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2020 / August / 01
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This week we do not start with the stupid virus scare. Although it is still very important, something far more important happened. There is already some action behind the scenes to create a Great Reset (see World Economic Forum video on Youtube). This week information reached us that a Federal Court in teh United States declared Bitcoin to be money.
Bitcoin is money "Bitcoin Is a Form of Money in DC, Federal Court Rules"
The impact on the financial system is enormous, the magnitude of the event cannot be clearly seen now, but it is huge. (Or, as Trump would say "yuge!"). Why is it so significant? Well, modern money is always accompanied by an institute, a centralized office somewhere that is trusted and that 'stamps' the money. In this way we have faith that the money will be accepted by others (who'll accept it for the same reason we did, namely the trust that it will be accepted elsewhere). Modern money in itself has no intrinsic value and only has some market value because people believe it has market value. You can smell a rat here that "what if the faith wavers?". In that case it will immediately crash (and in modern times it can happen in a couple of nanoseconds). Real money -- with intrinsic value -- does not have this problem. Gold, for instance, has intrinsic value (costs real joules to mine and mint) and does not need a centralized authority. At best, we'd like somebody to verify it is really gold. The problem of having a centralized agency is that this agency has too much power and we have seen that they abuse this power to self enrichment.

The Federal Reserve (which is not federal nor has any reserves!) or the European Central Bank (which is not a state institute, but a private enterprise) started printing money out of thin air and doling it out to their friends. It is a criminal enterprise by all interpretations of teh word 'criminal'. Central banks sign contracts (that piece of paper in your wallet), or more precise 'deeds', which are unilateral contracts. Such contracts need so-called 'consideration'. A contract or deed must promise something! Yet, their contracts -- banknotes -- promise nothing. Look at it, if you do not believe me, take a note of the European Central Swindlers out of your wallet. What is written above the signature? Nothing! (Or what? They promise a European flag?!)

20 euro note

By this criminal enterprise you and I see our wealth shrink by the money press (that's what you get with swindles; you lose wealth). Yet, we have no power to interfere, because the governments are all held ransom by this money scheme. Mr.
Godfrey Bloom, MP of teh European Union, understands it. "All the banks are broke":

"The whole banking system is a scam" - Godfrey Bloom

Love the word 'chicanery'.

Now, we need some kind of 'gold standard'. We do need money, namely as a lubricant to the economy. But it must be without a central agency. How to do that? We could go back to gold, but that is rather complicated and cumbersome to pay with pieces of gold in teh shop. We need something more convenient. Something modern. Yet, something that cannot be tampered with. And something that is not from any centralized authority. Something more democratic, in which we are all equal.

And now we have bitcoin. It has the storage value needed: Like gold, every bitcoin takes an amount of energy to produce. It has the decentralized property: There is no central agency. Everybody using it is also part of the authority. As long as the majority of users says person A transferred money to person B this money is transferred. There is no (central) bank holding a ledger and doing the bookkeeping how much money everybody has. Everybody holds the ledger. What is (was) missing is that people consider it money. (Remember, also gold was accepted as a means of payment only because people started seeing it as a means of payment, trusting it can be used for future purchases. Nobody needs the gold!)

And now it has been declared money! This means the final hurdle has been taken away. People will trust this money if it is officially declared money. Well, anyway, Bitcoin was unstoppable because the fiat (non)money we use everyday started seriously failing, with the absurdity of negative interest as an example.


Back to CoFlu19. Yes, the virus still keeps us busy. Governments still use it to increase their fascist grip on all of us. The virus is long gone (in Europe), but the fear-mongering tactics still remain. To give you and idea, to put things in perspective: In a normal flu season, about 22 million Americans catch it. On a world scale that would thus be about 500 million. At this moment, 1st of August 2020, about half a year into the (non)pandemic, precisely 17,740,013 million people in teh world have been infected by CoFlu19 (see: https://covid19info.live/). That is extremely few people. Assuming it is because of lockdown (which it might not be; I seriously suspect so) and knowing that none of the lockdown measures actually avoids a single case of infection, it means we still have for at least 14 years of fear-mongering in store for us. Prepare yourself. This is indeed teh new normal. Psychopathic leaders trying to destroy your life any way they can. Why? Well, why do dogs lick their balls ... ? Because they can!

There is a problem. Nobody is dying anymore. Those that were easily killed (culled?) are now dead. And we seem to have herd immunity. In fact, a vaccination makes no sense, because a vaccine cannot be developed because it cannot be tested ... for lack of people (not yet infected) to test it on. You cannot make this shite up:
not enough people to test vaccine on "UK media: COVID-19 'disappearing' so fast Oxford vaccine has 50% chance of working"

We are now back to business as usual. See the graph of deaths the last week in the statistics done by Euromomo. It is back to normal. No need for any political measures. None. Zero. Zilch. Nop. Nada. Niente.

Euromomo statistics for Europe

Here in Europe they can still find many 'cases' (which people easily confuse with 'infections', which they are not!) by simply testing more people. Knowing that about 1% of tests are false positives, teh trick is in increased testing. Test everybody in Europe (500 million people) on a daily basis and you get 5 million 'cases' a day, without anybody being ill. And you can present it on TV as an increased pandemic. And your rights should be taken away. And your wealth. And STFU.

