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2020 / July / 18
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CoFlu19 is still the main topic this week. We are now several months into the 'pandemic' (that never was). It was supposed to be a killer virus. We were all going to die. However, not much happened. Elderly people died. And while that is regrettable (every death is a tragedy), we must live with the fact that there is still no cure for life. Optimistically, and to make the calculation easy -- Earthling News is not ashamed of being lazy -- a person lives 100 years. That means 1% of the population dies every year. So far, in all countries this number is within rather normal ranges.

That means that something went seriously wrong. We wrecked the entire economy. And economy is what is keeping people alive; wrecking it will cause many collateral deaths. Preventable deaths, there where deaths from flu-like diseases are not so easily prevented. One can more or less say that every two million euros of economy is equivalent to one life. The GDP of Europe is 23 trillion. It dropped about 10%, so that is 2.3 trillion euros. That is, about a million people will die somewhere in the world because of the lockdown measures in Europe.

About 200 thousand people died in Europe (allegedly) of CoFlu19, we can see that the economical effect overshadow the effects of teh virus. And the flu deaths are not preventable. This should give you some food for thought.
CoFlu19 statistics CoFlu19 statistics about Europe

This week the oped is about the reason how can it be that we blundered our way into this madness?
The reason might be the structure of our society. We have created a perfect technocracy! It is a society that is ultra-bureaucratic, where nobody is responsible for anything anymore. All decisions are made by institutes instead of people. And these institutes are populated by non-elected officials, 'experts'. (But experts that graduated in schools that are also themselves technocratically organized).
Technocracy Technocracy (Wikipedia)
Invented in the 1920s, "Technocracy is an ideological system of governance in which a decision-maker or makers are elected by the population or appointed on the basis of their expertise in a given area of responsibility, particularly with regard to scientific or technical knowledge."

In such organizations, no single person has any autonomy or decision power. Every decision is the result of meetings, reports, and programs. An example is the European Union that makes a pluriannual plan (the current one is Horizons 2020, part of teh New World Order program 'Agenda 21'). They decide that the agenda is to have a 'knowledge-based economy'. They write a report with 'milestones' and 'deliverables', which basically translates to instructing subcommittees to implement the agenda. These subcommittees then use the same technocratic tools (meetings, reports ad programs) to percolate the agenda downwards. At the bottom the workers on teh workfloor report that everything was very well implemented. (If, on the other hand, a worker points out the entire idea is stupid, the worker finds a dead-end in his career, and is often ostracized by colleagues. "STFU; You want to put our source of income at risk?!").

Once a decision is taken at the top, the train starts rolling and there is no way back. It must run, even if it becomes obvious the train will wreck. This is what happened at the WHO:

The NWO had decided that they will tackle health in the world. A subcommittee is the WHO that has a subcommittee "Preventable Diseases'. This subcommittee makes a program and an agenda with a time line. People must be vaccinated! Because once the idea was proposed it started rolling. (Inspired by small pox eradication in teh world by vaccination. Now every illness is seen as vaccinatable, even if this is full nonsense. A problem arises with RNA viruses like influenza and corona, that cannot be treated by vaccination). The train rolls.

So, now they had a subcommittee about epidemics. They had the bureaucratic task to label possible outbreaks. Classes ranging from A to D. A is teh worst; things like Ebola and teh Bubonic Pest. D is the slightest. It is a cold and flu.
The committee wrote reports and made 'protocols'. That means that it is itemized what everybody should do in every circumstance. This takes the (difficult) decision making out of the hands of the people and puts them into bureaucracy. It is a list: "If X happens, Y should be informed to start program Z".

They tested the protocols in a 'conference of experts' called Event 201 in October 2019 (see last week's edition of EN). Everything ran smoothly. They were ready for a pandemic.

Fast forward 2020. They detected a virus in China that could be dangerous. They did not know what it was. Some people died.
The ball started rolling. The train left teh station.

So, China, member of the WHO, informed teh WHO (as protocol demands). The WHO looked at the protocol what to do. It was written something like "If you do not know what the virus is, label it 'class A'". This is what they did.
Secretaries, without any knowledge, looked at the protocols what to do. "Inform WHO member countries about teh outbreak of a class-A virus". Maximum precaution. (As if it was Ebola).
Regional and national health agencies and committees (like RIVM in the Netherlands) received the information and looked in the protocols what to do: "Inform government about the pandemic; government is instructed to start a propaganda campaign to change people's behavior in order to help combat the virus".
The governments receive this information and look at the protocol what to do. "Instruct news outlets to only pass government news. Tell them that this is very important, because we need to be all united to fight the threat".

The common cold (that corona is) has now been treated as if it were Ebola!
CoFlu19 hazmat suit
Hazmat suit donned to approach a patient with a common cold

Mind you, in this series, nobody took any decision. It is was just doing what is in the protocols. And nobody can actually do anything but execute teh protocols. There were some weaving errors in teh system, apparently Sweden had a different protocol. Only very few managed to take a human-based non-technocratic decision. For instance Belarus. They wiped their asses with the protocols. (And are now showing in our faces how stupid technocracy is). A politicians not following the guidelines of the protocols is as good as committing political suicide. Nothing to gain, yet everything to lose. If later it all turned out to be a ruse, the politician will just say "Not my guilt; I was just following orders!". Jawohl Herr
Obersturmbannführer. Your Nuremberg Tribunal awaits. (We are just going to follow our protocols!)

