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2020 / December / 19
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While some may think the elections in teh United States are already settled, truth is, battles are still going on. Take for example these two videos. The problem is that Dominion Voting Systems, a company that made the election machines, is in fact highly linked to the Chinese government. Where the mere suggestion of Russian collusion cast heavy doubt on the election of Trump in 2016, the proven links with the Chinese Communist Party seems to make no impression on the media.

There are many irregularities in the elections, and still many paths are open for the future. While EN thinks that Biden will indeed be inaugurated, it still remains a possibility that Trump remains in power

The deeper (non mainstream) journalists dig, the more the voting system is exposed as rotten. Here an example video. Interesting that teh Domiion Voting Systems machine was used in Venezuela "to guarantee that the regime is elected forever". Or that the Chinese government paid 400 million dollars to the owner of the software used for the machines. listen for yourself:

"Exclusive: Why Do Hand Count and Machine Tally Always Match? 68% Error Rate Might Hold the Key." (Zooming In).

Not directly related to these elections, but about the corruption of the regime and media in general. This is how it is. I am sure you have no heard about the Swalwell scandal. (Rep. Eric Swalwell in cahoots with the Chinese regime). Take a look here for a good summary:

"Hannity: Mainstream media's corruption exposed" (Fox News)

In the Netherlands, the regime gives political asylum to war criminals.
So, let me get it straight. These political asylums granted are for 'refugees' that escaped the regime ... that they created themselves.
The only thought that springs to mind: The mad people run the asylum!
The mad run the asylum "Veroordeelde oorlogsmisdadigers kunnen mogelijk asiel krijgen" (Condemned war criminals can get political asylum, De Telegraaf)


And we want to finish here today with a classic from international politics. We know that 'conspiracies' exist (groups of people jointly conspiring to change the world to their liking). From Program for a New American Century (PNAC) to The Great Reset of Klaus Schwab of the WEF (earlier shown on this news site). Today is the classic New World Order. Like all 'conspiracies', it is not hidden in any way. It is there in the open. The New World Order is a world government in which political elite rule over the entire world, for the benefit of the entire world. We are cattle that will be managed well by the NWO. Here is George Bush Sr. explaining it:

"George Bush New World Order" (nwokiller)

Yes, it really exists. Well, maybe you agree with it. Or maybe you think it is actually with your approval and those of all the world citizens, and that you have anything to say in it. In that case, I would comment on your naivety.
Note: somebody made a list of Bush NWO speeches:
Bush Sr. NWO "Popular George H. W. Bush & New World Order videos"


With daily Trump bashing going on, it may have come as a surprise to many that The United States was the first Western country to start vaccinations. Mind you, it was also Trump as the first one to admit the danger of the virus. And to start banning international flights. (At the time the Democrats shouting xenophobia). Here the press conference of the White House. This can basically be summed up as "SUCK IT UP, FRUITCAKES!". The rest of the press conference is also worth watching. Kayleigh McEnany lambasting the fake-news media reporters:

""WHERE IS HUNTER?" Kayleigh McEnany BLASTS Media Over Hiding Hunter Biden Stories" (Fox News)

In the meantime, top lawyer Dr. Reiner Fuellmilch is preparing a legal case against the German government for its unconstitutional CoFlu19 measures:

"Fuellmich - Misdaad tegen de menselijkheid" (Crime Against Humanity)

and a comment interview with Fuellmich about the court case:

"Dr Reiner Fuellmich says lockdowns are a crime against humanity" (Jerm Warfare)

He investigated these three questions:
1) How bad is the virus?
2) Do teh PCR tests work?
3) How much damage do the measures do, both healthwise and economywise?
"Germany should have been warned, with their history as a lesson. Do not obey a government that easily". "Germany was targeted specifically by the [stakeholders] because Germans are a disciplined obeying people". Yet, 'do as Germans are doing and you'll be fine' did not work. In fact, Germany is now in the severest lockdown of Europe. German policy has failed.


Last week we presented here the report of Dutch government that has an active plan of indoctrinating Dutch people. (See: Doorontwikkeling verhaallijn en toon). They, the government, have cabinet meetings about how to say things and what to say so that people will change their behavior, which is the definition of indoctrination. Today EN presents the basis of this political tool, namely the Biderman Report: "Communist coercive methods for eliciting individual compliance". As you can see, it has a striking similarity with the CoFlu19 actions:

                    measures have no effect

See here the video of Corbett Report:
The Corbett
                    Report: New World Next Year 2021 "New World Next Year 2021" (The Corbett Report)
The thing is, if you agree with it, because of the importance of the situation, and you think this is the best tool to indoctrinate others (sure, you yourself cannot be indoctrinated, and your desire to indoctrinate others is in no way a result of your own indoctrination, right?), then why not also use this for other subjects? Why not approach the climate problem with indoctrination. Or unemployment, or the economy in general? Seems to me indoctrination is the way to go, comrade!


Now, to make things worse, the entire epidemic/pandemic proves to be non existent! In The Netherlands, the mortality rate is 0.88% (0.88% of the population will die this year), which compares to an average over the last years, well pretty close to 0.88%. Here the Member of Parliament Haga of Forum voor Democratie criticizing the Dutch governmental policies in a debate:

"Kijken! Van Haga sloopt de Coronablunders van dit kabinet" (Dutch)(Forum voor Democratie)

0.88% of NL population

Or in the United States:

2.7 million

More info (Dutch):
0,88% van NL bevolking "
#271: ZE GAAN VOOR DE KILL" (Jensen Show)

And if you think it is because of the measures taken by the government, well, that was scientifically debunked by Larochelambert et al:

Covid19 measures have no

And if you still think that there is something very special going on, here is a news headline from  ... 2018:

Flu 2018 epidemic
"Hospitals Overwhelmed by Flu Patients Are Treating Them in Tents" (Time)

"The CDC has called the 2017-2018 flu an epidemic ... but notes that it technically meets that designation just about every year"

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Polish football player Robert Lewandowski elected to be the best player in the world.
Robert Lewandowski
                        FIFA #1 "Polish star Lewandowski becomes Best FIFA Men’s Player" (YeniSafak)

(Political) cartoon:
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