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2020 / July / 11
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To give you a clue as to what CoFlu19 is all about, here is teh European Commission in March 2019 discussing how to indoctrinate people to accept vaccination. I mean, which of these two scenarios fit the document best?
1) We the Commission of Europe listen to our citizens and implement their democratic wishes
2) We the Commission of Europe see the people as a herd that has to be managed by us:

European Council vaccination policy

How convenient we got an outbreak of a disease not even one year later. An event that was moreover dry-ran in a simulation some months before:

Event 201
Event 201 "Event 201", a dry-run of a pandemic mind control program.

"Just a coincidence here, people, nothing to see, just move on". I mean, they are not even ashamed of it anymore. In their megalomaniacal mind they might even think they are doing the planet a favor. One way or another -- psychopaths or megalomaniacs -- I am sure they give each other coveted prizes for political achievements.
Obama decorating Biden
medal of psychopaths "These Are the Known Recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom With Distinction"

And, anyway, teh European Commission starts its reasoning from teh false premise that influenza-like diseases (that corona is) are preventable by vaccination. They aren't because they are single-stranded RNA viruses in contrast to really preventable double-stranded DNA diseases like smallpox. RNA viruses mutate very fast, too fast for any vaccination to be effective. As we have seen for other influenza viruses. Assuming that the European
Commission knows what it is doing -- and it is not mere incompetence -- they can only be labelled as megalomaniacal control freaks.

They had a plan to 'flatten-the-curve' by lockdowns, which, at first seems logical, is also nonsense, because it will not avoid a single case of infection, it merely flattens and stretches the curve, teh integral would be the same (as shown in last week's edition of EN):

flatten and stretch the curve

It would have made sense if it was to avoid
overburdening the health system. But for sure that was not the reason, because
1) The health system was never overburdened
2) Investing rapidly and heavily in the health system would be economically better than wrecking the economy by lockdowns. Instead, millions of people in healthcare sector lost their job for lack of work!
Millions lose job in healthcare "As Hospitals Lose Revenue, More Than A Million Health Care Workers Lose Jobs"
3) They would have stopped the lockdowns when the curve dropped too much (see green curve above)
After the curves went down, suddenly the narrative changed to "until the virus has been eradicated from the known universe". It shows the measures were to test your obedience and had no positive health effects anywhere.

And how bad will the economical measures hit the world? Bad. Very bad. Directly, simply by loss of production, about 12 thousand people will die in teh world every day. That toll is much higher than any CoFlu19 toll.
                                          thousand will die from hunger
visit page "Thousands may die daily from hunger due to Covid-19 - and SA is a new hotspot"
"The organisation estimates that by the end of the year, 12 000 people across the globe could die each day from hunger linked to Covid-19."

It is to be expected that we will get a second wave and a new lockdown. Just to beat your resistance into pulp. If not the same virus, then a new virus. And probably a much worse one. Imagine our luck, to get hit by two super-deadly viruses within one year. Well, if you understand teh world, you'd know the odds are ... about 100%

bubonic plague coming
                              page "Bubonic plague to unknown pneumonia, here's what scientists fear after coronavirus"
Throw in the word 'scientist' and everybody is convinced, even though no science is involved anywhere, only data manipulation. (Ask them a simple question what hypothesis was faslified!)

Well, let's ask teh experts, how many people were saved by lockdowns? None!
visit page "Nobel Prize winner [Michael Levitt]: Coronavirus lockdowns cost lives instead of saving them"
visit page "Coronavirus: Why everyone was wrong" (Beda M Stadler, former director of the Institute for Immunology at the University of Bern). Genau so!
visit page "600 Physicians Say Lockdowns Are A ‘Mass Casualty Incident’"
Meaning, if you give support to these psychopaths in government, you are abetting genocide. It is as simple as that!
In any case, people have the right to believe what they want. They can lock themselves down as much as they want. They can quit their jobs, starving at home, or ask for help from philanthropists. They can stick to the TV watching fear-pandering idiots all day. What they cannot do is demanding others to believe the same, force them at home, and confiscate the fruit of their work. You cannot take people's freedoms away. Some 200 years ago there was a country that separated itself from feudal overlords, and said under the motto "No taxation without representation", or the better phrase (by Founding Father Patrick Henry on March 23, 1775)
visit page "Give me liberty or give me death!"

nal Politics

Guterres speech
"Global Wake-Up Call, by António Guterres"

June 26 2020. Ueber-communist Guterres demands a global governance (with he himself leading, I strongly suspect, megalomaniacal psychopath that he is).
"The pandemic, as horrible as it is, must be a wake-up call that prompts all political leaders to understand that our assumptions and approaches have to change, and that division is a danger to everyone."
That is the definition of fascism, dear Mr. Guterres! Let's all join to be strong. E pluribus unum.
"This understanding could lead people to recognize that the only way to address global fragilities is through much more robust mechanisms of global governance with international cooperation."
Fascism! With forced cooperation. Or else, suffer the consequences. You aint seen no covid yet! Cooperate or gulag. Your choice!
Guterres speech "Global Wake-Up Call, by António Guterres"

