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2020 / November / 07
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Joe Biden seems to have the most votes for the presidency of the United States. But was his election legitimate? It seems Soviet-style elections took place:

First of all, we have to make the observation that it was rigged because the media had been for four years bashing Trump -- five if you include the previous election campaign. And it was all about what a terrible person he is. Never about his politics. Day in day out, "Trump is an idiot". And never a bad word about the opposing candidate. Passive watchers were never informed about Russia-gate, the fact that Hillary Clinton, together with Barrack Obama and Joe Biden ordered spying on the political opponent Donald Trump and came up with a ludicrous document mentioning Russia-collusion of the latter. One would never be informed about how Joe Biden shows strong signs of senility, as in for example him proposing "an effective strategy to mobilize trunalimunaprzure"

Even Democrat insiders admit Biden is senile:
Biden senile "REVEALED: Even Democrat Insiders Secretly Say Joe Biden is Senile"
And nobody wanted to report on his racist viewpoints:

In conclusion: the media were all on the side of Biden. And, look around you, everybody thinks Trump is some kind of evil fool. Ask these people "Why?" They will not be able to give you an answer, but will look glassily into you are eyes as if you have asked the most stupid question ever.
This will have swung some 20% of the voters

Second, and related, all polls were easily always and consistently on the side of Biden. It was about 15% lead and victory for Biden was inevitable. This even while four years ago the same was predicted for Clinton and also there the predictions failed.
Why do they do this? It must be a psychological effect. People tend to side with the winner. They want to have that winning dopamine. And it is just an winning genetic trait. Surely it is better for your participation in the genetic bucket to support the winner rather than the loser. Winners often have a tendency of revenge. In many regimes, opposition is locked up.
This will have swung some 5% of the voters.

And finally, the election fraud. It is naive to think election fraud did not take place. Considering the importance of the elections and the need for the shadow government to get rid of Trump, they would try every trick of the book, including election fraud.
That started with allowing mail voting. They had found out that Democrats are more mail voters compared to Republicans. So mail voting was allowed, with the justification of the virus (see below). If Republicans had been more mail voters, mail voting would not have been allowed.
Somehow, it was not made impossible that people voted multiple times. In some cases, literally truckloads of mail ballots came in at the end of the counting. And all votes for Biden. That seems impossible, but happened nonetheless. This is of Soviet proportions
As we remember from the good ol' days, when Soviet leaders were elected with more than 100% of the votes, equally in the US elections more than 100% of the electorate registered for voting
>100% voters "Study Finds 353 U.S. Counties In 29 States Have Voter Registration Rates That Exceeds 100%"

In some states, Trump was heading for a clear win, and then suddenly what seemed like a truckload of votes came in for Biden. An example is given here for Wisconsin, but it happened in more states
                    election fraud
US election fraud Wisconsin "Voter Fraud in Michigan – Massive Dump of Over 200,000 Ballots for Biden All the Sudden Appear Overnight …Update: Officials Call It a “Typo”"
Wisconsin election fraud "Voter fraud concerns surface over sudden, unexpected Biden jump in Wisconsin, Michigan"

As we have shown last week, Joe Biden admitted to having organized "the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics". One now tends to believe him ...

Take also a look here at the analysis Zero Hedge contributor Tyler Durden. Something strange went on. Normally people vote Democrat or Republican for both the president as well as the state senator. Well, not for Democrats:
election fraud "Why Does Biden Have So Many More Votes Than Democrat Senators In Swing States?"
US postal election fraud "PA USPS Official Willing To Testify Under Oath Over Ballot-Backdating"

We from Earthling News conclude that the elections were rigged. Big time. Soviet style.

Anyway, we will get Joe Biden as president. His state of mind is that he will sign any paper you put in front of him. The ease with which the Deep State can now operate will mean the following things will be implemented. Readers can place their bets which one will happen first:

1) New war (Trump neglected to do this for 4 years). Which war?
2) Saving of banks; abolishing paper money
3) Forbidding fossil fuels by signing the (empty) Paris agreement. End of the economy as we know it
4) Abolishing the constitutional right to bear arms (that now serves as the last line of defense against evil regimes)
5) An AVC of Biden and his substitution by Kabbala Harris
6) Forced vaccination (every human belongs to the state) and health passport
7) Creation of the Ministry of Truth
8) Overloading the Supreme Court with n+1 new judges, n being the actual number of judges not accepting the rule of the corporate moguls.

Let's face it. Joe Biden has a telephone number that he liked to repeat for his election campaign in 2020: 30330. His running mate is Kamala 'Kabbala' Harris. Well, do some kabbala: Divide 2020 by 3.0330 and you get .... the number of the beast!


With many countries again experiencing a wave of CoFlu19, the biggest question that no journalist is asking the regime: How can a corona virus propagate in autumn? Let's face it, corona is a very old type of virus and it always propagates in spring. What has changed that suddenly it can (for the first time in known history) propagate in summer and autumn.

Anyway, the resistance to the measures of the regime is rapidly increasing. Lock downs such as in the UK meet with heavy protests.
Also, more and more experts and professionals start raising their voices. Here Spanish doctors:

Not sure if this is true, but EN would like to mention it, lawyers are suing the World Health Organization:
WHO sued "Het gaat gebeuren: Advocaten klagen WHO aan wegens misleiding over pandemie" (It's going to happen: Lawyers sue WHO over misleading about the pandemic)
EN sees this action as futile, however, because the WHO can always show that they actually said that no actions should be taken by the local regimes. The WHO said, for instance, that the wearing of masks was not necessary and that the virus is as weak as influenza. They have their backs covered! They will blame all damage on the local regimes and the local regimes will blame it on teh WHO.

In Portugal, there were some 2,000 CoFlu19 deaths. This is 1,000 less than in a normal season. That difference, while maybe still withing statistical fluctuations, we can ascribe to the policies of teh government. However, the total number of deaths is 8,000 more than normal. With the absence of any natural phenomenon, these deaths should also be ascribed to the government. So we have 1,000 saved and 9,000 killed by the government, with a net balance of +8,000 deaths.

How did they do that? Simply by closing the health facilities. 3.9 million medical visits canceled, as well as 93 thousand surgeries. Of course, the covidiots think this has had no impact on health; these visits and surgeries are imagined non-essential, non-life-saving, and merely a type of luxury consumption.
Until one day THEY will need to go to a doctor ..
government covid measures kill "3,9 milhões de consultas e 93 mil cirurgias canceladas. “As pessoas estão a precisar de ajuda agora”, alerta Ordem dos Médicos" (3.9 million visits and 93 thousand surgeries canceled. "People need help now", Sapo25)


An interesting video about the speed of light. Apparently, nobody measured the one-way speed of light, c. It is always measured by a round-trip method.


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Sean Connory dies at 90.
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