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2020 / July / 04
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Where shall we begin this week's news? So much has happened one can barely follow it all. We are entering a vortex.

Some think that all is a coincidence (A hint at coincidence thinkers vs. conspiracy thinkers). That we have a corona virus (CoFlu19) just by accident just as we have a climate crisis. Well, for those, let me start with this one:


People keep on thinking along conspiracy lines: Climate. Russian collusion. MH17. Corona. WMD. 9/11.

A conspiracy is a narrative in which one believes without knowing the justification for it. (The official definition is a synonym for politics and thus useless: two or more people meeting in secret to organize to shape the world to their liking). The narrative is supplied by the government. For example, the government says that the Skripals were poisoned by Putin. A conspiracy thinker will immediately accept this explanation because, "Why would the government lie to me?!" (The answer is that the governors, just like anybody else, are doing things in their own interest! So the answer is: a) they get money, b) they get power [both enabled by your gullibility]).

And then, people that actually look up things and study the subject ... are called conspiracy thinkers by the gullible. It is a classic chutzpah!

Why do people do this? Why so gullible and stupid? That is actually quite simple:
- It costs less energy
- Licking the ass of the alpha-male is good for your genes. Criticizing him is bad for your genes
So, Darwinistically it is perfect. Then the question arises how it can be possible that there are people like me questioning things? Well, I suppose that on teh long run a society with dissidents is likely to beat the ones with only obedient ass lickers.


So, what happened this week? Let's take a look:


new NWO flag

Let's talk about CoFlu19. Even the most-loyal believer of teh CoFlu19 scam must now admit that it was all a fizzle. Look around you. Did people in your neighborhood drop like flies, as they promised would happen? No. At the end, the virus disappeared after week 17 (as some virologists predicted but were not allowed to say on public channels)
Euromomo European health statistics:

euromomo statistics
The peak was slightly larger. No reason for panic. And if you say that the peak was not big because of the measures taken, I remind you that it is not an argument; your reasoning is flawed. You have to come with some data or reasoning that you can strip people of their freedoms and wreck their economical livelihood. I also remind you that your reasoning is of the type of me arguing that Mr. Adolf H. has solved the problem of teh Jews, because, you see, the problem does not exist in 2020, duh!

Normally about 650 thousand people per year die of flu in teh world. Here the WHO saying it themselves:
visit link"Up to 650 000 people die of respiratory diseases linked to seasonal flu each year"
As long as we do not reach that mark, teh measures were merely psychopathic politicians out of control. No checks and balances. All over the world we have created so called 'covidiots', people blindly following the government narrative and be led by fear. Imagine, even in Africa. Do you think that these children are really threatened mostly by CoFlu19? Not food, or maybe parasites in their belly?

African covidiot children

The biggest risk to these African children is coflu19

Remarkably, the 'outbreak' of CoFlu19 happened everywhere the day after WHO declared CoFlu19 a pandemic (see the work of Denis Rancourt, for instance). Also remarkable, the WHO changed the definition of pandemic and no longer the number of cases is relevant, but only the 'impact'. And this impact (panic) is exactly caused by the WHO labeling it a pandemic. Orwellian!

Some weeks ago it was becoming publicly known that the German government was advised by its own experts that the virus was nothing threatening. The German government decided to ignore its own experts and go ahead with the measures anyway. (This now gives grounds for criminally prosecuting the German government by German citizens).
This week, it became publicly known that the government demanded a report how to create more of teh desired panic:

German government ordering panic

"To reach the desired shock effect ... 1) Let people see their relatives suffocate, 2) Create the feeling of guilt in children". Me very sorry, but the German government is comprised of psychopaths, just as Andrzej Lobaczewski concluded in his book "Political Ponerology".
Political Ponerology
I can also recommend the entire video of this German student psychology. (Sorry for teh crappy Google autosubtitles):
View Video"German Student Dismantles COVID Alarmism"
Wow. Note also that he mentions teh fact that the measures were taken after the (non)pandemic was already on its way out!

But, wait, it gets worse. Much worse. See the video. Voices were heard in German politics that people 'denying' the virus (that is, people like me) should be committed by force to a psychiatric institution. Really. This directly comes from the Soviet manual. People, wake up! It is happening in the West!
Similar voices were heard in the Netherlands, where mayors find it unacceptable that there is criticism on government measures:
                  link"'Onaanvaardbaar, dit vind ik niet kunnen': burgemeester Schuiling van Groningen hekelt kritiek op coronamaatregelen"

Even worse. 63% of the population (stasi collaborators) want a stasi-snitch line, where you can complain about your neighbors for their faulty corona behavior:
                    link"63% wil 'coronakliklijn'"
Really. Not East Germany, but The Netherlands. In 2020. And also government here ignores the opinion of experts. 81 doctors writing to government that the 1.5-meter rule has no scientific basis and should be scrapped because health care is suffering badly from it.

Medics urgent letter

(I conclude government does not care about your health)

Also other professionals are ignored:
                    link"N.W.T. doctors call for end to 'harmful' COVID-19 social restrictions"

                    link"Duitse longarts: Corona-aanpak is ‘misdaad tegen de menselijkheid’"
The ones that are on (Dutch) television are those upwards fallen regime idiots (mentioned in the introduction). An example is Ab Osterhaus of the RIVM (Dutch state institute for health). Curiously he was filmed during the Mexican (non)pandemic in 2009 where he ordered teh whiskey to be brought out when the first flu case was detected in The Netherlands. Seeing is believing:
                    Video "Ab Osterhaus opent fles whiskey na eerste besmetting"

500 world leaders speak out that the corona virus threatens democracy:
                    page"500 internationale prominenten: ‘Coronavirus bedreigt de democratie’"

Why nobody is investigating this?: Did teh virus got (accidentally) released form the lab in Wuhan? You know, shite happens. It has happened before. The H1N1 virus outbreak from the 1960s circulated for decades in teh world and was the result of a laboratory accident:
visit link "A brief, terrifying history of viruses escaping from labs: 70s Chinese pandemic was a lab mistake"

Some say that the effects on the economy are minor and irrelevant. These people I would like to ask to open their eyes. Last week Lufthansa was bailed out. Saving the share holders (!) and not the tax payers. (To act in the interest of taxpayers they should have let it go bankrupt and then step in; much cheaper, duh!).
But this week we look at Portugal. The national carrier, TAP, went bankrupt and Prime Minister António Costa stepped in and saved it. To place it in perspective and show the absurdity, this is how much Mr. Costa spent extra during teh corona crisis:
- 1.2 billion euros on TAP
- 850 million euros on Banco Novo (a bank that already went bankrupt before and was bailed out)
- 700 thousand euros on health care

Camilo Lourenço

Per citizen:
- 120 euro on TAP
- 85 euro on Novo Banco
- 7 cent on health care
Do we see it that they do not care about our health? Not at all. No way whatsoever. It is just a ruse to enable The Great Reset (introduce pan-global communism):

The Great Reset
View Video"The Great Reset"

I can also recommend Tony Heller. He is climate expert and now also CoFlu19 expert (once you see 'it' you see it everywhere) Fool me once and the shame's on you. Fool me twice and the shame's on me!
View Video"Fool Me Twice"

We must conclude that the best leaders are Trump and Bolsonaro. But the really best leader, and sure winner of teh 2020 stallinga.org Politician-of-the-year Award, is Lukashenko of Belarus. Chapeau, Mr. Lukashenko. Chapeau!:

Belarus covid19
visit linkcovid19info.live

Remember: No measures were taken in Belarus. None. Yet, teh pattern is that of 40-70. (40 days after outbreak at maximum, after 70 days it is gone). Hurrah for Lukashenko!

In teh rest of teh world are living mainly covidiots:


OK. We get forced vaccination of teh entire population. Enabled by a guy (Gates) that is not knowledgeable on health issues, but only was accumulating all his life wealth on basis of crappy products. MS-DOS and Windows. And in 2020 people (gullible as they are) still paying for it while you can get better for free; Linux. We are led to believe that a guy that spent all his life immorally self-enriching, suddenly is a saintly philanthropist. Sleep tight!


Listen, it is not possible to eradicate a virus from teh world by quarantine. It simply wont work. In quarantine you must isolate all cases and confine them inside an area. They now confine people while there are cases outside the confinement area. It wont work! It may slow down the spreading a little, but it will not avoid a single case of infection!

quarantine wont work

A second wave is guaranteed. I presume they know it in the political centers around teh world. It is therefore not about your health, but about your obedience! Obedience to corporate fascism = communism.

Quarantine will cause a second wave

second wave

Only when you see it you understand it (and vice versa). But people have the right to believe what they want. Constitutional right. People can stay at home. Quarantine themselves. Wear masks (unless identification is essential, like when traveling). They can even stop going to work and quit their jobs. This is a free world. What is not allowed is for them to tell others that they have to do the same!

And thus, you can stick all your measures where the sun don't shine. It is fascism. If you impose them, you are a fascist. If you use force to impose them, you are a Nazi. It is you attributing yourself the right
to hammer into others that what you think is The Truth. Well, our ancestors have fought hard to liberate society from people like you. Now, go and free the world from your presence, if you don't mind! (And even if you do). I will defend the liberty of me and my children.



Ahhhh, let's talk about something else. Ghislaine Maxwell. Yes, believe it or not, but Trump is really busy draining the swamp. Killary Clinton has to appear in court and testify under oath about her missing e-mails and teh Benghazi debacle. And now this:
Ghislaine Maxwell has been arrested. Who is that, I hear you say. It was the girlfriend of Jeffrey Epstein. Epstein was the one who maintained a pedophile network (of teh type of Jimmy Saville in England). And many prominent people visited his 'Orgy Island'. Flights to it were done by the 'Lolita Express'. Among others, Bill Clinton and his wife Killary were regular guests on the island. Jeffrey had already been arrested but ... erm ... committed suicide. It reeks of Lee Harvard Oswald style assassination of key people.
And now Ghislaine is 'ready to talk'
view video"Ghislaine Maxwell reportedly ready to name names"
She is expected to 'suicide' too. Or maybe she will die of coflu19. Who knows. It is unlikely she will be allowed to talk. "Accidents happen, you know".

Clinton Epstein

Ghislaine suicide

Yes, let's laugh about it, how the shadow government totally screws the world:

Kissinger NWO

That 'world government', or New World Order, or whatever you want to call it. It needs a name for identification. And then you can see what they do. Remember this one? Brzezinski talking to the jihad terrorists (ex. Osama Bin laden) in Afghanistan.

view video"Zbigniew Brzezinski to Jihadists: Your cause is right!"

Well, karma has it that Osama then went on to (allegedly!) attack teh U.S. I presume Brzezinski was questioned severely after 9/11 about the efficacy of his training program!!

International Politics

Putin re-electable to 2036. "Shame! Dictator!". Erm, until when can Frau Merkel stay in power? Or, let's face it, what about teh Dutch head of state?

King Putin
"Fortunately The Netherlands has democracy, where the head of state can remain in power forever"

Now, other silly politics. Apparently the black-lives-matter look-at-me-virtue-signalling-louder-than-you debate has reached epic stupidity. Now they complain that white pieces move first in chess and that is racist:

chess white move matter
visit page"The chess 'racism' debate: Why do white pieces move first?"

Can I have a face-palm, please?!

In the Netherlands they demand from white people an apology for slavery.
Here I go again, not conforming to the political correct. My gulag awaiting, hang on there:

They want me to feel guilty for something, they go as far as demanding an apology from me. But, wait a second, I never had any slave. I never bought or sold a slave. I never caused slavery. Never invested in it. I never advocated slavery. WTF do I have to do with slavery?! Stick your apology in your ass. Moreover, those who demand an apology never were slaves. What happened is that in the past their ancestors were slaves. That is, in their analysis their race was treated bad by my race. That means, they analyze things from a racist viewpoint. There are bad races (for instance mine) and good races (theirs). They are black supremacists. And, hang on there, they are alive, aren't they?! Who they have to thank for? Well, let's face it, my race then. If their grandparents hadn't been shipped to the Americas, they would never have been born. "Thank you, white man, for my life." Or maybe they would have been born in dark Africa. And they'd now been spending all their lives to get to white man's land somewhere. Paying human traffickers for passage on a boat. This boat trip their grandparents got for free. How about finally paying for this passage? Moreover, I am not a Hollander, I am Fries. Frisians never played any role in slavery. Our tribe, as a Viking tribe, pillaged villages. Killed the men and raped the women. Much nicer, isn't it? Never took any slave.
You know who played a dubious role in slavery? It is the black tribes from Africa. Not even the Hollanders enslaved people. That was done by the black tribes. Hollanders just bought them from the black tribes and transported them. Money is money. We proudly call this 'the VOC mentality' in the Netherlands. (Named after the first multinational company, based in Amsterdam). And this, to start another political incorrect point of view, was done mostly by the Jews in Amsterdam and Lisbon. Yes, I used the J word. Gulag it is. And, finally, while all civilizations had slavery, it was the white civilization that abolished slavery.
Please, tell me once again, why I should apologize for something?! Seems to me I did nothing wrong while I see a lot of people having done wrong things who are not even named ...

newton canceled

You haveing a black life matters