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2020 / August / 15
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The amount of communism keeps increasing. Remember, communism is based on the idea that means of production are in the hands of the workers. That sounds nice, and EN actually sees some merit in anarcho-communism. It will not work on a large scale though.
What is worse, much much worse, worse beyond any reasonability, is that a group of people auto-elects itselfs and starts seeing the country and the people as their project to manage. It all starts going downhill from there. They talk in terms of "From each according to his ability and to each according to his needs", which is another -- rather poetic -- form of saying "We determine who produces what where and when and who gets the rights to the consumption of the produced goods". It fails from the start, because this only works with severe intimidation so that people work out of fear of losing their life. Otherwise people themselves will act on the idea that their needs are big and their abilities are small. (That is a natural law: any entropy-producing entity will try to do that most efficiently; more consumption for less work done).

The European Union now has the idea that the economy is for them to decide. They lock us down, they confine us. Tells who can work and who can't. Tell us what you can do, where you can go (we are currently confined to ghettos). And then, when things that are based on market principles of supply and demand start failing, they simply invent 'stimulation packages' and 'help funds'. This means keeping alive things that are not economically viable and killing those that are. The latter will occur, because the economy is a physical system (energy consumption and entropy production): if something gets aid (joules of energy; money merely grants permission to those joules, it is a way to bookkeep the energetic rights), this aid must come from somewhere, and that means the rest of society is taxed, one way or another. These other entities thus enter into loss and will go bankrupt. Economy is really very simple.

Thus, interfering into the economy will always lower wealth. No matter how nice they can talk and how social they claim to be, they are asocial and destructive. Of course (just listen to any communist) the unavoidable failure is always blamed on others. It starts with that people are accused of not understanding the benefits of centralized communism and thus have to be re-educated. Any opposition to the Great Leap Forward (or any other cute name they give to their dictatorial megalomaniac perverted dreams) has to be sent to gulags or concentration camps for retraining. Meanwhile the population sees its wealth decline and eventually winds up eating cockroaches. At that point a revolution starts and capitalism is introduced that restores wealth. Until that system saturates and people find out that democratically they can steal the wealth of successful people, thus undermining the principle of their own wealth.

After this long introduction (and free EN lecture on economy), here is one of those communist precisely repeating what is stated above. Kommissar Kamala Harris telling her electorate that if she were in power, she'd implement strict rules on what you can and cannot eat. No, seriously:

It sounds very nice, doesn't it? That she is concerned about your health and what you eat. But, hey, wait a second, who is responsible for my body? Maybe I think that eating hamburgers is good for me. Yes, maybe I am stupid. But maybe you are stupid instead. Who knows? And, anyway, do I have the right to be stupid? Or maybe I am smart and I want to eat myself to death. Do I have the right? Or do I have an owner that is responsible for me? The answer to the question who is responsible will be answered later on.


In the United States communism is represented by The Democratic party (DNC). An example is Obama, who had a Marxist mentor and then nudging the US towards communism in his 8-year regime. It involves concentrating power at a few elite and the corporations surrounding it.

DNC presents itself as guardians of socialism and of well behavior, but in fact are the exact (Orwellian) opposites of what they preach. An example, and what is in the news, is Kamala Harris, announced as running mate of Joe Biden this week. The level of hypocrisy is staggering. Harris that had no good word for Biden in the primaries now turned 180 degrees and teams up with him. Once again, no soul. She, just like Joe, stands for nothing. Everything, every shred of morality, goes overboard in the hunger for power.

You think I am exaggerating? Well, she indeed was a big advocate of a police state. She basically had the opinion that investing in prisons is much better than investing in schools. Prisons are a good lesson in life for black people. So, she shits on black people if it is convenient. Then she aligns with BLM and wants to defund the police. Erm ... right!

What will she do when she's in power? Well, for sure not what you want her to do. Once she has the power, she'll abuse it and promote her friends who put her there. She left a trail of such behavior in California. Why should it be different in Washington?

With Bozo and Cooky as opponents, Trump will win in a landslide. It is impossible that an ultra-corrupt sexual predator Creepy Joe Biden (viz. the Ukraine scandal, or the Tara Reade scandal) and an ultra-hypocrite Kamala Harris (making career horizontally) will have a chance against Trump, even with 100% of the propaganda media channels on their side. I'm sure they're going to play it again as "You're a misogynist if you don't vote for the woman Harris". (Mark my words, it is the only argument they have).

If the Democrats had any respect for their constituency, they'd let Bernie Sanders have a go at it, together with Tulsi Gabbard as running mate (or vice versa). Biden+Harris is a slap in the face of the electorate. It is both arms stretched out and the middle finger pointing up on both. "F**k you, America!"

