyone challenges them."
Year Zero "Year Zero" (
Consent Factory Inc.)


Optimistic news this week is in the form of the English court ruling of refusing to extradite Julian Assange, the greatest journalist of modern times. While the United States regime can still appeal, we hope and expect this appeal will result in nothing and Assange will actually be set free soon. The free-media EN wants to give once more warm support for Mr. Assange, for all he has done and all he tried to do (and hopefully all he will still do).
Free Assange!
Assange not extradited "British court rules Julian Assange will not be extradited to the US" (Greek City Times).
However, he is denied bail, since he is likely to flee (which he already did once)
Assange denied bail "WikiLeaks' Assange denied bail by London court over risk he might abscond again" (Reuters).


A severe cold wave hits Europe. In Spain the cold record of lowest temperature ever measured in Spain was broken by a whopping four degrees. The old record was -32 C, the new record -36 C. Our scientific department says it is because of the global cooling trend caused by teh Grand Solar Minimum, combined with the rapid transition from (warm) El Niño to (cold) La Niña.
Spain cold record broken "Historisch kouderecord (-35,8°) gemeten in Spanje: tot 50 cm sneeuw op komst in Madrid" (Dutch. Historic cold record (-35.8 C) measured in Spain: up to 50 cm of snow heading toward Madrid).

Form our human rights section comes this comment:

They are going to vaccinate as a battle for who exactly is the owner of your body and responsible for it. The battle of the century. If they win, we will all be officially slaves. THEY own our body and can do with it as they please. ("If you tolerate this, then your children will be next" - Manic Street Preachers).
And they will not force you directly, but do it cunningly. They say "If you do not vaccinate, you will not be allowed to travel". So, that means you will have to chose between two fundamental human rights. The right to govern over your own body and the right to freely travel. You decide which fundamental human right you want to forfeit. How nice of them! We have freedom. Olé!
Like this all human rights will be taken away. You want freedom of speech? OK, but then you can no longer be employed by the state, which by then is fully in control of the entire economy. And your financial account (the only way to pay for things to keep you alive) will be canceled. So, you chose: you want to be alive or have freedom of speech. You cannot have both!

To those of you who understand Dutch, here is a very good 'forbidden' summary of 2020:

Verboden Jaaroverzicht 2020 from Fiona Zwart on Vimeo.


In The Netherlands there are very few people ill with flu-like diseases (influenza, corona, rhino). This could be considered good news and is probably due to the distancing measures (that delay infection, though not prevent them). See the red line of the rate (per 100k people) of people having flu-like symptoms in this flu season (that started in week 40 of 2020):
RIVM flulike in NL
(source: https://www.rivm.nl/griep-griepprik/feiten-en-cijfers visited 8 Jan 2021).
The good news is immediately also the bad news. EN expects a huge surge in ill people when the inevitable epidemic starts. With the people in full fear of CoFlu19, the hospitals will get jam-packed with cases. This season is going to be epic!

In the meantime, the Dutch government, having admitted that the measures do not work, said that because of that the measures will be continued. We from EN have no idea what is going on in the heads of our leaders.


As expected, the vaccinations can also kill, just as the virus can. In Portugal, a 41-year-old nurse died two days after having been vaccinated.
vaccination death "Morte de auxiliar do IPO após ser vacinada contra a Covid-19 deixa Saúde em alerta" (Portuguese. Death of IPO worker after being vaccinated against covid-19 leaves Health alert).
She was in the prime of her life, with no health conditions. Dead.
healthy vaccinated dies "Pai destroçado após morte da filha que tinha sido vacinada contra a Covid-19 no Porto procura respostas" (Portuguese. Shattered father after death of daughter that was vaccinated against covid-19 in Porto looking for answers).

The problem is that this vaccine is based on a completely new technology (see Science & Technology below). A huge experiment is performed on the entire population of our planet. It can possibly go well, but it might also possibly go terribly wrong, with mass deaths in coming years. Instead of injecting a deactivated virus, actually only part of DNA is injected into the body. It might thus change our own DNA and cause a sever auto-immune syndrome. Nobody can guarantee it wont happen. (No pharmaceutical company or government is willing to make any sort of guarantee).
In earlier Covid vaccination, things went wrong:

covid vaccine

vaccination problem See: "Immunization with SARS Coronavirus Vaccines Leads to Pulmonary Immunopathology on Challenge with the SARS Virus" by Tseng et al (2012) in PLoS ONE 7: doi 10.1371/annotation/2965cfae-b77d-4014-8b7b-236e01a35492.

Science & Technology

Here is a very nice explanation of the technology involved in the CoFlu19 vaccine:
                    engineering the Covid19 vaccine "Reverse Engineering the source code of the BioNTech/Pfizer SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine".

Sport & Arts

Nothing worth to mention in sports, so we only give you a dose of home made music by the house band Six Lemons. A song called Building Back The Swamp, with a 'hidden' message at 3m45s:

(Political) cartoon:

As Freddy Mercury sang, "Let them eat cake, she said, just like Marie-Antoinette" (in Killer Queen).

Let them eat
                    cake, she said, just like Marie-Antoinette