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2020 / October / 07
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Facebook blocks all content of QAnon. Personally I never thought there is any truth in the QAnon idea, but look here what NOS Teletekst writes: "QAnon conspiracy thinkers believe Trump is fighting the deep state".
Interesting, NOS. QAnon fans think that Trump is doing what he promised he would do, fighting 'the swamp', a.k.a. 'the shadow government', 'the cabal' or 'the deep state'. Oh, how terrible conspiracy thinking, the truth!!!
Only one conclusion: QAnon is right and NOS is part of the deep state!
QAnon blocked

Please watch this video of Amazing Polly if you want to be informed about the shadow government:

Speaking about the cabal and conspiracies. Hunter Biden (son of candidate for presidency of teh U.S. Joe Biden) indeed did receive $3.5M from teh wife of the mayor of Moscow. That is your Russian collusion link. Not with Trump, but with Biden:

Or let me put in here a link to DWAHTS (do we already have the solutions?) of Glenn Swart. See for yourself. Do not react to your gut feeling, but your unemotional analysis. If you think he's wrong,
where is he wrong ... ?
The Globalist Agenda: The Round Table,
                        China, Covid-19,Rockerfeller, South Africa,
                        Think Tanks & US Apparatus of state. "The Globalist Agenda: The Round Table, China, Covid-19, Rockefeller, South Africa, Think Tanks & US Apparatus of state."
Soon these pages will all be blocked ....


The World Health Organization: "750 million people have been infected by covid-19". Combine this with the fact that 1 million people died of it and you get a mortality rate of 0.13%. So, now we have a 'killer' virus that killed half as many as in a normal flu epidemic (1 million instead of 2)  and it has a mortality rate equal to a flu epidemic. (flu has about 0.16%).
Covid-19: World in ‘for a hell of a ride’ in
                    coming months, Dr Mike Ryan says "Covid-19: World in ‘for a hell of a ride’ in coming months, Dr Mike Ryan says"

To show you how weak. Here is the data for Germany. Deaths compared to average of previous years. In yellow the ones that are equal (and which we do not care at all about). In red the excess deaths due to covid-19 this year for which we destroy the economy with a wrecking ball and put everybody's livelihood at risk. Also visible a green peak in the average of last year; these excessive deaths caused by flu epidemics, more or less of same magnitude. (Note also a yellow peak in summer caused by a heat wave this year; not caused by covid-19).

Deaths in Germany

See the video (in German):

In The Netherlands, the epidemic is weaker than the flu of 2018

flu epidemic NL 2018 2018: "Meer doden tijdens langdurigste griepgolf ooit" (More deaths in longest flu wave ever).
Ziekenhuizen zeggen operaties af vanwege
                        griepgolf 2018: "Ziekenhuizen zeggen operaties af vanwege griepgolf" (Hospitals cancel surgery because of flu wave)
Ziekenhuizen puilen uit van de
                        grieppatiënten 2018: "Ziekenhuizen puilen uit van de grieppatiënten" (Hospitals overloaded by flu patients)

The problem is not the testing. The problem is our behavior
‘Het testbeleid is niet het probleem, ons
                        gedrag is het probleem’ 2020: "‘Het testbeleid is niet het probleem, ons gedrag is het probleem’"
useless lock down "Thousands may be in pointless lockdown as major flaw found in coronavirus test"

Sport & Arts

No noteworthy sports events this weak. But stallinga.org proudly presents the album Bring 'M On, a theme album about Corona with electronic music (based on teh Korg Volca series). Example track 09 - "The Medicine":


"Argentinian member of parliament doing thingies during video conference debate"

Imagine, if you will, a virus so deadly, you needed a test to know you are ill and anyway can keep working from home ...
keep working
"Public servants that are infected work during quarantine"