Good luck in the elections. Keep virtue signaling while the devil pisses on you and your meek petty existence. warring all over the planet to implement this 'utopia' everywhere. The hypocrisy is staggering:

Trump DEBUNKS Kamala LIES Immediately After Her First Speech! Kamala Is A TOTAL LIAR!


In case you missed it: The biggest Trump-basher of the United States becomes most-loyal executor of Trump's measures. The Mayor of Chicago, after months of letting rioting and looting BLM protests going rampant in her city turns 180 degrees and sends in the troops, just as Trump said he would do.

Chicago mayor speaks to press after night of protests

Score: Democrats - Trump: 0 - 151

And now Trump scores point 152: A historic agreement is reached between the United Arab Emirates and Israel. A piece between a Jewish and an Islamic nation, brokered by Trump. Trump that also caused tensions to ease between North and South Korea. Trump that also withdraws occupation troops in Germany and Afghanistan. Trump that, in contrast to all former presidents, did not start a single war on his mandate. If any US president ever deserved a Noble Peace Prize, it is Trump. (Compare it to Obama, that got it on day one in office and as a first president never had a day of peace whilst in office)
Trump: UAE - Israel "Trump announces historic peace agreement between Israel and United Arab Emirates" (Washington Post).
It of course reinforces the Zionist destructive path in the region, where Khazar (non semitic) Jews claim the lands of people of Sion (Semites to which Palestinians belong) expel them, or make them second rank citizen in a state of apartheid. But Trump is a big Zionist, one more thing that will guarantee his reelection later this year.



Talking about another president of teh United States, here is the flight log of the airplane -- Lolita Express -- that flew famous people to 'Orgy Island' of Jeffrey Epstein. Unfortunately Epstein can himself no longer talk and tell us what went on there, because ... erm .. he offed himself. And we are afraid his girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell will have the same fate. Yet, we still have the flight logs:
Flight logs of Lolita
                      Express "Lolita Express Flight Logs - Searchable"
Oops, Mr. Bill Clinton is on there 16 times, as far as I can see.

And let's go back to the elections of 2016 where the wife of that pedophile-suspect was running for the presidency. Here an example of an e-mail on Wikileaks. To Podesta, the 2016 campaign leader of Hillary Clinton. It reveals they have a program (or at least an intention) to keep the population stupid and obedient. Well, I'll be damned, the population in 2020 is stupid and obedient. Great work, Mrs. Clinton!

Clinton: Keep population stupid and obedient
This is what you get with cultural Marxism. Nothing has changed. Agitprop to manipulate the behavior of the people. All these Bolshevik traitors deserve to be hanged, because they treat you as cattle instead of as a human being.

This image comes from Tony Heller's video
Tony Heller exposing
                      the bolsheviks "Don't be a conspiracy theorist"
that starts with reminding everybody how Mrs. Clinton saw conspiracies everywhere. Well, Hillary, there are no conspiracies! Everything is in the open and visible. We see how foul you are. We see how you are linked to pedophile-network-organizer Epstein. We see how you sold 20% of uranium to Russia. We see how you created a Russian-collusion hoax, clutching at straws because the sure election was slipping out of your hands. We see how you are selling the climate hoax for your benefit. We see how you mishandled Benghazi.


This week we will highlight Tedros Adhanom. An ad-hominem attack, because he deserves it. Adhanom is the president of the World Health Organization (WHO). The WHO is part of an imperialistic neo-communist new-world-order body, the United Nations that also houses other fraudulent entities such as the IPCC (those that bring you the climate hoax) and UNESCO (those that tell you what is and what is not art and culture in general).

Tedros Adhanom "The Crimes of Tedros Adhanom" (by John Martin)
Some highlights:
  • No medical degree, while presiding over all health in the world
  • Communist (where things mentioned above are common; people are promoted not on merit, but on loyalty to the Party)
  • 3rd in rank of the terrorist organization TPLF in Ethiopia
  • 2 million people 'disappeared' in Ethiopia during his regime
  • Covering up epidemics of cholera
  • Friends with dictator Mugabe
  • Friends with dictatorship China
  • Opened the door to corporate interests in WHO
  • Promoted by Bill and Melinda Gates
  • Removed any form of democracy from the WHO
Then, the projected solution to the CoFlu19 (non)pandemic is vaccination. And that in itself is very strange, because corona is an RNA virus (single stranded, and thus much more prone to mutations, mutations that are so fast that no vaccine will be effective). Yet vaccinated we will be and that is done forcefully on a world scale (imagine the profit for the WHO corporations such as Bill and Melinda Gates).
But are at least the responsible people involved fooled into believing that they work? No! Not in the least. Here is somebody that recorded such a world health vaccinations expert meeting. EN is not against vaccinations. But is against useless vaccinations that bring only profit to the corporations. CoFlu19 vaccinations are utterly useless. Please, take a look at this video (of antivaxxers Stichting Vaccinvrij). It is one and a half hour, but watch it, since it will change your life:

Now ask yourself this question, who is responsible for your body? The answer is, WHO is responsible for your body! And the WHO is a corrupt institute, led by somebody that should be locked up in prison and the key thrown away.