To give you some idea of numbers:

Using the accuracy of the CoFlu19 antibody test (which is much more accurate than the used PCR test), which has a false-positive rate of about 1.2%. This is shown here in an imaginary population of 1000 tested people with 5% infected. It'd give 12 cases of false-positive. (For 0% infected, the number might be 12 or 13, but not much higher).

Antibody testing
Antibody tests Antibody test accuracy

Now, in the United States Trump was saying that we should test less. And he is fully right. (Trump is the only wise leader in the world). Consider this: they did 45 million tests in the U.S. Even if nobody was infected, there'd be a whopping 540 thousand confirmed (!) CoFlu19 cases! And Tedros of the WHO repeating his pandemic (schmandemic) rhetoric daily on TV.

Imagine there'd be a single suspected case in Faro (100 k inhabitants). They'd test people and find some 'positive'. All contacts of this person should be tested too. Soon they'd test the entire city and 'find' 1200 cases. And a sure lockdown with all your rights taken away, being shouted at by Obersturmbannführers. Yet, nobody ill.

And if they constantly tested the entire United States (328 million people), they'd find a constant 3.9 million people infected (without anybody ill). This is why Tedros (and Gates and all psychopathic megalomaniac leaders) insist on testing as a good measure. The virus will never ever go away. And we are in their gestapo rule forever. Testing and vaccination.

It is an eternal source of guaranteed revenue, best known as 'a swindle'.

And this is a best-case scenario. In reality they use PCR tests which are notoriously more unreliable. Our own estimate is that it has a false-positive rate of 30%. I remind the readers that if you have a test with a false-positive rate not much lower than the expected correct-positive rate, your entire testing scheme is useless! Imagine 1% of the people are really infected, but there are 10% false-positives. You will never be able to find out how many people are infected and, more important, who factually is infected. You'll have a constant pandemic. (A pandemic needs only 0.015% infected).

Yet, people all lap it up unquestioningly. You can make people do anything. They so much want to obey the master, in some cases it becomes laughable:
I can't breathe
                ... with my mask on!
"I can't breathe ... with my mask on!"

Please look at last week's EN to see another example of technocracy, how teh European Commission plans a vaccination program, with a timeline and deliverables and all:
EC technocracy

European Union technocracy. Are we seeing the picture, yet?

So, from which direction can we get help? Where is technocracy not yet fully implemented? Well, maybe Belarus (Lukashenko). Maybe Brazil (Bolsonaro). And maybe the United States (Trump).

For Dutch readers. Please look at the video of Weltschmerz that explains it all:
Weltschmerz "Gesprek over Brandbrief van 17000 burgers, medici en zorgpersoneel" (Conversation about urgent letter from 17,000 citizens, medics and healt personnel)

International Politics

In spite of what you may think (there is a technocratic agenda to have Biden elected and Trump removed, by impeachment or any other means, including media propaganda), Trump is enormously popular. He gets stadiums full, even in times of corona panic.
Trump Rally
Trump rally "Goosebumps !!"

The idea that Biden will easily win is as silly as the observation in 2016 that Clinton had a 16-point lead in the polls.

Local News

In the Netherlands, the trial against the suspects of the MH17 downing is becoming a fiasco. The entire case depends on the 'evidence' supplied by Bellingcat. This one-man-band 'researcher' (paid by the CIA) has been for years looking on social media for clues that "the Russians did it!". Now, in the same style, witnesses (two Ukrainian women in BBC videos, nearly immediately removed) said they saw that MH17 was taken down by a fighter yet. Moreover, the alleged 'admission' of guilt telephone conversation have shown to be doctored. (Now, why would you need to doctor the evidence if the truth is clear that the Russians did it?). The entire process stinks. And now other phone taps have been revealed:
Ukrainian fighter shot
                    MH17 down "Spectaculaire telefoontaps: ‘Oekraïense straaljager schoot MH17 neer’" (Spectacular phone taps: Ukrainian jet fighter shot MH17 down).

What is missing in teh process is the classic detective MOM analysis: Means, Opportunity and Motivation. Who fits all three descriptions, is a suspect. Russia is not a suspect. It would be very difficult to find a motivation, and quite difficult to find an opportunity. Some say the means used did not belong to Russia. However, Ukraine had the means (BUK missile launchers of correct type and with trained personnel), it had the opportunity (means were there at the kill zone) and the motivation (false flag to drag USA into war with Russia).
Striking Ukraine from the suspect list is a travesty of justice. Relatives of the deceased will never get closure and know who actually killed their relatives.

Terrorist bunch
Prime suspects for the MH17 downing

A wise man once said nothing