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2020 / July / 27
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Remember all those people who called us, thinkers, 'conspiracy thinkers'? "Hey, Mr. Stallinga take off your tin foil hat". Well, guess what? They are wearing this now:

Tin foil hat

They obey. Have stopped thinking. And if tomorrow they are told to rub dog shit into their faces, "for their own good", they will. And they will shout at everybody not smelling of dog shit. How sillier the order from above, the more you can show your total and utter loyalty and obedience. Theya re even willing to switch off any thinking capacity. You can show your obedience by not thinking, and then, by teh absence of opposition, we can become united and strong "Ignorance is strength".
Ignorance is strength
From: George Orwell, 1984

To show you I am not joking, here is teh main editor, Pieter Klok, of the daily journal Volkskrant in The Netherlands who advocates not passing any opposing views (or facts) in his newspaper, because it is important to show a coherent story in these difficult times. "You have to chose a narrative and then stick to it"
View Page Hoofdredacteur de Volkskrant, Pieter Klok, advocating uniformity (conformity) in teh news. (I.e., fascism).

Well well, teh government is right and it is important to propagate the narrative of teh government. Thank you, comrade Klok. (I feel sorry for the people that actually paid for a subscription to this newspaper that openly admits brainwashing you).

The CoFlu19 pandemic, that never was, now has no cases. It has turned out to be fully a normal corona (flu) wave. (I will not even call it a pandemic, because the number of cases was too low for that).
But why do governments everywhere not change their policies? Why was it first "flatten the curve' and then when the curve dropped it was 'eradicate the virus' and now that the virus is as good as eradicated it is 'prevent second wave'. So, now we are keeping from our human rights for no reason whatsoever. Why not admit "OK, that was a scare, but at the end it was nothing serious!"
Teh reason is what is called 'escalation of commitment'. Once a person has invested prestige in defending a point of view, this person will keep on investing personal pride in it. We can only take back our rights by the ballot box (which they will try to prevent) or by the bullet. Ballot or bullet, no other options. They are never, ever, going to give us back our rights. Don't think "I have been a nice obedient citizen, now the leaders will reward me by giving back my rights and freedoms". Don't be naive.
And it is very unlikely we will achieve anything by the ballot. Look at this. Did you vote for our leader?

Von der leyen, zero votes!

Why do you think in the next round of voting suddenly somebody will appear that has your approval?! You must be a special kind of naive.

They will keep on silencing opposition. Nobody is allowed to speak, unless approved by the regime. For teh moment EN is not yet blacklisted. But it will. Let me for instance show this fact. In the Netherlands they shout that "number of positive cases doubled in one week!!". This is, in fact, true. See here number of reported patients:
RIVM psotive test cases: zoom
However, when we zoom out, we see the full picture:

Suddenly we see it is just noise. Moreover, the number of tests have increased dramatically over teh last weeks. Considering teh amount of false positives (see EN of last week), this might well be teh cause for teh increase.
There is nowhere anywhere at any moment data to give grounds for panic. Also there exist nowhere any theoretical information for grounds for panic. What exists is a political wish for panic and some data engineers and system modelers that serve the political wishes. An example is Ferguson that came with a modeled prediction that half a million British would die, even if full lock down measures were taken. Well, it is closer to a normal 50 thousand deaths, reasonable for a flu wave.

Yet, it has created an atmosphere in which small-minded people can finally get rid of their inferiority complex and, as guards in shopping centers, etc. can tell you that you should obey to wear your mask (that has no scientific proven benefit), or be psychically thrown out of the shop. Such tiny people actually enjoy it. They are in fascism like fish in the water. But, hey, wait a second,
why masks

It is obvious that masks are not required to stop any virus (because there is no scientific proof for that), nor to flatten the curve (because it would be to increase the amount of infections; flat is flat), nor to avoid infections (because it'd only delay infections and not avoid them). Mask are mandatory after the peak was over. Masks have only one purpose: to show your obedience and continue with teh idea that all your rights and freedom are by the grace of your government. You do not have basic rights. Only you government can grant them, if it so wishes. This idea should be hammered in.

Not so long time ago teh (alleged) world health authority (WHO) told us that wearing masks has no effect:
W.H.O. masks

In the meantime, while teh virus in teh UK will cause only 50 thousand deaths (normal), the measures against CoFlu19 will cause 200 thousand deaths per year:
200 thousand deaths UK  "200,000 people could die because of delays in healthcare and economic effects of coronavirus lockdown, report warns"
In Portugal, 39 million visits to teh doctor were postponed. 93 thousand surgery procedures canceled.
healtcare delayed  "3.9 million consultations and 93,000 surgeries canceled. “People are in need of help now”, warns Order of Medics"
Teh entire story of CoFlu19 collapse like a house of cards.
Where is teh covid evidence "Month Four of the Panic: Where Is the Evidence?"

International politics

Well, somebody is draining the swamp. Whether you believe it or not. Everywhere the Weinsteins, Epsteins and all other steins are removed. The walls are closing in on them. Now we have Ghislaine Maxwell. And if she does not ... erm .. commit suicide ... shit is going to hit the fan. Documents are found to be permissible in court:
Maxwell documents allowed "Epstein floodgates open as judge rules explosive docs detailing Ghislaine Maxwell's sex life can be UNSEALED in Virginia Giuffre's defamation case within a week"
Epstein, accused of having organized an extortion racket, with some very big palyers involved. Take a look at this:
Epstein judge dead  "Suspect Who Shot Family Of Judge Investigating Deutsche Bank-Jeffrey Epstein Case Found Dead"
This is big. Or as Trump would say, "Yuge!"

In teh meantime, teh CoFlu19 scam is used to skim all added value of teh workers. Everything is confiscated. Then given back through the communist Polit Bureau channels. And we are supposed to thank these leaders on our knees for the help (paid from our own money!) for fighting the covid crisis (which they created). It is a classic chutzpah! Or as I myself posted on Fecesbook:

There has been a breakthrough in Brussels. We have seen the white smoke. There is an agreement. Hurray!
"390 billion in gifts, 360 billion in loans [or vice versa, who gives a F]. Hurray, we will receive money for our misery. Praise the EU! Hail to our leaders!" And, it is presented by the commissioners (apparatchiks) of the European Union and media (propaganda outlets) alike.

However, I want to point out that:

- Money that is given without a loan does not exist. It is ALWAYS a debt. Money is debt and debt is money. What they mean to say is that, for instance, Germany takes out a loan and then gives the money to the Italians. Germans will be indebted and Italians will party.

- It is a zero sum game. If some receive, others will give. They make it sound as if everybody receives, but it isn't! Everybody donates money into a jar, which is then distributed over the countries.

- Taxes will go up or the money is printed out of nothing, which is fundamentally the same thing! (They reduce your buying power). So, German citizens, for instance, will pay 400 billion euros in extra tax, which the European Union then gives back: 300 billion to the citizens in "CoFlu19 help funds". This is a cigar from your own box. With a significant part clipped off for the European Union apparatchiks to waste on communist megalomaniac useless projects. The cigar goes up in smoke! (Pun intended). Watch out for tell-tale words: 'sustainability', 'green economy', 'innovation', 'future', 'equality' (of all sorts). Etc. You are being had by swindlers.

A very sad day for democracy and liberty.

Right. As Pink Floyd sings "The lunatic is in the hall. The paper holds their folded faces to the floor. And every day the paperboy brings more".

Stay safe, people. Stay sound. Physically and mentally. The world needs you!

Doesn't matter