Anyway, the Russian (none other) have already made a vaccine.
Russia has covid vaccine "Putin hails new Sputnik moment as Russia is first to approve a COVID-19 vaccine"
Now let's see if the West was serious about the threat of this virus. If so, they will now order the vaccine in mass. Don't hold your breath (no pun intended), EN suspects that the vaccine will be outlawed in the West. They will come up with some bogus reason. Ah, there we have it ... (that did not take long):
                        magazine: Russian vaccine is unsafe "Russia’s fast-track coronavirus vaccine draws outrage over safety"
(bogus, because the West admitted they would not mind about lack of testing of safety, due to the enormous threat of covid they'd relax the requirement).

The actual state of the (non)pandemic. Here is The Netherlands, compared to the prediction of EN science editor's prediction (and main editor, Peter Stallinga):
                        and reality

(data in top figure from covid19info.live)

That was rather easy to predict (but note also that a substantial part of the recent increase is due to increased testing). Confinement and isolation or masking do not make people immune. The moment the measures are stopped, the virus starts spreading again. The measures were relaxed and the virus started spreading again. Well, two countries escape: Sweden and Belarus. In the latter a perfect normal 'corona-curve' is found. Belarus did not take any anti-corona measures (hail Lukashenko!) and is now out of the woods:

Belarus out of the covid woods
(data from covid19info.live)

Anyway, the actual state is still one of very low infection and death rate. There is nothing going on, but news outlets are still pandering a pandemic:

euromomo week 30
(data and map from euromomo.eu)

Well, what do you say,
flu "Flu and pneumonia have killed more people than Covid-19 in England and Wales for seven weeks in a row" (RT).
Something starts smelling very bad here.It smells of rotten politics.


This week's list of things you are not supposed to read (if you want to be an obedient citizen):
why face masks don't
                        work "Update: Why Face Masks Don’t Work: A Revealing Review"
O wait, they removed it, because "The content was published in 2016 and is no longer relevant in our current climate". You see, humans have evolved since 2016, and now the face masks work perfectly!
Yale studies
                        indoctrination "Yale Study To Manipulate Americans Into Taking C0VlD Vaccine" (Ben Swann). Right, nice. Study how to indoctrinate people. If you do not see how absurd this is use the simple technique EN recommends: turn it 180 degrees around and see how it sounds: "Harvard studies how to make people resist vaccination"
Plandemic "A world at risk. Annual report on global preparedness for health emergencies" (by GPMB, Global Preparedness Monitoring Board). As you can see, everything was organized and planned. Give technocrats a job to handle a possible future emergency, rest assured, the possible emergency will realize in the future. Not a shred of doubt! This is a matter of how human organizations work. Make a Forest Fire Prevention Committee (FFPC) and within a decade all forests will be burned to the ground!
Plandemie (Dutch)"Geen pandemie maar plandemie" (No pandemic, but plandemic). Well explained, for those of you who can read Dutch.
640 doctors protest (Dutch) "640 Europese artsen slaan handen ineen tegen ‘onderdrukkende coronamaatregelen’" (640 European doctors join hands against 'oppressive corona measures')


Well, Ronnie O'Sullivan (winner of teh 2019 stallinga.org Award of Sports) has made it once again to the final of the World Snooker Championship in the Crucible in Sheffield. Without public, which seems to benefit Ronnie, who is normally shy of people. 5-times-winner O'Sullivan beat 3-times-winner Selby in a close match by 17-16. In the final he'll face Kyren Wilson who beat McGill with the same numbers.
O'Sullivan - Selby 17-16 "Ronnie O'Sullivan beats Mark Selby to reach final on night of drama and controversy" (Eurosport)
Wilson - McGill 103-83

Final pot of the final frame of the match Kyren Wilson vs. Anthony McGill. With this pot the final score in this frame is 103-83 which is remarkable, because that makes a total of 186 point while there are only a max of 147 on the table (the rest were scored by fouls). Wilson wins 17-16 in frames.

rain on tv sun in reality
If you hadn't read about covid19 in the news, would you have noticed it existed?