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2020 / November / 14
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The biggest question is, Did election fraud take place during the United States elections. Media like to report that no fraud was proven and therefore it did not exist. However, the reports are coming from exactly the sources that are the problem in this entire story, namely the mainstream media that, according to Trump and Trumpists, are all spreading fake news. Moreover, Trump fighting the Shadow Government (a.k.a. Deep State, a.k.a. The Swamp), no help can be expected from them too. So, please, ignore all reports on how any member of the Deep State claim "the elections were the purest and most honest, evah", etc.
Trump bashers fail to understand Trumpists. But for Trumpists giving up easily, without trying every legal trick, is like saying to Germans that they had to give up resistance to Mr. H before World War II. Wouldn't you have demanded from Germans to fight to the last drop too?

Anyway, the fight has at least resulted in Biden no longer being President Elect, at least not yet. For that you need 270 electors and Pennsylvania has been put on hold again:

Biden not
                    President Elect
(source: realclearpolitics.com)

Us, people misguided by the media, have to find other sources to find out what was going on. The best source is always science. Here is a fraud expert that claims that an analysis using Benford's Law shows the elections were rigged:

The idea is that when you look at the data, about 30% of any numbers should start with a '1'. In general a first digit d should have a probability, P(d) = Log(1+d) - Log (d). Apparently, the votes for Trump in Pennsylvania followed this law, but not the votes for Biden. Both were getting close to 50% of the votes, so a skewed election result is not a possible cause for the discrepancy. For your information, also look at the counterargument by Standup-maths:
Why do Biden's
                    votes not follow Benford's Law? "Why do Biden's votes not follow Benford's Law?"
and a general explanation of Benford's Law by Numberphile:
Number 1 and
                    Benford's Law - Numberphile "Number 1 and Benford's Law - Numberphile"

In the meantime, no-longer President Elect Joe Biden is already forming his cabinet. And what a shock it is. Do you for instance remember how he said that he would stop fossil fuels (holding a young girls hand and solemnly promising it)? Well, he is not even inaugurated, yet, and already forfeiting all his promises. Apart from there being a couple of Republicans on the shortlist (huh? Why do you bother to vote for Party A or B?!), his Secretary of Energy is likely going to be Ernest Moniz, a famous fossil-fuel lobbyist. You cannot make this shit up:

So much for all those Earth-saving policies. Seems to me the electorate has been duped again. And you know how the saying goes, "Fool me once and the shame's on you. Fool me twice and the shame's on me". Not sure if this is an odd-even thingy, but I think to be fooled over and over again is a big shame for the fooled people. Well, to those: Instead of reading reliable Earthling News, you preferred to listen to mainstream media. Now suck it up, fruitcakes!

He also is proud to have already talked to six world leaders about the future co operations. Well, Mr. Biden, an impeachment and imprisonment is awaiting you. Remember how your Cabal put Flynn in prison for doing exactly that when Trump was teh President Elect but not yet inaugurated? Right, let's keep consistent and avoid being hypocrites, shall we?

In the meantime, the Obama-Clinton-Biden regime is already preparing a purge in society. Everybody that had any support ever for Trump is going to "be dealt with in due time". Yes, this is how totalitarian regimes work. Eliminate your political opponents, any way you can:

A civil war in the United States (and thus the rest of teh world) seems ever more likely.


The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs labeled Sweden the only save country in the world to travel to, as shown by this map:
Travel-safe countries in the world 7 nov

(Source: https://www.nederlandwereldwijd.nl/documenten/vragen-en-antwoorden/welke-landen-hebben-welke-kleurcode (visited 8 november)
This proves Sweden had the best CoFlu19 strategy, as admitted by DUtch government.

In many countries unrest is arising. From Italy to Portugal and even in the Netherlands, where disagreement has reached the government, remarkable as it is:
unrest in Dutch
                    government about CoFLu19 "Aanpak corona leidt tot ruzie en verdeeldheid in kabinet" (Dutch: Measures on Corona lead to fight and disagreement in cabinet)


Here is a professor Merrifield on the channel Sixty Symbols trying to explain that a pulsar neutron star needs to be super-spherical otherwise we would detect gravitational waves:

Well, what do you think. Is a neutron star that smooth, or do gravitational waves not exist? Note also the amount of authors on the paper mentioned. Seems to me too much scientific prestige and too many careers are at stake, for science to flow correctly.

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Fraud, what fraud?