STFU. If you are an expert and you say something against the official narrative, you are being silenced by the system. It really happens. Under your noses. here is a video at Bitchute that was constantly removed from Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Some doctors that said something that is not what they should have said if they wanted to be good citizens. Of course, deleting it made it go viral. So, let me also contribute. I have not even seen the entire video, but hey, I'll show the link here, just to spite our regime:

And to link this fraudulent CoFlu19 scheme to the fraudulent fiat-money scheme mentioned in the previous section, take a look at this. CoFlu19 help-fund, a.k.a. communist/mafia slush fund: If you do not obey, on your knees, our pan-global political NWO neo-Bolshevik agenda, you will be cut off from our money sources and in the fiat-money scheme we have created, it means your imminent death. I feel sorry for Lukashenko and Belorussians. They will be scarified at the altar of Bolshevism.
CoFlu19 slush fund "World Bank/IMF Exposed: COVID Aid Conditional On Imposing Extreme Lockdowns, Curfews" (emphasis by EN).

Other dissident voices:
Elite scientists warned Trump "An Elite Group Of Scientists Tried To Warn Trump Against Lockdowns In March"
Ioannidis warns "John Ioannidis Warned COVID-19 Could Be a 'Once-In-A-Century' Data Fiasco. He Was Right"
medic speaking up (German)"Die Verantwortlichen zur Rechenschaft ziehen" - Dr. med. Walter Weber bei Demo in Leipzig, 30.5.20
medics speaking out "America's Frontline Doctors Summit - Session 1"
psychology of CoFlu19  (German)"Prof. Franz Ruppert - The impact of teh pandemic from a psychological point of view"
Yet, if you want a good laugh, listen here to how they pronounce "the big mask debate".
The big
                  mask debate "Too much mask debating can be a sore subject"
Admit it, you were hearing something different, weren't you?

International politics

But why do they do this? Why do they fearmonger with CoFlu19? The answer is simple and explained here at a speech of Prager University.
"The left needs the policy of fear. There is nothing scientific about socialism. What we need is panic. FDR said 'I can do all this kind of stuff because of the depression'. And since the 1970 the left is like 'we're running out of food'. In the 80s, nuclear apocalypse. In the 90s the ozone layer. The last twenty years, climate change, teh oceans are rising. And now coronavirus. The idea is the same. We want to take rationale people and create a crowd stampede. They submit to irrationality ... and the left thrives". See video
dictatorship always arises from chaos "Dictatorship always arises from chaos"

Or listen to this video:

How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World - The Epoch Times

From this video, checked on Wikipedia. Alexander Fraser Tytler:
"A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship.

The average age of the world's greatest civilizations from the beginning of history has been about 200 years. During those 200 years, these nations always progressed through the following sequence: From bondage to spiritual faith; From spiritual faith to great courage; From courage to liberty; From liberty to abundance; From abundance to selfishness; From selfishness to complacency; From complacency to apathy; From apathy to dependence; From dependence back into bondage."
Seems we are now going from apathy to dependence to bondage at this moment.

In the United States they have incited people to so much hate against Trump and his followers (which are a majority) that the opposition factually changed from fascism into Nazism and started Kristallnacht'ing and killing their opponents:
Trump fan killed "Black Community Elder Shot to Death ‘Execution Style’ Hours After Pro-Trump Interview"
This is what the world has gone to. So much virtue signalling for Germany that you are willing to kill teh Jews. Fast-forward to 2020 and you are willing to kill Trump fans.

The US had a wave of Black Lives Matter movement (which was earlier exposed as Marxist terrorism). Now, this black guy, exposes it as "BLM is a total joke!"
BLM is a total joke "
BLM (OPEN CARRY FAIL)" (BLM is a total joke)
This is the winner of the stallinga.org Rant-of-the-week Award.
I like the phrase "African Americans who wanna do a race war do not understand mathematics: Whites make up 61% of American society. And they make up 88% of legal gun owners. That means white people have more guns than black people". A sad truth. At the end it boils down to who has more guns ...

Be this person. The one
on the left is just as courageous to stand up against fascism now as it was against fascism back then (right person). It takes courage to stand up to it. Do not give 'the sign of obedience'. You can feel the social pressure. But do not waver. History will prove you right:
be this person be this person

stand up against fascism.
Do not give the sign of obedience
Do not go with the crowd!

In another part of the world, it has become publicly known that the arranged 'coup' or 'putsch', paid for by the European Union and teh United States (by admission of Victoria Nuland, that made a nice remark about "fuck the European Union", remember? Victoria Nuland. F**k the EU), was in fact funded by an organized criminal group:
Ukraine putsch "Former Poroshenko ally admits Euromaidan in 2014 was entirely funded by 'organized criminal group'"

Back tot he United States. Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Facebook) has been put in court for lying to Congress. Really? Yes, really!
Mark Zuckerberg faces prison "Facebook CEO Zuckerberg LIED to Congress, Republican tells DOJ ahead of major hearing on Big Tech"
Some fact checking. It is true. Straight from the mouth of the horse:
Mark Zuckerberg in court "Congressman Matt Gaetz Files Criminal Referral Against Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg"
The problem is that he lied in Congress about his company not being biased. Facebook is biased. It follows the NWO agenda. This everybody that tried to post something against the agenda on FB already knew.

For Dutch readers, please listen to Sven Hulleman. He nails it. Ah, what a pleasure to listen to ...:

Sven Hulleman - Een Oorlog Reeds Verloren: Het Westen wankelt!

You see (it)? Many people see it. You are not alone. People can feel there is something brewing. (Frida [ex ABBA] singing: "I know there's something going on"). You are not crazy. And you're not a conspiracy thinker for asking questions.
Keep strong, people. Healthy body and a healthy mind.

covid is boring