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2020 / August / 09
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The most important event last week was an explosion in Beirut. Well, it seems like an accident. (Which idiot decided to store tons of explosive material in a simple warehouse?) Still, there are, of course, a lot of 'conspiracy theories' going on. And then, of course the finger is easily pointed at Israel and its Mossad. After all, this is how they work and what they are famous for, so the link seems obvious enough. However, at this moment there is no evidence that it was anything else than an accident. No missiles, no nuclear weapons, and no other signs of foul play. But we keep our minds open. The colors of the clouds may be a hint at what was going on, and we keep our eyes open for any information that may be going around in society. We'll keep you updated.
beirut explosion

Where other media are afraid to bring you news and news facts, EN brings you what they don't dare. In a recent video of Tony Heller (one of the few people that dare to expose the climate swindle with facts) an e-mail was mentioned that can be found on Wikileaks -- you know, the news source whose editor (Julian Assange) is still in prison. The e-mail is to Podesta, the 2016 campaign leader of Hillary Clinton. Podesta is informed how the campaign of keeping the populace stupid and obedient is going well, but there is still a risk that Trump may win, because he is smartly playing the media.

e-mail to Podesta
Also watch the video of Tony Heller (we recommend any video of Tony Heller to be well informed) in which also funnily, Clinton comes out as a conspiracy thinker (in her own words)

Tony Heller exposing
                        Dems agenda "Don't Be A Conspiracy Theorist!"

From another oped news source, Helen of Destroy, we get a nice explanation from Harry Vox for the protest movement going on in the United States. "It is right out of the playbook of a color revolution". Yes, what is going on is a power grab, of the style of color revolutions all over the planet. Destabilize a country to remove the democratically elected representatives, in this case Donald Trump. See here how the destabilization is fitting into the big puzzle (or you thought it was just a coincidence?):

That it is never about democracy and liberties we can see in the fact that in Syria a couple of people said some angry words towards President Assad and then teh West basically drone bombed it to smithereens. While in neighboring Israel an angry mob is on the lose, asking for the head of dictator Netanyahu, and the West, to not be able to accused of inconsistency, of course, ... does nothing. Not even a small nuke ...

Actually, believe it or not, but the Democrats are really planning to ignore the results of the upcoming Presidential Elections, if Trump wins. This is how explosive the situation in the United States is. And, of course, all media will blame it on Trump and on how good it is that the democratically elected government is removed. Watch the video of The Duran:

Will Democrats accept election loss? New report says no

Some minor news. Trump tries to block Chinese spy-ware TikTok. Well, in the news he is sabled down (classical Trump bashing). But, what are exactly the reasons Trump tries to do that? Watch this video:
                      Why President Trump Is Banning TikTok "THIS Is Why President Trump Is Banning TikTok"
Tiktok is directly spying for the Chinese government. Of course, the American government is also spying on us (everybody is always spying on everybody). The thing is, that is our government. Very bad, but not half as bad as being spied on by a foreign government!


You know CoFlu19 is all total and utter crap, when we are supposed to applaud for all health workers, in a nice agitprop style propaganda
and then, the regime actually pays bonuses to ... the managers (that is, party members). It is what we call a chutzpah. Those that take the risk (whether imagined or not) see no compensation. Those that just do politics and management, self-enrich. Classic communism. But is what happened in The Netherlands (and I suspect in many other places as well).
                      managers bonus, workers nothing "Zorgmanagers krijgen bonus, personeel krijgt niks: 'Slecht voor verhoudingen op de werkvloer'" (care managers get bonus, personnel gets nothing 'bad for ambience at the workfloor')
Or this
Albert Heijn "Zaans zorgpersoneel boos over bonusregeling voor managers" (Zaan health workers angry about bonus system for managers)

But the protests keep piling up, also of health experts. There are now so many whistle-blowers that we can no longer ignore them all. Examples:
Timothy Rivers Timothy Rivers
Respected Yale Professor
                      reveals something media doesn't want you to know "Respected Yale Professor reveals something media doesn't want you to know" (about the benefits of hydrochloroquine).
a "Association of American Physicians & Surgeons (AAPS) Sues the FDA to End Its Arbitrary Restrictions on Hydroxychloroquine"
a "Médicos da Espanha denunciam possível fraude mundial e questionam “pandemia”" (Doctors of Spain denounce possible fraude and question 'pandemic')
covid fraud "Reguengos de Monsaraz. Relatora do inquérito diz que maioria morreu de desidratação" (Regeungos de Mosaraz. Survey rapporteur says most died of dehydration)

It is also becoming apparent that if you close down health institutes you get more deaths. It seems very obvious, but some people see benefits in lockdowns, believe it or not
                      healthcare is bad for health "Foi o Julho com mais mortes em 12 anos. Covid-19 só explica 1,5% dos óbitos" (It was the July with most deaths in twelve years. Covid19 only explains 1.5% of them).

And coming back to conspiracy thinking. Here is the Dutch Minister that explains in very plain words that wearing mask is not for your health, but to induce change of behavior. And this is exactly the point. Psychopaths, or megalomaniacs, think that they have the right to change other people's behavior. because they are all-wise and they know what is good for you. And you are stupid and you do not even know it (because you are stupid). (They, of course, do not apply it to themselves, that they might be stupid and not know it). Well, anyway, here is Dutch Minister Van Ark, explaining how and why to indoctrinate people:

And to show you how it is all part of a fascisto-communist takeover, here is a nice video:
Indiana Makes Not
                      Wearing Mask a Class B Misdemeanor, Punishable by
                      6 Months in Jail "Indiana Makes Not Wearing Mask a Class B Misdemeanor, Punishable by 6 Months in Jail" (jail time for disobeying the regime!)
Spanish police hunts down couple that avoided
                      covid test "Spaanse politie jaagt op koppel om ontduiken coronatest" (Spanish police hunts down couple that avoided covid test). Now not being covid-tested is the same as bombing a Spanish train station by ETA. Nice, Spain. Fascist times all over again.


With an absolutely flawless race, Max Verstappen left two Mercedeses eating his dust in the Sunday Grand Prix on Silverstone. Magnificent race. By choosing hard tires for the qualifying on Saturday he could start with these on Sunday, which gave the small edge over the technically better Mercedeses. Thus we can call this result really brilliant.

                    Verstappen Silverstone
(click on image to visit page of nbcsports.com)

And to link sports to politics: sportsman should just do sports and for the rest, just enjoy the moment. The worst is a sportsman, like Lewis Hamilton, privileged all his life to do what all men would like to do, driving around in a super fast car -- and he drives the fastest car of them all -- and then kneel down for Black Lives Matter. An enormous hypocrite pr***. And that brings us to the rant of the week: Travis Ludlow and his rant on Lewis Hamilton:
Travis Ludlow on Lewis Hamilton