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2020 / October / 24
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The Biden shit is finally hitting the fan. Maybe it was planned like this, who knows?, but the timing is perfect. Weeks before the presidential elections the New York Post publishes an article exposing the corruption of teh Biden family in Ukraine and China:

Emails reveal how Hunter Biden tried to cash
                      in big on behalf of family with Chinese firm
Emails reveal how Hunter Biden tried to cash in
                    big on behalf of family with Chinese firm "Emails reveal how Hunter Biden tried to cash in big on behalf of family with Chinese firm"
Presidential candidate of teh Democrats Joe Biden went into hiding and refuses to answer any questions, hoping the thing will pass and other mainstream media calling it a conspiracy theory and even a Russian meddling story (in other words, a Russian conspiracy).

The question is how much impact this will have on the elections, since it is possible the information about the massive corruption of teh Biden family will not reach the electorate, considering the amount of blocking done by the media.

Further interesting news, well this should be at the (ironic) fun section: It proves that Climate Change scientists fly more than colleagues in other fields
Climate change scientists pollute more "Climate change scientists take MORE work and leisure flights than colleagues in other fields, study finds" (MailOnline).

But, WTF, Klaus Schwab, head of teh World Economic Forum, that explains to you how good Covid-19 is to enable The Great Reset. People, this is not a joke. This is not a new James Bond evil character. No, this is a serious advertisement for The Great Reset:


The mortality rate, as officially determined by Ioannides in a publication in the World Health Organization Bulletin is 0.23%
Covid-19 fatality rate

This puts the disease into the range of a normal flu and covid19-combat measures are thus unnecessary. Insisting in them is a crime against humanity.

The resistance to teh covid-19 measures are mounting. In The Netherlands, 40 more professors speak ou:
40 professors protest against covid
                                measures "Ook veertig “Prof. Dr.” hebben het nu wel gehad met van Dissel – en komen er voor uit" (Also 40 'prof. dr.' have had enough of v. Dissel
and speak out).
Others, doctors, actually put the Dutch state in court:
Doctors put Dutch state in court
                                over covid nonsense "Kort geding tegen de Staat der Nederlanden door Artsen voor de Waarheid: “De pandemie is voorbij”" (Legal action against the Dutch state by Doctors for Truth 'the pandemic is over')

A problem may be in the testing. The testing is notoriously inadequate (as the inventor and Nobel-Prize winner already stated). It is made worse by the fact that nobody in the world ever managed to isolate the virus. So it is not even clear what exactly the tests are testing for.
No covid virus isolated "COVID: The Virus That Isn’t There: The Root Fraud Exposed"
This may be the cause for the 'second wave' which might simply be caused by more testing and thus more false positives. Otherwise it would be very difficult to explain why there are many more 'cases', but not more people ill or dying.
excess deaths Europe week 42
(source: Euromomo)
Did the virus mutate? In that case, the test seems to be not very specific, if it could detect the earlier versions as well as the new mutated versions. Does it respond positive to all corona viruses? In that case, the tests are nonsense. But if not, how come the behavior of the virus changed?

Even an ex scientific adviser of a large pharmaceutical company confesses the tests are fake
Ex advisor of Pfizer admits
                                        second wave is fake "Ex-hoofdadviseur wetenschap farmagigant Pfizer: ‘Hele tweede golf is fake, bijna alle positieve testen zijn vals’" (Ex head adviser pharmaceutical giant Pfizer: 'entire second wave is fake, nearly all positive tests are fake').

And, once again, dying with covid-19 is not the same as dying of covid-19. In Italy 99% of all people that died had other conditions.
99% of Those
                                              Who Died From Virus Had
                                              Other Illness, Italy Says "99% of Those Who Died From Virus Had Other Illness, Italy Says"
That puts the 'pandemic' in a completely different light.

The vaccine development has serious setbacks. Developing a RNA-virus vaccine is not so easy as it may sound. Actually, in Brazil, a test person for an AstraZeneca vaccine died. That vaccine could be more deadly than the disease it tries to prevent itself:

vaccine death "Coronavirus vaccine volunteer in Brazil's AstraZeneca trial dies -- but authorities say trial to continue" (CNN).

Read also our own Covid-19 statement of teh Ossónoba Philosophical Society:
Covid-19 statement
                                                (Ossónoba Philosophical
                                                Society) "Covid-19 Statement" (OPS).

Sport & Arts

No noteworthy sports events this week; anything that is enjoyable in life has been cancelled. We'll have to do with some meditation music:

covid in all