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2020 / October / 31
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The Dutch Prime Minister (Rutte) said he is going to run again for becoming head of his party and thus (probably) Prime Minister. His first term was in 2006. It means he will be 18 years leader of the regime, which is in the same ball park of despot-stereotype Putin. Why nobody in the West is complaining about Rutte remains a mystery.

On Portuguese TV (Correio de Manh√£) they said that "if you lie to the police [about the reasons for you ignoring this All-Saints lock down], you can go to prison." This is a lie! When you are not under oath, you can lie to your heart's content. It is a civil right. (Or in other words, why would you need the concept of 'oath' if effectively you are always under oath?!)
Anyway, if they ask you why you are traveling these days, just say "None of your business!". Nobody is obliged to give information that may incriminate oneself. Some amendment somewhere. The regime is just trying to scare people into obedience. In view of the immorality of the regime, it is your civil duty to be disobedient!

In the meantime, the great conspiracy has now been published in the open. The Great Reset, presented by teh World Economic Forum has made it (temporarily) to the front page of Time magazine (before they replaced it with a more neutral logo of telling you to vote for Biden) in the novmber-2-9 issue. Note that the story inside the magazine is still the same (a docu-interview about Schwab), as you can see by clicking on the image below:

Time: great reset

Guess pan-global communism (The Great Reset) is no longer a conspiracy theory. It is a conspiracy fact.

Next Tuesday is election day in teh United States. Biden is allegedly leading by a super large margin. However, I want to warn Trump bashers (Biden apologists) to not celebrate too early. Remember 4 years ago? They were by this time discussing how the Republicans must restructure their party.
Trump can no longer win "Donald Trump kan bijna niet meer winnen" (Victory for Trump is as good as impossible).
That is what we call wishful thinking. The hatred sown into the minds of Trump bashers is so high, that they get off on the idea of Trump losing. The politics that he stands for, or not, are completely irrelevant. It is fully 5-minutes-of-hate from Orwells novel 1984. Hate against the person. Trump in the role of Goldstein, the principal enemy of the state.

Meanwhile, Biden is going completely senile:
First he cannot do numbers:

Then he says he committed voter fraud:

Then he forgot the name of the guy he is running against in the elections (for our equally senile readers: it is Trump):

You sure it is a good idea to have a demented president? Next he will forget what that red button on his bed stand does and will initiate by mistake nuclear Armageddon!


The lockdown measures can have serious collateral effects. As here an example, in Australia four babies died because they could not get medical help on time:
4 babies died covid "Lockdown Kills: Four Newborn Babies In Australia Die After Travel Restrictions Prevent Them From Receiving Lifesaving Care" (Dailywire)

The CDC published an article (already in May) that masks do not work
CDC: masks don't work

In view of this, it is very strange governments still insist on wearing them. There can be no other other purpose for wearing masks than showing allegiance to the regime. They are like modern-day swastikas.
Even the producers of these masks say they do not work:

Masks don't

Meanwhile, the flu season is back to normal. This is the statistics on flu-like complaints in The Netherlands this year compared to last year. You can recognize the flu-peak in last year and the covid-peak earlier this year. At the moment we have no extraordinary amount of flu-like patients

Flu like symptoms
It is business as usual. No need for any measures. It does not matter that there are many postive tests of CoFlu19, because these tests are unrealiable.

Even football player Cristiano Ronaldo, after having been tested positive for CoFlu19 (while in perfect health) said the tests were "bullshit":

Cristiano Ronaldo: CoFlu19 tests
                                are bullshit
(click on the image to go to David Icke's page).

Why do governments insist on measures? In March, during phase one of the 'pandemic', governments took serious measures to combat CoFlu19, that as collateral damage destroyed the economy and the livelihood of millions.
In October there is a second wave with even more cases of CoFlu19.
Ergo, THE MEASURES DID NOT WORK, as demonstrated by observable facts. We destroyed the lives of millions for nothing. Insisting in a second wave of measures is pure insanity. Never was this Einstein quote more applicable than in October 2020:



Really, the planet seems to be cooling down and teh Grand Solar Minimum theory is every more likely to be true. This week many cold (sic) records were broken in the United States.

Many more to be broken in the near future. Also it is the snowiest it has ever been, and Northern Hemisphere snow is 300 gigaton above average. That is more so remarkable, because two decades ago, climate Alarmists predicted next generations would not know the concept of snow:
2000: Children will not know snow

Sport & Arts

Ajax had a historic victory over VVV in the last round of football in the Dutch league. 0-13. Bettering its own record (12-1) set a long time ago. Enjoy this:

And here is your weekly dose of music (a.k.a. 'cacophony') from Six Lemons:

CoFlu19 on fire