At the same United Nations headquarters, the Joker Boris Johnson, held a speech what lays in front of us. Pan-global control. (Before you watch teh video, note that he is using a cunning technique of jumping from a truth directly into a lie. "Because small pox was eradicated by vaccination so any disease can be eradicated by vaccination". Mr. Johnson, smallpox is a DNA virus, corona is an RNA virus. Study science and learn why vaccinations do not work on the latter before you try to baboon us into submitting to your regime as overlord, stupid puppet!
Boris Johnson at UN
                revealing the NWO agenda
                  Johnson revealing teh NWO agenda to us "Boris Johnson confirms Microchips, nanobots and New World Order"
BJ: "In future there will be nowhere to hide [from us] ... Round teh clock surveillance" (It is not as if they do not warn you; it is not a secret conspiracy, but an open agenda. "For your own good!")

In another part of teh world, the Russian collusion hoax has been finally legally exposed as a hoax. The so-called 'dodgy dossier' if Steele that was used in smearing Donald Trump in teh elections campaign of 2016 has now been fully debunked by a British court.
That means that all conspiracy thinkers that believed Donald Trump to conspire with the Russians have also been exposed as gullible idiots.
The Duran Russia gate "UK court TRASHES Steele, says former spy clearly worked for Hillary Clinton"
The illegal machinations of Clinton, trying to frame Trump as her 'plan B' (since she started to perceive she was losing), also exposed. Remember, this dossier was brought to the attention of Barack Obama who used it to order teh FBI and CIA to spy on Trump. These people, Clinton and Obama, as well as the heads of the FBI and CIA should be impeached for high treason, for conspiring against the United States.

The swamp had trialed Stone for collusion with the Russian, together with Trump. At the end they could not find anything, but jailed him anyway, because he might have said "f**k you" somewhere on the way, so now he is in jail for contempt of court, or something like that. Trump pardoned him. Well done, correcting the travesty of justice done by the swamp.

We'd nearly forgot, with all that corona-nonsense, the climate! Last week on all propaganda channels the mentioning that it is terrible hot at the polar circle. 38 C. Well, that sometimes happens. What is less frequent is snow in that exact same region in July. Yet, it happened.
Pole of Cold
              district that recently recorded desert-like heat of +38C
              now sees snow
Snow in July in Verkhoyansk "Pole of Cold district that recently recorded desert-like heat of +38C now sees snow"

In teh meantime Ghislaine Maxwell is still alive. Will she spill her beans? Will she be 'suicided'? No news to report at the moment, but EN will keep you informed. In the meantime, you can watch the video of 60 Minutes Autsralia:

Ghislaine Maxwell documentary
60 minutes on Ghislaine Maxwell "Inside the wicked saga of Jeffrey Epstein: the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell"
Remember, to give you an idea what was going on here, how sick this story all can be and how all can be connected, this is the artwork that was on teh wall of Epstein's home. Bill Clinton in a dress (of Monica Lewinski) and George W. Bush playing with paper airplanes behind two collapsed towers. Think of it what you want. It is rather too sick for my taste. But, then again, I am just an irrelevant journal editor and not a party organizer entertaining the nouveau riche and powerful of teh planet:

George W Bush
            and Billy Clinton

On teh other side of the planet, even sicker 'art' was placed. Imagine finding the statue of teh devil (Moloch) at the heart of teh Catholic World, in teh Vatican gardens:

Moloch at the
Moloch at the Vatican "Statue of ancient god of child sacrifice put on display in Rome"
Seems to me a very strange place to put teh statue. Either you believe in all that Christianity stands for or you don't. Putting the image of the enemy of what you stand for at the symbolic center of what you stand for is very strange, to say the least. Some people are very sick.

Local News. Netherlands

Well, for my Dutch readers, please listen to Prof. Capel explaining why the CoFlu19 narrative is all nonsense (sorry, in Dutch, no subtitles)
Prof. Pierre Capel at
Prof. Pierre Capel
                over corona virus "Het vaccin, een utopie: Pierre Capel en Ramon Bril"

Another great vlog is that of Sven Hulleman, watch it, just to get motivated that, no, you are not going crazy! More people are seeing 'it':
[dutch] Een
              Oorlog Reeds Verloren #2 20 Quod erat demonstrandum
Een Oorlog Reeds
                  Verloren #2 20 Quod erat demonstrandum "[dutch] Een Oorlog Reeds Verloren: Quod erat demonstrandum"

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