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2020 / December / 05
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Some years ago, mentioning The Great Reset (a plan of the global cabal to reform the global economy) Would make you look like a conspiracy thinker. Just like decades ago mentioning the Bilderberg Group was. Those now even have their own website, and international media herald them a heroic status, that such important people are willing to lend a helping hand with society. The same inversion of the narrative is now also taking place for the Great Reset. Since Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum started mentioning his plan for a global reformation (we have reported on it here at Earthling News), more and more international leaders openly swear allegiance to the plan. Last week Justin Trudeau, prime minister of Canada referred to it, with the message "you will have nothing, but you will be happy". This week, the Swamp's favorite industrial elitist (married to the owner of the Heinz conglomerate) John Kerry, Joe Biden's new collaborator, mentioned it would be a very good plan indeed.

Just to remind you, The Great Reset is a plan to introduce world communism. Or, as The Hill writes, "The plan involves dramatically increasing the power of government through expansive new social programs like the Green New Deal and using vast regulatory schemes and government programs to coerce corporations into supporting left-wing causes."
The Great Reset "John Kerry reveals Biden's devotion to radical 'Great Reset' movement" (The Hill)
That now makes it sort of unavoidable. Trump has done his best to prevent it. The Swamp has been five years making him look like a buffoon. And it worked. Many people have been easily misled by The Swamp and actually voted for a proven criminal cabal member (Joe Biden, viz. his actions in Ukraine and China).

Chinese journalists themselves mentioned how Joe Biden is an instrument of teh Chinese Communist Party. See here the short video of The Epoch Times:

"Senate Report Reconfirms Biden Family Deal with the CCP" (Epoch Times)

The step from CCP to CNN is very small. Project Veritas unveiled how CNN is basically full fake news and no longer in any way a journalism organization. They had and have a personal vendetta against Trump, probably because he is a stay in the way against the above mentioned communist power grab. See here the video of Liberal Hivemind that explains it to you, CNN is busted:

"Basic Fact SHOCKS CNN As They Finally Start Telling The Truth AFTER Election. CNN Is TOAST." (Liberal Hivemind)

Or watch it on Fox News (of course, they are gloating over it, that the competition is exposed as fraud):
Fox News exposes CNN as
                      fraud "Busted! Project Veritas releases first wave of CNN editorial call ... " (Fox News)

That all while the CIA already mentioned another member of teh cabal, Barrack Obama, as an asset to the military industrial complex. The natural charisma of Obama was to be used in Europe to sway European public and politicians to support the ongoing war(s). Watch the video of Jimmy Dore (ex standup comedian and after seeing the light, one of the best political commentators out there; well, maybe it is better to all laugh about it, as they tear down the world).
Wikileaks revealed CIA Red Cell memorandum: How to keep the wars going. "Counting on apathy might not be enough":

"CIA Documents Reveal War Machine Wanted Obama As President!" (The Jimmy Dore Show)

Yes, Krieg muss sein (war must be). In The Netherlands, it was revealed that Dutch Government actually sponsored terrorists in Syria to help remove Assad from power (evil as he is, allegedly attacking his own people. That while attacking Syrian people is the prerogative of the Dutch government, as we we all know!). If a politician sponsors terrorists, it makes him a terrorist. If you vote for a politician that sponsors terrorists, and you know it, it makes you a terrorist. Now, on top of this scandal, it was recently revealed that the Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, tried to intimidate people into not allowing for an inquiry into the shady dealings of the Dutch government. That is a crime upon a crime.
Of course, he will be reelected with a landslide victory. Somehow, the entire population has lost its moral compass. More immoral than Mark Rutte in power is technically not possible. Maybe if they start gassing some ethnic groups people will wake up, but even that is dubious, as history has shown.

And now that we are talking about terrorism and international news: This week a leading Iranian nuclear scientist
was assassinated. The prime suspects for the crime are Israeli Mossad agents, for the simple reasons that 1) They have done it before, 2) They have the means, 3) They have the motivation. And the basic technique for identifying a suspect of a crime is MOM: means, opportunity and motivation. Israel has all, while Earthling News does not see any other possible suspect, if not Zionist leaders in Washington acting in the interest of Israel, which would then be Israel by proxy.
Needless to say, Earthling News condemns this act of terrorism. EN seems to be the only Western news outlet to do so, though.


Mainstream media continue to call Joe Biden the President Elect. It is presented as if Donald Trump has lost all his legal actions to question the results of the elections and already starts sort of accepting his defeat. However, nothing could be further from the truth. To give two examples, here is proven election fraud in Georgia:

"Republicans tender new CCTV footage to Georgia Senate Judiciary Subcommittee"

and here is the lawsuit filed by Sidney Powell in Arizona:

"Sidney Powell files new lawsuit in Arizona; Dominion contractor: 'My life has been destroyed'"

As the saying goes. "The show ain't over until the fat lady sings". The singing is scheduled for the end of January 2021.


It is becoming ever more clear that the lockdowns actually are killing. Watch the Corbett Report on this:

"What NO ONE is Saying About The Lockdowns" (Corbett Report)

therefore, they do not serve the purpose of preventing the people from serious harm. They serve the purpose of enabling the Great Reset, as mentioned in the section on international news. In the video above, even the World Health Organization says that it "does not recommend lockdowns as a primary means of controlling the virus" (watch the video at 2m03s). "We may well have a doubling of world poverty by next year [...] a doubling of child malnutrition [...] This is a terrible ghastly world catastrophe.  We really do appeal to all world leaders: stop using lockdowns as your primary control method". "Lockdowns make poor people an awful lot poorer"

The entire PCR testing idea is complete nonsense. It is based on a non-peer-reviewed paper published in 48 hours that has no scientific quality whatsoever, and has links to the pharmaceutical industry that then benefited from selling the test kits. (Video in Dutch):

"BREAKING: De PCR Test van de baan2!"

Science & Technology

Nothing to report this week. But here is some interesting effect. Nothing changes. Click on the image to see the video:

Nothing ever changes

Maybe even nicer shown in this animated gif:

Nothing ever moves

Sport & Arts

This week Diego Maradona, one of the best football players ever, died after brain surgery. Earthling News likes to commemorate the (football) brilliance of Diego with this video, in which he shows how he is breathing football, living it 24/7:

(Political) cartoon: