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2020 / September / 19
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Mr. Novelny of Russia allegedly was poisoned. And allegedly by the Russians. But why would teh Russians do this? What about MOM (means, opportunity, motivation), the classic detective technique. What motivations do the Russians have with assassination of Novelny? Qui bono? Who benefits. Or, follow teh money. The result of teh assassination attempt is that Germany cancels teh lucrative Nordstream II gas pipeline with Russia. Instead, Germans will have to buy much more expensive American LPG. So, the finger points to American parties responsible for the assassination attempt. They have the means (novichok is internationally available), the opportunity and the motivation.
Russians helped in the investigation and also in the recovery of Novelny. Including letting German doctors to the Russian hospital and allowing him to be extradited to Germany. Novelny's team, on the other hand, sabotaged the investigation by destroying the crime scene (they took bottles of water from teh hotel room). This is obstruction of justice. Why would they do that? Cui bono?


More and more people, including experts and professionals, speak out against the CoFlu19 measures. To put it in other words:
  • If we have a second wave, the measures at the first wave did not work. Why the measures now?
  • If we do not have a second wave, why the measures?


But many experts actually question the measures themselves for many reasons. The main reason, of course, is that they wreck the economy and have no provable effect on the spreading of the virus, let alone the eradication of the virus. An example is the 300+ Dutch doctors that speak out. "The measures are disproportionate and do more harm than good"
never again "Nieuwe open brief van meer dan 300 artsen: “Geen medische grond die dit beleid nog rechtvaardigt”"

Let's put it this way:
NL CoFlu19 cases
Very good news. The virus apparently has mutated and no longer kills. In The Netherlands the number of 'cases' has reached new records, yet nobody dies of it anymore. The killer virus has mutated into a mild inconvenience. (The alternative explanation, that the 'cases' are simply false positives and the number of tests increased exponentially, is considered conspiracy thinking). source: covid19info.live

And imagine if you will, a disease so deadly that if you have it you can party all night and go for bar-hopping and binge-drinking.
That's exactly what happened in the German town of Partenkirchen.
never again "US woman accused of sparking COVID-19 outbreak in German ski town".

In any case, it has become obvious that CoFlu19 is a simple technique of control. This can be seen by the way how the central Polit Bureau (the United Nations; WHO and IPCC, etc.) links CoFlu19 pandemic to the Global Warming.

Indeed, both fear memes are used to take away rights, freedoms, and wealth from the people.


No noteworthy sports events this weak. A Tour de France has started but that draws no interest. Local competitions have initiated, but no public, so ... boring!