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2020 / December / 14
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SClassic media trying to project an image that Biden has won the elections unquestionably and only Trump, in his megalomaniac head, thinks that fraud has been committed. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, 17 states (that is, entire states, not just Trump) joined the Texas (not Trump) request for the Supreme Court to overturn Biden's win:
17 states process Biden win "17 states and Trump join Texas request for Supreme Court to overturn Biden wins in four states"
This is not about if Trump actually won the elections or not (From the point of view of EN, Trump did indeed win, but EN also predicts that Biden will be inaugurated). No, this is about showing to you that you are being lied to. It is not Trump that is denying the victory of Biden. It is the Trump movement. And this trumpism represents the majority of the US population. To show how popular Trump is: When Ocasio Cortez shamed a Trumpist company, Goya, and suggested it should be boycotted, the sales of Goya actually skyrocketed (+1,000%) and teh CEO of Goya awarded Ocasio Cortez the title 'employee of teh month':
AOC employee of the month "‘She’s our hero’: Goya CEO says they made AOC ‘employee of the month’ after her boycott call BOOSTED their sales by 1,000%" (Russia Today)

Now that the corruption of teh Biden family no longer matters for the elections, mainstream media decided to inform the public about it. Suddenly the people out there must feel rather disappointed, having voted for one of the most corrupt politicians in modern American history. In this case CNN reports:
Biden corruption "Federal criminal investigation into Hunter Biden focuses on his business dealings in China" (CNN)
Soon Biden will be removed from power (by a health issue) and Harris will take over.


In many states, companies, that are basically writing the laws, then do their best to avoid their own laws. It is a classic example of Tragedy of teh Commons, as explained by Garrett Hardin in 1968:
Tragedy of the Commons "Tragedy of the Commons" (Hardin)
a 'social' society is not possible. There will always be 'freeloaders'. What does this mean?
The problem is that companies, such as Unilever actually flee the controlled markets such as teh European Union. Brexit has not led to an exodus of British companies to the continent. Quite to the contrary, it has led to an exodus of companies to the islands:
Unilever moves to
                                              London "Unilever picks London as its home over Rotterdam" (The Guardian)
The thing is, it is all very nice virtue signalling teh pan-global installation of socialism or communism, but each individual company will chose its best strategy, which is virtue signal the competition into loss and maximize its own profits.
The same phenomenon happens in teh united states. Many companies, including Goldman Sachs in New York, and Hewlett Packard in Silicon Valley (CA) give support to the Shadow Government, while in the meantime moving their headquarters to free-market Republican states such as Florida and Texas, respectively.
Goldman Sachs
                                                      moves to Florida "Goldman Sachs plans move to South Florida" (TheRealDeal)
                                                      Packard moves to
                                                      Texas "Hewlett Packard Enterprise to Move Headquarters to Texas" (U.S. News)


Local Dutch News. A coup against party leader Thierry Baudet of teh Forum voor Democratie was stopped in its tracks by a brilliant move of Baudet to hold a referendum about who will lead the party. In a landslide victory, Baudet won with 80% of the votes. The classic political trick (accuse your opponent of antisemitism) did not work on the charismatic Baudet. Just like Trump, nothing seems to stick on these guys.
                                                          landslide "Baudet wins controversial referendum on FVD party leadership with three quarters of the vote" (Teller Report).
It means Baudet has to reconstruct his party. Make a purge and build back better:

                                                          Building Back


In view of the politics on CoFlu19, the Senate testimony of Dr. Pierre Kory is very relevant. In this testimony he revealed the "miraculous impact" effect of the old drug Ivermectin, "800 medical workers, none got sick. Of the control group 400 people, 237 got sick". "Any further deaths are needless deaths and I cannot be traumatized by that".

"Dr. Pierre Kory Senate Testimony On Early COVID-19 Treatments"

On a funny note, Austrian MP Michael Schnedlitz did a live test with coca cola in Austrian parliament and it tested positive for covid

"Schnelltest im Parlament: Cola positiv auf Corona getestet"

Yet, when a scientist is blowing a whistle on teh CoFlu19 scandal, the Gestapo police are send it to arrest her:

"COVID Whistle Blower RAIDED with Gestapo Tactics!" (Jimmy Dore)

and she was actually on the side of the regime, propagating the CoFlu19 fear meme.

In The Netherlands it has now became public knowledge that there was a program, from day 1 of teh 'pandemic', how to manipulate the people into a panic wave.


In summary: teh Dutch government has regular meetings about how to change people's behavior. Well, if you agree with it or not (if you agree, you are already victim to the technique), this is classic indoctrination:
("Doorontwikkeling verhaallijn en toon")

Beleidsnota Covid19 "Doorontwikkeling verhaallijn en toon. Presentatie voor de informele bijeenkomst op het Catshuis op 1 november 2020."

Of course, the indoctrinated people
1) Agree with indoctrination, of others!
2) Think they are immune to indoctrination themselves.
The fact is that the government has a program to change you. It means that the government is no longer representing you, but you are a type of cattle that has to be managed by them.

Science & Technology

A new type of fusion confirmed in the sun. This is remarkable and innovative. As we have learned in school, the Sun gets its energy from combustion of hydrogen atoms and directly merging (fusion) them into helium atoms. Well, a new reaction path -- cycling through CNO, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen -- has been found for that combustion.

"Detection of a 2nd Type of Nuclear Fusion Inside the Sun" (Anton Petrov)

Who is exposing the fraud of CoFlu19 is bunnie:studios, using a very original computer-virus analogy to explain the statistics behind things, which is worthwhile to read:
On Influenza A (H1N1) "On Influenza A (H1N1)" (bunnie:studios)

Sport & Arts

Earthling News congratulates Max Verstappen with his 10th Formula 1 victory. Max shows that having the best car is not always good enough to win.
Max Verstappen Abu Dhabi F1 victory "Abu Dhabi GP: Max Verstappen Ends Season With Clinical Red Bull Triumph" (NDTV Sports)

(Political) cartoon: