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2020 / October / 10
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Donald Trump has declassified the e-mails from Hillary Clinton that exposes the Russia Hoax (the alleged collusion of Trump with Russians). The Hillary Clinton e-mail Scandal is finally coming to light:


See here the video report of Alex Christofou ()

In the meantime, serious foreign meddling has started into the upcoming presidential elections in teh United States. An example is Greta Thundberg of Sweden that endorses Joe Biden
Greta Thundberg endorses Biden "'Get organized and get everyone to vote': Greta Thunberg endorses Biden"
Nobody complaining about it, because it is the good type of meddling. In favor of the regime.

A member of teh family of Trump wrote a book about how terrible Donald is. Well, OK, so we are going to take books of members of teh family of presidents serious. Here is teh book of Malik Obama, the half-brother of Barrack, claiming that the wife of Barrack is actually a man called Michael:
Michael Obama, husband of Barrack "Barack Obama's Brother Says Michelle Obama Is A Man Named Michael"


In The Netherlands, the number of cases is rapidly on the increase. A second wave? The interesting thing is that the number of deaths does not follow the same pattern. Did the virus mutate into something harmless? Or is a positive test case not an infection?

Cases and deaths NL

Curiously, increased lockdown measures were taken some two weeks ago. They, just like any other measures, have no proven effect on the 'pandemic'. The Dutch minister of health now says that these measures -- that have no proven effect -- are going to be ... increased. Really:
De Jonge: more measures "De Jonge: Trend moet dit weekend keren, anders extra maatregelen nodig" (De Jonge: Trend has to be inverted, or extra measures will have to be taken)

One of the measures is putting dissidents ('covid-deniers') in prison. A famous case is Willem Engel, an outspoken critic of teh regime:
Willem Engel Arrested "Willem Engel en andere virusactievoerders opgepakt in Den Haag" (Willem Engel and other virus-activists arrested in Den Haag).
No, this is not Russia. This is the 'civilized' and 'democratic' Netherlands.

Another curious fact is teh state of China. As can be seen, .... no second wave whatsoever. Are Chinese a superior race? Or is an 'outbreak' simply a choice of a regime? Compare this to the Netherlands above:

China no 2nd wave

Of course, teh Chinese government is lying, they are famous for that. What is less famous, but equally true, is that Western governments are lying too. For the same reason; To stay in power.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization has admitted the pandemic is less severe than a typical flu:
CoFlu19 has a mortality rate of 0.13% and flu has a mortality rate of 0.16%. See video here (at 1m22s) of the WHO in an official meeting, by mouth of second-in-command Mike Ryan, saying 10% of the population on the planet has been infected (and 1 million died) by covid-19. That makes 0.13%.
On top of that, less people died than in a normal flu season (2 million). This entire corona thingy is a storm in a glass of water. A storm that has completely wrecked the economy and billions of lives. And we all helped them do it (fascists that we are). And we'll all help them continue doing it, implementing the communisto-fascist agenda.

Sport & Arts

No noteworthy sports events this weak; everything of any worth has been canceled due to CoFlu19. So, instead, we'll give you another dose of free electronic music from stallinga.org:


Well, we have covidiots abound. Who wins teh Coviot(s)-of-the-week Award? You decide:

Candidate(s) 1:

Candidate(s) 1:

covidiots dance
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